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Audio cables jasperAudio cables from Perkune, and is there a difference? Today I am visiting an excellent friend who is a well-heeled audiophile. And we have spent the past year testing lines and audio systems. Also, this visit we will try a pair of Jasper monitor 18 bookshelf speakers.

The Audio cables 

The Jasper Monitor 18 is a stand-mount representative of the Jasper line. Like its larger brothers, it retains an advanced and mature sound, presenting it pleasantly and practically simultaneously. The transducers were specially selected regarding technical parameters and proper consistency from Danish Scan-Speak. Also, the 18cm Revelator is responsible for reproducing low and mid tones – recognisable thanks to its unique, cut diaphragm. This procedure was made to reduce distortion and so-called “cone modes”, which resulted in unprecedented control and elasticity of bass, expression and well-defined vocals. Audio cables from Perkune

Jasper tweeterWe entrusted the band’s top to the tweeter, which uses one of the lightest vibrating systems – a dome weighing only 0.18 g quickly reproduces all the minor nuances and details of recordings.
The effect of these solutions is a sound with an authentic, colourful and faithful character. Also, The components are enclosed in a solid structure showcasing an original form with curved planes to prevent standing waves from forming in the housing and the appropriate front inclination. An additional task of such a body is to align the acoustic centres of the loudspeakers, translating the consistency of presentations and scenes. 

Jasper Monitor 18 – Inconspicuous but mature columns with a surprising musicality, stereo and scale, featuring an innovative and sophisticated shape. And the columns dedicated to a rooms 15 – 32 m2. Branded stands to create an attractive proposition for people who would like to use the full potential of the columns in their spatial capabilities.


  • Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Bandwidth: 5 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Power: 160 W
  • Efficiency: 88 dB
  • Dimensions: 200x430x413 mm
  • Weight: 13,5 kg 
  • Tweeter: D2608/913000 (Scan-Speak)
  • Woofer: 18W/4531G01 (Scan-Speak)
  • Speaker grille: Magnetic
  • Available colours: Lacquer Mat – white, black

Testing commenced at 12.00 hours. And location was Garso Namai, Kauno g. 31, 03215 Vilnius, Lithuania. It was a beautiful day with an outside temperature of -7 deg. C. And I first wanted to sit down with a fresh coffee. Which Lukas had already prepared as he knew I would be on the dot! Audio cables from Perkune

Speaker cable for testing Pylon 18Lukas played the speakers for about two hours as they were brand new. Also, use a pair of high-end speaker cables, costing 1500 Euros. So it was good to warm them up, and I asked Lukas how he liked the sound. I love it, he said, but you will hear what I mean.

Lukas had selected music for the speaker testing, and as I settled down, the first track started. I shook my head in amazement and said I did not understand. How was something so small able to provide a bass so big? The bass was packed, with excellent depth and power. And gave a superb tone with a feeling in the pit of my stomach, and I said it just does not get any better than this.

We let the music play and listened to the many different tracks. And the result was the same every time, effortless performance from the Jasper Monitor 18 speakers. The soundstage was superb, and I could hear details at the side and behind with utmost clarity. Also, the sound was extensive, with fullness and depth. Which, again, was something entirely unexpected. There was also power and energy in completing the presentation, and the result was specular.

Cable change

The Matrix PRO singlesCould the sound improve? And now, it was time to test the speakers using the Matrix singles speaker cables. We decided to have a break, and so Lukas made another coffee. And I hooked up the speaker cables and prepared them carefully for the next listening session. As I had a feeling that we would be ables to hear just a bit more from the presentation.

The cables used for the testing, were three meters long. And the reason is because I love how three-meter cables perform. Also, I always recommend this length because the three-meter speaker gives the best result. And after years of listening to different speaker cables, this is a fact! Audio cables from Perkune


Coffee has finished, and now time to test the system using the Matrix singles speaker cables. Again, the music started, and we heard the same incredible sound from the loudspeakers. But this time, a new clarity appeared. And the music from the speakers now had more energy. 

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Author: Paul Anthony Goodwin – Perkune audiophile cables

Dated: 23/02/2023

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