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Wow, what a pleasant surprise to receive an email notifying me of a cashback reward from WISE. It truly made my day! I discovered WISE about a year ago, thanks to a recommendation from a fellow musician in the United States named Scott. He searched for a power cable to boost his amplifier and found my online store. We agreed on a price, and Scott asked to use WISE as his payment method. Before this encounter, I had never heard of WISE, but I decided to join the platform thanks to Scott’s recommendation. Looking back, joining WISE was one of my best decisions.


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I have experience using PayPal and bank transfers to buy and supply goods, but the cost of money transfers always shocked me. So when my friend Scott told me about a way to transfer money for just a few cents, I was intrigued. I followed the link he sent me and opened an account. To test it out, I sent 10 Euros to Wise and then returned it to me once it was received. Because I wanted to see how it all worked and if the money would return to me.

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That was over a year ago, and I’ve done a lot of transactions in different countries since then, all of which have been successful. The best part is that money transfer is instant, and you can transfer any amount you want. Plus, you are notified every step of the way.


Today I realised with WISE transferring money with virtually no fees; I could earn money. Yes, because as you can see from the letter I received, I make a few cents. So this got me thinking, and if I were to use WISE to keep, say, 100 euros or 1000 euros, what could I earn over a more extended period?

Do I recommend WISE, and the answer is 100% YES, and you can join by following this link


You've received cashback from WISEToday I have been paid 90 Euros because i Introduced three people into Wise. And helped them to use the amazing virtually free system to transfer money!

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