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Speaker cable thickness

Speaker cable thickness I Loudspeaker cablesThe relationship between speaker cable thickness and sound quality is a topic of interest among audiophiles and sound engineers. This extended analysis explores the electrical principles behind cable resistance, impedance, and frequency response, and how these factors impact audio performance. The goal is to provide a comprehensive understanding of why cable thickness matters, supported by technical details and practical recommendations. Continue reading Speaker cable thickness

Best Value Audio Cables

Best value audio cables online I Best Audio Headphone Cables 2024 I Reference PRO Power cord Audiophile cablesWelcome to the thrilling world of audio cables, the unsung heroes of any top-tier audio setup. While the spotlight often shines on speakers, amplifiers, or headphones, it’s the humble audio cable that often makes or breaks the listening experience. Whether you’re a seasoned audiophile, a professional musician, or a casual listener, this guide will help you discover the best value audio cables that can transform your audio experience without breaking the bank. Prepare to be amazed as we delve into the intricacies of audio cables and reveal the top performers that offer exceptional value for your money. Continue reading Best Value Audio Cables

Best audio cables for audiophiles

Best audio cables I Perkune audiophile cablesIn the world of audio equipment, every component matters, and audio cables are no exception. They play a crucial role in the quality of sound transmission, ensuring that the audio signal remains pure and unaltered from the source to the output device. This guide aims to explore the best audio cables for audiophiles available today, their features, and how they impact your listening experience.

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Interconnect technology

Interconnect technology ! Audiophile cable difference Interconnect cable resultsIn today’s interconnected world, the choice of interconnect technology can really make a significant difference in the performance, reliability, and scalability of various systems. Whether it’s for computing devices, networking infrastructure, or industrial applications, selecting the best interconnect is crucial for achieving optimal results. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the various interconnect technologies available, comparing their features, advantages, and applications to help you make informed decisions.

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New Audiophile cables

Audiophile cables I Best ELAC Vela review I Cable company in LithuaniaIn the realm of audiophiles, where every nuance matters and every detail is meticulously scrutinised, the choice of cables can be as crucial as the selection of speakers or amplifiers. New Audiophile cables, designed to transmit audio signals with utmost fidelity, have garnered both fervent praise and skeptical scrutiny. Let’s embark on a comprehensive journey through the realm of audiophile cables, unraveling the intricacies, myths, and realities that surround them. Continue reading New Audiophile cables

The Matrix Reference tested

Today, I’m diving into the testing phase with the Matrix ‘Reference’ power cable from Perkune Audiophile Cables. Over the last two years, I’ve had the pleasure of evaluating an array of audio cables. Also, their consistent track record of positive performance has stood out. And time and time again, their cables have demonstrated an ability to improve the sound output from the loudspeakers.

Matrix Reference tested Continue reading The Matrix Reference tested

Audiophile Interconnect AIR review

Audiophile Interconnect AIR reviewToday, I am testing the new Interconnect ‘AIR’ cable, from Perkune Audiophile cables. And I will say it has been a great experience in many respects. Over the past two years, I’ve had the pleasure of testing a wide selection of audio cables from Perkune. And performance of their cables is always positive, as they continually are able to improve the sound produced at the loudspeakers. And I am happy to write this Audiophile Interconnect AIR review. Continue reading Audiophile Interconnect AIR review

Matrix ‘AIR’ power cable test

Matrix 'AIR" power cableToday, I am testing the new Matrix ‘AIR’ power cable, and I have to say it has been quite an eye-opener in many respects. Over the past two years, I’ve had the pleasure of trying out a wide selection of audio cables from perkune, but their latest addition truly exceeded my expectations. The quality and performance of this new power cable are far beyond what I could have imagined. Continue reading Matrix ‘AIR’ power cable test

Audiophile XLR cable comparison

Audiophile XLR cable comparison - The MC-SILVER IT Mk IIIToday I am very excited to test a pair of XLR audio cables. And, of course, I am visiting my good friend Lukas, owner of Garso Namai, Kauno g. 31, 03215 Vilnius, Lithuania. I always enjoy visiting Lukas; he makes great coffee and offers a good selection of audio systems to test cables. And so I have written this article, “Audiophile XLR cable comparison”. Continue reading Audiophile XLR cable comparison

