Great audiophile power cords

great audiophile cables soundGreat audiophile power cords. And Because, of a chance meeting, I was able to help a person, set up a pair of loudspeakers. The loudspeakers made by ‘Tannoy’ and called Kingdom Royals and one of the best sound loudspeakers I have ever heard.

Great audiophile power cords

The last time we met, I was telling my friend, all about my exploits in the audio world. And, I was making and testing audiophile cables in Lithuania. I had started to carry out sound tests on a power cord. And, I would return the next month with a set for him to try. I arrived at my friend’s house and greeted with a warm welcome. As I entered, I could hear the familiar sound of his system. “What do you think,” my friend asked. I replied it sounded much better than last time. But, still but needed a tweak. At this point, the doorbell rang. And, was a friend who had come to listen to the new system. I got to work, and after an hour, had the system set up and sounding great. We sat and listened to some of the test music; my friend had prepared. And we discussed what to do next.


power cords to be testedThe cables tested on the source machine. We were unable to see the order of the wires under test. Which, is because positioned in such a way, a chair hid my friend from view. I think he wanted to prove that his cables were better. My friend paid a lot of money for some of his audio cables. And, of course, there was the element of pride to be considered. The music played and the first cable tested. We wrote down our comments and gave the scores as agreed. It was now the turn of the second cable, and we went through the same process. And, continued in the same manner for all wires. As I stated earlier, we did five tests, but there were only four cables. Now, it was time for the results, and we all came together to compare. The price of the first power cord was 20 pounds. Second 225 pounds. And the third was 785 pounds. And the last was 1500 pounds. Quite a range to cover, and you would naturally expect to hear a difference. Every person did understand a difference, and the scores were the same.

The results
  • The first power cord was a standard, supplied with the unit. And, scored 3/10.
  • Second power cord turned to cost 785 pounds. Which, earned a score of 7/10.
  • Third power cord we heard cost 225 pounds. And, scored 9/10.
  • The last power cord cost 1500 pounds and scored 8/10.
  • The cable put in twice was the 785 pounds cord.

It was an excellent audiophile power cord test. And everything had been done correctly. The next step was to bring out of hiding the mystery power cord. I knew nothing about this because my friend was keeping it as a surprise. The new power cord cost 2250 pounds and made by Nordost. And, was tested and marked, the same way, getting a score of 10/10. The next thing was to replace the main amplifier power cord, with the 2250 pound power cord. There was now an improvement in every way. The next step was to remove the other power cords from the system and replace them with my power cords.

Because yes (hate to say it ) mine was the winner in the tests. Now, as we sat and listened, we were able to hear how the Kingdom Royals sounded. And, in a word, simply ‘breathtaking’.

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