Music with Tannoy 3818 driver

Music with Tannoy 3818 driverOver the years, I have owned many Tannoy Loudspeakers and will say Music with Tannoy 3818 driver does sound amazing. And, As a result, I decided I would use the same Loudspeakers for testing audiophile cables.

Music with Tannoy

I had to think carefully because different drivers have different sonic signatures. The best sounding music I heard was from the ‘Glenair’.  As, a result, I decided to use the same driver. But, decided the only way was to build everything from the ground up.

It took me several months before I finally found a 3818 driver. The driver came from a company in London. I considered myself very fortunate to have found it. The 3818 driver is 15″ dual concentric with Tulip ‘Waveguide’.

The 3818 driver

How to get best soundThe Driver is made very well and certainly my favourite. There are as ten mounting bolts to ensure the driver is attached correctly. The driver has a low frequency of 380 mm (15.00”) treated paper pulp cone with HE twin roll fabric surround. The voice coil is 52 mm (2.00″) and is edge wound.

The high-frequency driver is 33.00 mm (1.75”) with aluminium alloy dome and Tulip ‘WaveGuide’. The recommended power is from 50 – 225 Watts, and continuous power handling is 135 Watts RMS. The frequency response is from 32Hz – 25kHz, with Sensitivity of 95 dB. Assuming the impedance is 8 Ohms.

The crossover

Custom made crossoverThe crossover fitted to a driver can make or break the final sound you hear. I have known people to build beautiful cabinets but sound far for correct. And, in most case, then crossover is to blame.

The crossover necessary, for this driver, must be 1.10 kHz. And I was given a few ideas from one of my friends in London regarding the build. I used components from ClarltyCaps and Mundorf and considered to be the best. The cabling used was pure oxygen, free copper. And after assembly, the crossovers were cryogenically treated.

The enclosure

Music with Tannoy 3818 driverI designed the enclosure after I heard a pair of Tannoy Reds fitted into Lockwood audio enclosures. But, I wanted to get more response from the bass. And, I decided to make my cabinets slightly deeper.

The enclosures were built using 25 mm MDF and designed to give a capacity of 300 Liters.

Great care taken during the build and every panel screwed and glued into position. After, the cross members and bracing bars fitted, and two layers of ‘Woolrock’ added.


The sound produced from the enclosure was excellent. And, created a depth I had never heard from any other system! I was more than pleased with the results. I have had many friends visit me to listen to the sound of my system.

We have changed amplifiers, CD players, tested different cables and everything sounds magnificent. And I will always remember the words said by my friends. “This is the best sounding system, we have ever heard”.


Every Tannoy driver is different. And, every enclosure is separate. Sometimes I wonder why things are always changing. Maybe, something to do with the marketing. Why is there always the latest model? I do not like the sound offered by the newest Tannoy models. And, I think the Music with Tannoy 3818 driver, still sounds the best.

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