Audiophile review power cables

Audiophile review power cables I Matrix Reference power cableToday, I am testing two of the latest Matrix PRO power cables as I have decided to visit Garso Namai in Vilnius, Lithuania. I am always excited to see this great studio because it has memories of great listening sessions. And so I am writing this article, ‘ Audiophile review power cables,’ to share with you. And as an audiophile, I constantly search for ways to improve my listening experience, and power cables are essential. So I am eager to share my thoughts on these new cables and how they compare to others in the market. Stay tuned for my review!  Continue reading Audiophile review power cables

Audiophile Cable compatibility

speak cable testing I system set upThe picture above was taken just over four years ago. And the equipment owned by a doctor. The doctor had a friend (also a doctor) who was also a friend of mine. And I was asked to help because the owner had tried everything to improve the sound and needed help. And I am writing this article, ‘Audiophile cable compatibility’, as it may also help other audiophiles. Continue reading Audiophile Cable compatibility

Digital Cable and Analog Cables

Digital cables and analogue cables I Matrix black XLRMany of the best video cables on the market today were designed primarily for use in the digital domain. But, can a digital cable perform well as an analogue cable? And conversely, can an analogue cable be used as a digital cable? What’s the difference, anyway, between digital and analogue cables? And as a result ‘Digital Cable and Analog Cables’ article written Continue reading Digital Cable and Analog Cables

Interconnect cables compared

Interconnect Cables compared I Matrix S Power Cable I The audiophile cables pageA person cannot reach the objective reality because no one knows what the product should sound like. And there’s no direct comparison with the original music—some fata morgana substitutes for it. And in the case of connecting cables, this problem grows into fatal dimensions. There are more unknowns than known, which generates opinions from one end of the scale to the other. And hence this ‘Interconnect cables compared’ article Continue reading Interconnect cables compared

Tannoy Autograph loudspeakers

Tannoy autograph How to get best soundTannoy Autograph loudspeakers and from the late 1940s onwards, Tannoy dual concentric loudspeakers earned a reputation for accuracy, clarity, and prodigious output. And made them extremely popular in the recording and broadcast industries for monitoring audio. Also, by the late 1950s, keen hi-fi enthusiasts were using these drive units at home. However, the trend for domestic applications has continued. And Tannoy now markets trained and professional teams separately. Hence this ‘Tannoy Autograph loudspeakers’ article Continue reading Tannoy Autograph loudspeakers

Pylon Audio Jasper 25 MKII

Pylon Audio Jasper MKII LoudspeakerPylon Audio is the result of passion and love for music. Also, continuous contact with sound has sharpened their acute sense of hearing. And to the extent that they decided to deal professionally with the electro-acoustic industry. Pylon combined their forces, and the visible result of which became Pylon SA, established in May 2011. And today I am writing about one of my favourite loudspeakers from Pylon, the Jasper 25 MKII loudspeaker.
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Audiophile switch upgrade

Audiophile switch upgradeAudiophile switch upgrade and Why do I need a switch?” That was the response to Meredith Gabor, head of marketing and PR, after she dropped the news. And she had just arranged with Jim Austin to write a shorter, “ancillary” review of the new Nordost QNet Network Switch1 with its optional QSource linear power supply2 and premium QSource DC umbilical interface cables.

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Audiophile cable results

Audiophile cable results - Cable testingThe Audiophile cable results were obtained over the past three months. And I am very pleased with the results customers are getting. Also I am more than happy to share these results with you because it helps to spread the word! The audiophile cable results, received from customers worldwide, And some of whom have been with me since the start of operations in 2015! Also I hope you will understand that a well made cable does make a difference to the sound heard at the speakers. Audiophile cable results Continue reading Audiophile cable results

Matrix Reference power tested

Matrix reference PRO powerMatrix Reference power tested. The Matrix Reference PRO Power cable (introduced to the range in April 2022) employs a unique old and new technology design. And the line brings rich and timbral correct, colourful music to your audio system. Offering naturally sounding vocals without sibilance and brings an intensified performance with perfect character information. Also, the Matrix reference ‘PRO’ power cable allows a more significant image presence, allowing exciting and engaging listening, with many new timbral textures uncovered. Continue reading Matrix Reference power tested

