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Loudspeaker cablesToday I want to talk about the Audiophile loudspeaker cable. And the way the sound can be affected. A loudspeaker cable has a job to do. And the job is to transmit a signal from the amplifier and send it to the loudspeaker driver. That sounds easy, but a speaker cable can control the system’s sound.

loudspeaker cable

When we listen to music, we aim to hear it as if it were in a live situation. So we start with the source, the item on which the music is recorded, which can be CD, LP or from a network. The music from the source component passes through interconnect cables to an amplifier. Regulated as necessary and then passed to the loudspeakers through speaker cables.

We aim to reproduce the source material without adding or subtracting extra information and only get out what we put in. Well, this sound easy in theory, but in reality, so much can change. Every component has a task and needs good clean power to do the job correctly. And every piece needs good cables to pass the information accurately to the amplifier. And again, the amplifier needs good cables to pass the information to the loudspeakers. Audiophile loudspeaker Cable

The above chain is straightforward, but you can already see where things can go wrong. And you will not get out what you put in. Also, imagine the chain having a DAC, A preamplifier and two monoblock amplifiers. Plus, different Loudspeakers for bass, Mid-range and treble. Also, extra cables to make them work correctly. And how can the sound reach the loudspeakers without adding or subtracting any information? Audiophile loudspeaker Cable


An audio system is always neglected in two areas. The first is the incorrect use of Power cables. And second, the incorrect use of speaker cables. And I wrote an article about the power cable last week, which you may like to read—and am now writing about the speaker cable. So what is a suitable speaker cable, and what about a bi-wire speaker cable? And how much do you pay?

A speaker cable can only perform as well as it has been manufactured. And this is where you have to look at your system and see precisely what you need to keep everything in balance. For example, spending 1000 euros for a loudspeaker Cable is not OK when your amplifier only costs 500. Instead, you could use a Cable costing 200 euros and get a good sound. But you must be patient and always try options because sometimes you can be surprised. 

In 2011, I can remember a case when I found a loudspeaker cable from Russia. And this great cable only costs five euros a meter. I was so pleased with the cable and offered it as a starter cable—and sold many meters to members of the Tannoy group in Holland. And one member came from Slovenia and sent me an excellent report, which makes an interesting read. Audiophile loudspeaker Cable

Audio changes

That was thirteen years ago, and things have changed in the audio world. And the same cable today would cost about twenty euros a meter if it were still available. But we have to adjust and adapt to what is available. Today, loudspeaker cables needs good conductors manufactured to a high standard. And as well as, good conductors must be shielded and insulated. Also, the cable should be correctly terminated with a high-quality Banana or spade connection.

So what is the method of improving your sound and using speaker cables?
Well, the answer is quite simple. Let your ears be your guide, and I mean you and your ears alone. As I said earlier, your system must have a balance, which is crucial to an excellent smooth sound. And you have to be innovative and have the patience to try different speaker cables. But I suggest you allow five hundred euros as a place to start. Audiophile loudspeaker Cable

When testing a loudspeaker cable, you can alter your sound very much. And will hear things such as a dulling of the sound. Or you can experience a harsh sound. Another cable can open up your sound stage but, at the same time, offer a floppy bass. Another speaker cable can leave you with reduced details and needs more speed. And so you feel exhausted, and that is only from four lines!


The first item to attend to is your power cable which gives the base you will build. The next item is the interconnect cables and, in the end, the loudspeaker cables. You are getting better; hearing different sounds is the best way to work, and it will take time. So be patient and always stay on track and have fun!

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