Which way is correct?

Which way is correctWhich way is correct? Yes, the suitable old power cord and there certainly is a right and a wrong way for the power cord to the plugin. You must get the positive supply to the correct point on your equipment and to do this is very easy. And, all you need is a test light or test screwdriver.

Which way is correct

Every component in your system must have the positive side of the power going the correct way. As everything must be working together. You would be surprised to learn that many people have a player one way and the amplifier the other way. And this is just something overlooked. Let us start with the first item in your system. Plug the power cord into the power socket and put the screwdriver into the right-hand side. And it should light up. This will tell you which way is correct.

Correct IEC

IEC connection

But, if it does not light up then simply pull out the power cord and rotate it 180 degrees. And put it back in and check again. This time, it will light up. I always think of a Christmas tree and look at the tree and say oh yes, power to the bottom right of the tree. But we all have our ways to remember things. And you can even put a red mark with the aid of a nail varnish brush to identify. And you will find which way is correct!

Once you have done this, put it back into your source (CD, DVD, T/T, Media player) and just listen. And you will hear there is a right and a wrong way. The next step is go to the next item in your system and do the same test. Remember the positive pin on the right. And then plug it in and check. After this, go to every item in your system and repeat the process. And then sit back and listen.


If you have a power supply or conditioner fitted or an extension cord, you must check EVERY power cord in your system.  Many people forget to check and wonder why it just does not as good as it should. And so which way is correct?


You would be surprised, just how much difference this can make to your system sound. And, I have helped many people to improve their sound with this straightforward and inexpensive technique. I suggest, you invest in a one euro screwdriver to check out your system polarity. So, give it a try as it only takes a few minutes of your time!

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After seven years of working in the industry I am still amazed at people I visit. And is because they are not aware of this basic rule. Also people are amazed to hear the difference an ‘in-phase’ system makes and so the article ‘Which way is correct’ is the key to better sound!

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