Matrix Source Power Cable

Matrix source cable plugThe Matrix Source power cable, introduced in March 2022, is proving to be very versatile. And I am pleased to share the results of the first five cables with you. The cable is a ‘World first’ because it is constructed not as a standard power cable. Instead, three 16 AWG conductors run inside a 10 mm sealed air tube. After which, the AirTube is coated with aluminium foil, PTFE and three layers of Fleece ‘antistatic’ isolation material, eliminating vibrations and external electrical interferences.
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Matrix source audiophile cable

Matrix Source cableMatrix source audiophile cable. And I wish to tell you 2022 have been a great year for Perkune. And I have introduce two power cables which are amongst the best sounding cables on the planet! The Matrix Source and the Matrix Reference Pro power cable. Strong words but I can easily back them up with customer testimonials and personal demonstrations. I have worked with audio all my life and have over fifty years experience. I am retired and this is my hobby. Introducing the Matrix Source, and the Matrix Reference PRO Power cable. But, I am more than happy to help a person improve the sound of their audio system because I know what I am doing!

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Jasper 25 MkII loudspeaker

Jasper 25 hi end speakerToday I am testing the very latest from Pylon audio, the Jasper 25 MKII loudspeaker, and with it the very latest ACE All-in-One Music Player. And what a great combination it turned out to be! Pylon Audio, established in may 2011, are located in Poland and created out of passion and love for music. Continuous contact with sound sharpened the sense of hearing to the extent they decided to deal with the electro-acoustic industry professionally. Based on unfailing motivation and many years of professional experience, Pylon has been designing speakers, speaker sets and related products.

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15″ Tannoy Red loudspeaker

15"Tannoy red loudspeaker Customer comments15″ Tannoy Red loudspeaker. And as you all know by now, I LOVE tannoy loudspeakers. So, this is my story about something I did to help a friend. And It started with a phone call, and I was asked if I would like to visit my friend’s friend who had something special—a pair of Tannoy red loudspeakers in Lockwood cabinets to test. Also, my friend’s friend had power-amps and a preamp he had made. And all I had to do, was close my eyes, sit back and listen. So what could I say to that? Apart from a big fat YES!

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Audiophile testimonies

Audio system set upAudiophile testimonies. And a real breakthrough happened in 1997 as the first DVD player, was introduced into the marketplace. And my wish to add a DVD player to my audio system started me down the path to what I am doing now. Which, is helping people improve the sound from their audio systems. I have been doing this for many years and love to hear the customers results!

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My audio cable tested

Best budget audiophile cables I My audio cables testedThis article, ‘My audio cable tested’ is written because I wish to share with you information regarding two items. The first item is how much, the sound from an audio system can be improved. And the second item is to show the difference which cab be made to any type of audio system. Also, It is important to understand just how much the system synergy plays and important role. And I am using just four of the many testimonials received written by my customers in 2021. Continue reading My audio cable tested

Fantastic audio cable

Fantastic audio cable testedEight years ago, I was looking for audio cables. And I wanted to find an expert in the audiophile field, and find a fantastic audio cable. Also, I was fed up trying different audio cables and wanted to improve my audio system sound. And I know a tall order, but started to read audiophile cable reviews in the forums. Because of my desire to improve my audio system was strong. After a few days of looking, I read about an Englishman located in Lithuania. And it appeared this person knew what he was doing when it came to sound. And, as a result, sent an email to the address given in the review and contacted Mr Paul Goodwin. 

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Audiophile difference Rhodium

Audiophile difference Rhodium or GoldI am writing this article entitled Audiophile difference Rhodium or Gold. And I know people ask, is there a difference in sound quality. Between a Rhodium plated connection and a Gold plated connection. When I started to make my cables six years ago, the first cable I made was a power cable. And the reason I made a power cable, was because I believed a suitable power cable is the heart of an audio system. In the same way as a strong healthy heart is the live and soul of the party, and that is what we want for our music 24/7!

