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Electric guitarElectric guitar by BURNS. A British company called Burns Guitars made the very first electric guitar that I owned in England. And, the model was the Burns Jazz guitar. This was Green burst in colour and had the most beautiful maple neck with amazing low action. And, even after all these years, I can still remember playing it!

I was a Shadows fan and Hank was my hero but I could not afford to buy a Fender Stratocaster as I was still at school. I had my paper round and a great mother so this electric guitar by Burns was the next best thing. I can still remember how it sounded and how it felt and I would play for hours getting Hanks tunes note-perfect!

.The beginning

I started by playing lead guitar and was really very good. I played at the youth club and then our group started to become popular and we started playing in the pubs and clubs around the town. It was all great fun and as we got older we got better and became what was called semi-professional. It was just a step away from taking that plunge into the grown-up world and we were so close but due to many changes, never did take that step.

The changes

One day I decided to get a Bass guitar. I just do not really know why I did but my gut feeling told me that I had to have a bass guitar. As I really loved my Jazz guitar, I decided to keep with Burns and bought a Burns NuSonic bass guitar. I enjoyed the transaction but felt that this guitar was not giving me what I wanted as my style had changed and I felt that I wanted something different.

Gibson EBO bass

My feelings took me over to an American guitar made by a company called Gibson and the guitar that I bought was a Gibson EBO short scale. I was very much into the music style of Jack Bruce who played with Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker in the group “Cream” and so I was trying to follow Jack and his style of playing.

The Gibson EBO was a really beautiful guitar to play because of the short scale and in some ways similar to the Burns with regards action but was just so much better in the sound and with the double Marshall stack that I used I was able to shake down the house if it really became necessary.

I continued with Gibson but then again my style changed and I went up to the big boy league and bought an absolutely fantastic Gibson Thunderbird bass. This was in a different league and was really the big boy league.


I also switched from Marshall amplification over to “Orange” amplification and the reason I did this was very interesting. I was in London and looking to buy a set of “Rotosound” strings because I found them to give me the best sound for my bass.

I just happened to go into a small music shop called “Orange music” and got chatting with Cliff Cooper who asked if I had ever heard of his amplifiers. I said no I was using Marshall but I was always willing to try something new.

Cliff was one of the nicest guys that I have met and we got on very well together as I knew he was like me and simply wanted the best sound that you could and I was all for his way of thinking. I decided to buy and told Cliff that I would be down next week with our van but when we came back we took much more than Cliff thought we would.

This because of the amazing sound of his amplifiers. We returned on several occasions, as we became good customers and one day Cliff me out for a drive in a Silver Shadow that he had just bought as we both had a passion for cars. That was a great day as we drove around central London and something that I will never forget. I will also never forget the Orange sound and also how I loved to show the bright orange cabinets off on the stage!


fender bass guitar

It is strange sometimes how the things in your life change and your styles change and it seemed like it was time for me to change from the Gibson bass guitar over to a Fender bass guitar. I decided that I wanted to try a Fender Precision and so that is what I did.

The sound was just so different and the playing style again was so different but I got used to it and started to get the urge to get a six-string guitar again. Why did I have the urge? Well, I really do not know but I ended up with a Fender Stratocaster.

The Fender Stratocaster had been my dream guitar many years ago but now I actually owned one, I somehow thought about my Burns Jazz guitar and so I decided to see if I could find a burns guitar for sale.


I searched for many months trying to find a good Electric guitar made by Burns. I was unable to find a Burns Jazz but I was able to find a very nice Burns Marquee made in 2002.

Electric Guitar This guitar was built in Korea and is really a beautiful guitar. It reminds me so much of the Jazz guitar and is even the same colour. The action is fantastic, the neck is beautiful and the guitar is beautiful to look it is unmarked and has been kept in a case all its life. I bought the guitar to use so it does have a few small marks now but then so do I

It is so strange how in life we start with one thing and then chop and change but end up with what we first started with. This is maybe the way we find out what is best for us but can also become a very expensive lesson for us and the question asked is always Why?

I also have bought another two Burns guitars that were made recently in China. They are the Burns Apache and the Burns Marvin.


These two guitars are very nice and well built but I am sorry to say that I have let them go, as I prefer the Marquee in every way. Also, I am making very hi-quality guitar cables which certainly bring your guitar to life!

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