How to get a great sound

How to get best soundHow to get great sound. I Love the sound of a Tannoy loudspeaker. And, my favourite driver is the 15″ Glenair. And, I decided to use this driver in an open baffle configuration. I was interested to hear, just how it compared to my 300-litre cabinet.

My system

How to get best soundThe enclosures were made from 25 mm MFD purchased form a local hardware store. The enclosures were braced with batons. And, screwed and glued into place, preventing vibrations for appearing.

The rear panel houses the crossover had also fitted with sound absorbent material but only one layer was required. The driver was mounted from the front and firmly fitted into place using ten mounting bolts. The Driver used is the 15″, 3818. Which, was fitted to the Glenair series.


The crossover required for the driver to operate correctly had to be constructed to crossover at 1100Hz. And, was made by an audio expert in London. The components used were from ClarltyCaps and Mundorf. The cabling was pure oxygen-free copper and after construction, the crossover and the cabling received Cryogenic treatment.

How to get the best sound

Open baffle

The open baffle was easy to construct and made from 25 MDF material. The dimensions of the front section are 1300 mm in height by 300 mm wide. The front section was mounted on a base plate of 500 x 300 mm in depth. A third section was fitted to support the two panels and this was 150 x 200 mm in depth.

How to get best sound

The panels were screwed and glued together. The front panel was covered by a thin brown material that was ideal to cover the driver and was held into place by the use of a staple gun. The edges of the front panel were covered with a wood veneer, which also helped to keep the material in position. How to get the best sound

After construction, the driver was fitted to the front panel by the use of ten mounting bolts and the crossover was fitted to the supporting panel.

The cabling used to connect crossover to the driver is the same cabling used in Perkune interconnects. The cable is neutral and has an excellent response. You will certainly get a better sound if you wish to use. Please read this report


The open baffles were positioned 300 mm from the rear wall. And, towed in about twenty degrees. The sound from the drivers in the open baffle was just amazing. It was very open and relaxing and had a feeling of fullness. And, was the same with all types of music. All I wanted to do, was keep listening. Whatever the volume, felt no fatigue at all. The music had a 3D quality to it and the overall experience was indeed satisfying.

How to get best sound

The bass response was excellent and the amount of detail was superb in every respect. We were able to make an adjustment to the sound.  By moving the panels a small amount, in the beginning, we, found the ideal positions for each baffle. The Open Baffle has a very specific sound and brings a whole new meaning to the musical presentation. And, all I can say is once heard you will never forget!


The first thing that grabbed me was the incredible bass that just seemed to go on forever. It went so deep actually deeper than anything I have ever heard in my life (and that is saying something). At first, it seemed just too much and so I played a different CD but this time it was perfect.

This goes to show how a recording can make a difference in the sound you hear. The music had amazing detail and transparency. The detail was perfect and the music was fast and alive. Over the past year, many of my friends have heard this system. And, they all say, it is one of the best sounding systems ever heard. These words, are music to my ears!!!


This has been a very interesting experience. Because it has been the same Tannoy 15″ drivers used in two different configurations. The results were different but at the same time very revealing and also compelling. They showed strength and speed whatever the music and at the same time showed dynamics and amazing detail.

Which one

I think that is the hardest question I have ever been asked (well in the audio world anyway). I loved the sound of 3818 in both set-ups. But, because I am a real bassman and I would say this. My preference is the300-litre cabinets (as a famous saying goes) the best thing since sliced bread!

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