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Power cable difference

Audiophile power cable difference in lengthIs there an audible, audiophile power cable difference  in sound and performance if the cable length is different? I decided to make a comparison between a two meter and a four meter power cable. And I would find the result, and share with you. There are many conflicting stories, and it seems half the audio population says there is no difference. And the other half say yes, there certainly is a difference. Continue reading Power cable difference

How to get Perfect sound

How to get Perfect sound from speakersI am writing this article ‘How to get perfect sound from loudspeaker’ because it will help. And helping you to understand the importance of loudspeaker position is critical. So many people buy audio systems and never told how to get the best sound from their investment. And I will explain my techniques, hoping to help you improve your sound. I am working today with two colleagues, and we performed testing at Matrix UAB, Vytenio 10, LT-03112, Vilnius, Lithuania. Continue reading How to get Perfect sound

Audiophile Matrix S

Audiophile Matrix S Best audiophile cablesToday I am giving information about the Audiophile Matrix S range of cables. And I will include input from customers who have already experienced the results of the new lines. The Audiophile Matrix range began in the summer of 2021. However, I decided to update after it proved to be a successful audiophile cable. And, as a result, I introduced the Audiophile Matrix S range of audiophile cables in Autumn 2021.
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Audiophile cable testing

The best audiophile cablesThe audiophile cable testing is a continuation of testing performed on August 25th 2021. And on this occasion, we are able to use ultra hi-end components. The session was on a different level than before, and we discovered many new things about cables. Good audio cables are unnecessary and are just money-making items. Say many people. But, I hope that after reading what we experienced, will give you the insight to explore the wonders of audio cables for yourself.

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The best audiophile cables

The best audiophile cablesThe best audiophile cables from Perkune audiophile cables, and after extensive testing, it became clear. And I want to share this story with you because it was an amazing experience and was something that I will never forget. The testing operation at the new music listening rooms at ‘MATRIX’ UAB, Vytenio g.10, Vilnius, Lithuania. And Owned by Virgilijus Dovidas.

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Cables are my life

Cables are my life - Matrix cablesI am writing this article called cables are my life. And, just what has inspired me to do this, you may ask? Well, it is easy to answer. I have just received an email from Bob, who lives in the US and is a true audiophile. Bob has sent me his story starting as far back as 1976, and it is exciting. And, as a result, I decided to do the same, but my story begins in the sixties. And I think you will find it very interesting so enjoy!

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DALI OPTICON 8 MK 2 testToday is an exciting day. I am testing a pair of DALI OPTICON 8 MK2 loudspeakers. And, for me, Dali manufactures a fantastic range of products. The sound from a Dali loudspeaker has its sound signature and is one that I love! I was introduced many years ago because I was working in Esbjerg, Denmark. And had a chance to visit a showroom that specialised in Dali loudspeakers.  Continue reading DALI OPTICON 8 MK 2 test

Power cable polarity test

Matrix black IECThe Power cable polarity test is essential and ensures your power cable will perform correctly. The IEC connection (shown in the picture) has three openings, which can be related to a triangle. The opening on the right for the Positive (or live) connection. The opening on the left is for the Neutral (or return). And, the opening in the middle is for the Earth (or ground) connection.
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Dali loudspeakers and Scott amplifier

Dali loudspeakers and Scott amplifierDali loudspeakers and Scott amplifier – And I have just returned from a four-hour listening session at a clients apartment in Vilnius, Lithuania. And want to share information and lessons learned because it proved the power of a suitable audio cable once again! And because of the great results, I have written this post entitled Dali loudspeakers and Scott amplifier.

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Audiophile Power Cable testing

Paul goodwinThe temperature was 34 Degrees Celsius, and some might say that it is too hot for Audiophile Power Cable testing. But, I knew there was Air conditioning and hot coffee at my friend’s studio so let the testing begin! But wait a minute – just what is testing on this day? Is there nothing better to do than play around in a studio on this beautiful summers day?

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How to test XLR cables

How to test XLR cablesOne of the biggest questions asked is how to test XLR cables. Today, I visited my colleague Lukas from ‘Garso Namai’, located Kauno g 31, Vilnius, Lithuania. I have tried a few of the latest amplifiers and speakers over the past six months, and always managed to get excellent results. And, today was no exception because we were testing a new amplifier. The M6S PRX Power amplifier from Musical fidelity
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Audiophile hearing testing

Hearing Testing Cables and hearingAudiophile hearing testing is essential when considering an investment in audiophile equipment. And, how well you hear is something overlooked. Because a person always think they hear perfectly. I have been an Audiophile all my life. And I know good hearing is essential. I use a program for Audiophile hearing testing to ensure all is well with my own frequency response.
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Home cinema setup

Home cinema setupHome cinema setup. And, our latest project at Hollywood Amps was a media room set up for a good friend. The room could achieve greatness, but a previous setup using components from a “big box” store left much uncertainty. And, after much deliberation, my friend stated, that carefully selected components could produce the results of an actual movie theatre in the home. Home cinema setup Continue reading Home cinema setup

The Best power cable

Power cable for computerAn audiophile wrote the Best power cable article. And after a month of testing is the final chapter in a series of power cable comparisons. It was 14/02/2021, and a discussion between friends began about computer performance. Antanas Šėmis is an audiophile and computer builder. And Antanas wants the best sound possible from his computer. The computer used for testing, built by Antanas, resulted from many months searching for the best components available without breaking the bank! 
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Audiophile power cable test

Audiophile power cablesThe Audiophile power cable test started on 14/02/2021. And, an article called ‘How to improve computer sound’ was written. The computer was hand-built in Vilnius, Lithuania, by an expert who is an audiophile. And, he always wants the best sound from his laptop. I met Antanas Šėmis in the summer of 2020, and we have developed a good relationship. But, it was only this year, I discovered his real passion for music. 
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Reference 2 Matrix comparison

Reference 2 and Matrix comparisonReference 2 and Matrix comparison. The Matrix Power cable is a top-class cable. Today I wanted to see just how good the Reference 2 power cable compared to the Matrix. That was the plan, so I contacted my trusty colleague Lukas from ‘Garso Namai’, located in Kauno g. 31 Vilnius, Lithuania, to see if he had some time to help with my task! Today was my lucky day because Lukas said ‘yes’ if I came straight over and would love to help. So without further ado, I was with Lukas within thirty minutes. 
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KEF wireless II / Reference

KEF wireless 2 / Reference 2 powerThe KEF Wireless II is more than a high-performance loudspeaker. And, it’s the perfect all-in-one speaker system. Also Relieving every detail of your favourite music, which you stream from any source thanks to wireless compatibility with AirPlay 2, Chrome-cast and more. And these are listening experience results at ‘Garso Namai’, located in Kauno g. 31 Vilnius, Lithuania.  Continue reading KEF wireless II / Reference

Audio/Video Cable information

AirDream 2 Ethernet = Audio/Video Cable informationAudio/Video Cable and anyone, getting a cable for interfacing a video device to a display will tell you that there are many cable types in the market. And, you may be wondering which one will be the best for your needs. The proliferation of cable types for interfacing for a video device, such as a projector, monitor, or television, can be attributed to the growing demand for high-definition devices and higher resolution monitors. Audio/Video Cable informationAudio/Video Cab Continue reading Audio/Video Cable information

Audiophile cable difference

Audiophile cable differenceAudiophile cable difference and what does that mean? And is there a noticeable difference between cables? I have my way of listening and am happy to share my listening technique. I have excellent results working with colleagues because my simple method works! The first question to ask is what is an audiophile cable. And, how does it differ from an audio cable? A question, that, only you can answer by trying the cable yourself!

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Home Cinema package

Home Cinema packageThe Home cinema package, created to enable a person to enjoy better performance.  And is now a trendy item as people are certainly spending more time at home than in the previous yearcinema is now a trendy item as people are certainly spending more time at home than in the previous year. I think 2021 will see a more significant increase in the home cinema system as people slowly change their lifestyles and adjust to the future.
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603 S2 Anniversary Testing

Bowers & WilkinsI was invited, by a good friend to test Bowers & Wilkins 603 S2 Anniversary Edition loudspeakers. And, what a great experience it was. The powerful 603 S2 Anniversary Edition combines the accuracy and transparency of the acclaimed Continuum™ mid-range cone. And, two dedicated bass drivers. Also, featuring upgraded crossovers for even more clarity and a unique trim-ring. Celebrating its status, the 603 S2 Anniversary Edition is the most sophisticated affordable floor-standing loudspeaker ever made. Continue reading 603 S2 Anniversary Testing

Acoustic-energy AE520 speaker

Acoustic-energy AE520 loudspeakersNovember 12th, 2020 and was a day to remember. And, what was there to remember you may ask? The sound was coming for a pair of Acoustic-energy AE520 loudspeakers. And, so welcome Audiophile Cables Online! I was visiting my friend Lukas at his studio. And, was to listen to his latest additions. I was delighted to have been invited to check the Acoustic-energy AE520 loudspeakers for performance and my sonic impressions.  Continue reading Acoustic-energy AE520 speaker

Denon AVC-X3700H tested

Denon AVC-X3700HAnother exciting day, because I was able to hear the latest Denon AVC-X3700H tested home cinema AV amplifier. Which, has prompted me to write this ‘Denon AVC-X3700H and silver cables article. This 9.2 channel 8K AV Amplifier with 180W per channel fully supports Dolby Atmos, Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization Technology, DTS:X, DTS Virtual:X and IMAX Enhanced, as well as the latest HDMI specifications such as 8K/60Hz, 4K/120Hz** pass-through, VRR, ALLM, Dynamic HDR, HDR10+ and eARC support. 
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Digital cable difference

Digital cable differenceWhat is meant by Digital cable difference and why should there be a difference between one Digital cable and another Digital cable? I went to visit ‘Garso Namai’, located Kauno g 31, Vilnius, Lithuania and owned by Lucas Svedas. I have seen Lucas on several occasions and always enjoyed his company as he has excellent experience working with new components. But, this was just a little bit different as we would be testing the difference that an audio cable can make to the sound of a system. Digital cable difference Continue reading Digital cable difference

Audio cable Information

Human hearingThe first thing I want to talk about when writing this Audio cable Information is what a person can hear. And, many people are unable to listen to all of the musical information. Because the way the ears are positioned on the face. The person in the picture is fortunate because his ears allow him to receive the full range of musical information. Only applies, if inner ears are undamaged. Continue reading Audio cable Information

Naim audio with Reference

Naim audio with Reference cablesNaim audio with Reference cables – What does Naim audio with Reference cables mean? Read on, and I will explain ~ Naim Audio is a great company who make great-sounding components. And, today I was able to test the Naim Nait XS-2 integrated amplifier (connected as a pre-amp), Naim Hi-cap power filter and Naim NAP-250 power amplifier. And, hence the Naim audio with Reference cables article.

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Reference Bi-wire speaker cable

Reference Bi-wire speaker cablesIs a Reference Bi-wire speaker cable, a good investment for a two-channel audio system? And even if the other components in the signal path are less than the reference level? To find out, I reached out to professional sound engineer Paul Goodwin of Perkune audiophile cables in Lithuania. Paul, a former live-sound man, has a lifetime of experience in accurately reproducing the technical accuracy of sound. In fact, he was already working on perfect sound reproduction back when a young fellow named Jimi was still playing a Stratocaster on stage in the ’60s. Continue reading Reference Bi-wire speaker cable

Naim audio Supernait 3

Naim audio Supernait-3 Testing

The Naim audio Supernait 3 is the latest creation from Naim audio. And, I had an opportunity to listen in great detail whilst visiting my friend’s showroom. The showroom is ‘Garso Namai’, located Kauno g 31, Vilnius, Lithuania, and owned by Lucas Svedas. I have visited Lucas on several occasions and always enjoyed his company as he has excellent experience working with new components. Continue reading Naim audio Supernait 3

The Reference Separate

Reference separatesThe Reference Separate is a three-meter cable and configured for Bi-wire or single wire operation. The connections are Rhodium-plated and very easy to work. The difference about this cable is that I am using one cable for the positive side and one cable for the negative side of the loudspeaker. And, because of the increase in performance heard, I decided to take the Reference Separate to three audiophile friends to get their opinions. Continue reading The Reference Separate

Audio cable direction

Audio cable direction - AirDream S HDMI cable onlineAudio cable direction – There is a right way and a wrong way to install an audio cable. It can be an HDMI cable, a Loudspeaker cable, an Interconnect cable or any audio cable you are using in your sound system. And, the Audio cable direction, is chosen when the audio cables used the first time. Many people who say it makes no difference at all in cable direction. But, we are all entitled to our own opinion. Continue reading Audio cable direction

Audiophiles welcome

Best audiophile cables online - Interconnect cables - Reference XLR interconnect cableAudiophiles welcome, and I will tell you the Supreme XLR audiophile cable is a complex, cable. Combined with double shielding provides sensitive audio signals with the best possible protection. And, reduces external interferences to a minimum. The ‘PE’ insulation and ‘AirGap’ tube reduce unwanted capacitance, enabling the signal source to work efficiently. And, brings you more excitement in your music! Continue reading Audiophiles welcome

The AirDream HDMI cable

HDMI CableI am pleased to introduce The AirDream HDMI cable. And, indeed, a big step above the Ultimate HDMI cable introduced at the beginning of 2019. The AirDream HDMI cable provides transmission of Ultra-sharp images in 4K resolution, perfect 3D models and full HD audio quality. Tripple shielding, plus Aluminium foil and Teflon insulation eliminate external interference. Integrated channel for transmitting network data. Return of the audio signal without the need for an additional audio cable, allowing top-quality audio performance.

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Tri-wired adapter cable

Tri-wired loudspeaker configurationTri-wired adapter cable – Many Audiophiles own loudspeakers having three pairs of loudspeaker terminals. One pair for the Bass frequencies. The second pair for the middle frequencies. And the third pair for the upper frequencies. However, with this type of configuration, three sets of loudspeaker cable are required to achieve optimum performance. Unfortunately, the cost can be very high if three sets of audio cables used. Continue reading Tri-wired adapter cable

Bass Tannoy Edinburgh

Audiophile bass Tannoy Edinburgh audio systemBass Tannoy Edinburgh and Bass is always a problem in the audiophile world. And this is why I have written this Audiophile bass Tannoy Edinburgh article. A true story, and all part of the learning curve. Know from experience how hard getting the correct amount of bass.  And, the excellent sound from the Tannoy Edinburgh. There is either too little bass or not quite enough bass. And a problem to get it just right. Continue reading Bass Tannoy Edinburgh

Power cord changed my life

Power cord changed my life I The best cable shootout I Best budget audiophile cablesPower cord changed my life—a story of how a Power cord changed my life because I wanted to buy a DVD player. A real breakthrough happened in 1997 as the first DVD player, was introduced into the marketplace. And my wish to add a DVD player to my audio system started me to what I am doing now—making great audio cables and helping people improve their sound!

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cable interconnects review

Audiophile cable interconnects reviewAudiophile cable interconnects review. For the third time, I have been describing the audio cables of the Lithuanian manufacture Perkune Audiophile Cables, run by Mr Paul Goodwin. First, the interconnects, a line of “Pro” series. And second, the speaker cables with a length of three-meters. It is not a coincidence that I am informing about the size of the loudspeaker cables, that these are just three-meters. Continue reading cable interconnects review

loudspeaker cable review

audiophile loudspeaker cable reviewLoudspeaker cable review. In September this year, I received a package from Vilnius, Lithuania directly from Perkune Audiophile Cables – Mr Paul Goodwin. I am writing this Audiophile loudspeaker cable review. I will mention that I have tested and described Pauls cables, and a few of them used in my Hi-fi audio system. Why? Because they sound great, they deliver a beautiful sound with a lot of tonal advancement. Continue reading loudspeaker cable review

Get really great sound

TannoyGet really great sound, from your audio system?  And A sound is something extraordinary and personal to every audiophile! So what is sound? And every person has different hearing. Also, because we have a separate discussion, your sound may not be what I like to hear. And tt the same time, my music may not be what you want to hear. But there are certain things we can do to help get a great sound.

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Best speaker amp and turntable

Best speaker amp and turntableThe Best speaker amp and turntable can be found in different places. But, it does take, a bit of searching. And, I would like to share with you a few items you may wish to consider when looking to upgrade, and good quality used audio equipment will always sound the best. But, you never know the history. And, what the equipment has been subjected to and therefore, why is it for sale. I will point you in the direction of some people, whom I have dealt with over the years. And, can recommend them to you 100%.

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Fantastic interconnect review

Fantastic cableFantastic interconnect review written by Ludwig Hegel. “For many audiophiles; this may be on the end of the search for the optimal sound” This was the end quote by Ludwig Hegel. And Paul Goodwin emphasises that cables represent such a high level of technical sophistication to the sound. And a more expensive line is not needed. In other words, the wires produced by Perkune can optimally bring, show and highlight tones. And with even the most costly hi-fi, for they are selected and built. Also will fit perfectly and complement almost any sound. Continue reading Fantastic interconnect review

Cable burn really makes it

Cable burn-inCable burn really makes it. And It does not matter if the new cable is a Loudspeaker cable, an interconnect cable or a power cord. Audiophile cable loveEach cable one needs a certain amount of playing time before it warms up, so the listener can hear the correct sound. But there is a question asked by many audio enthusiasts – Does cable burn-in work, and does it make a difference? Continue reading Cable burn really makes it

Bass improved in Tannoy

Bass improved in Tannoy Ed's - audio system Power cordsBass improved in Tannoy. Bass is always a problem in the audiophile world, and it is tough to get the correct amount of Bass and the way that you want it to sound. There is either too little Bass of either too much Bass. And it really can be a massive problem for the Audiophile to get it just right. I am writing because I had an email from a contact of mine in the Tannoy group. And,  was asking some questions. And, so thought it could be useful information for other Tannoy followers. Bass improved in Tannoy Ed’s Continue reading Bass improved in Tannoy

The Maserati was dead!

 Maserati was deadI had been driving Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, E-type Jaguar, And, also had many other sports cars that were available. But, had never owned a Maserati. I was driving past one of my friend’s garages, and I saw the Maserati sitting in the showroom. And, so I pulled in to have a look. And, so I have written The Maserati was dead, blog so that, you will see the problems!  Continue reading The Maserati was dead!

Custom made cables

Custom made cables with Mission audio DACCustom made cables. And, is one of the USB Custom made cables which were ordered by a customer in Norway. And, will use it in his audio system. One of the components used in his system is the Ayre QB9 DAC. The Ayre Q9 is regarded by many audiophiles to be the very best DAC that has ever been produced by Ayre. I have personally heard this beautiful DAC in operation, and I am very impressed! Continue reading Custom made cables

Recording studio cable

Recording studio cables -Ultimate studio cableRecording studio cable. Just before Christmas, I received a pair of audio cables for my Recording studio, and now I have decided to write a review. I noticed people buying them for hi-end home audiophile systems. I wanted mine for Recording studio monitoring, which does quite the opposite. And to be frank, I was not sure if these cables were going to do the job!  Continue reading Recording studio cable

Music made better

Sound of music better - Focal headphonesMusic made better is the title, and I want to share with you a true story that happened to me while I was in England. And. I did not realise at that time just what a difference a sound could make to my life. It started, but I guess we could call it a quirk of fate, and as they say, some things meant to be. I had no idea that from a simple meeting, I would be MD of Perkune audiophile cables.
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high quality vintage audio

Do you like high quality vintage audioDo you like high quality vintage audio? I know that I certainly do. And I think the sound produced from vintage audio equipment is simply the best. Good quality used audio equipment and is second hand is often tough to find. Because you never know the history. And therefore why is it for sale. But where to start and how much to spend? I think you must take your time and do research first! Continue reading high quality vintage audio

Vinyl sound better?

How to make your Vinyl better?How to make your Vinyl sound better. Old or new, crackles or scratches it does not matter because the sound from Vinyl is the best. But, How to make your Vinyl better? After the post that I wrote a couple of days ago, one of my terrific friends said to me: And why don’t you tell people how they can make their Vinyl sound much better. The way is just by using cables and cords, and I said yes. And that is an excellent idea and so I am writing.

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Vinyl sounds beautiful

Vinyl sounds beautifulTo hear the Vinyl sounds’ coming to you from the other room makes your heart race. The smell from a Vinyl, as you remove it from its sleeve makes you sigh because Vinyl sounds beautiful. The feel of the vinyl, as you place it on the turntable is something that not easily forgotten. One of my friends just returned from America and invited me to his house to listen to his system. Now, with the addition of a new tube amplifier. He wanted me to hear his Vinyl sounds beautiful – or so I thought! Continue reading Vinyl sounds beautiful

What to look for

Question what to look for - Dali loudspeakers under testQuestion what to look for, and Just precisely, what do you want, when are you choosing a different system? And, who do you ask?  I hope my ‘Question what to look for?’ will help you choose wisely. Because we certainly have different requirements and also another hearing. And, our hearing is one of the biggest problems we face when involved with audio.

I have spent hours talking to people about what to look for when buying an audio system. And, so I thought it could be a good idea to share my knowledge and ideas with you.

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The Audio Gourmet Show

Audiophile - Audio Gourmet showThe Audio Gourmet Show. Beautiful is the word that springs to mind as I entered the ‘Radisson Blu’ hotel in Vilnius, Lithuania. Everything set up perfectly, and the atmosphere was ‘electric’. And, as I walked into the first room, I thought to myself, I believe, will find something special. And I certainly did in many areas I was not expecting yo find anything at all – the wonders of technology! Continue reading The Audio Gourmet Show