Two audiophile reviews

Matrix black power cablesTwo audiophile reviews – Mr Paul Goodwin, the owner of Perkune Audiophile Cables, has a past of competent musician, music recording engineer and Oil field consultant. Paul wanted to help people get high-quality cables at reasonable prices. And so he started his own cable company in Vilnius, Lithuania. And yes, the magic had begun!

Two audiophile reviews audiophile reviews

Identification number

After recent developments in audio cables’ construction, I’ve been lucky to receive a couple of Matrix power cables from Paul (along with tips for speaker and system placement).

The first, One and a half metres long and the second two meters. And, with the cables came an attached certificate with identification numbers. These babies are relatively rigid, thick, black, and considered entry-level.

Also, I haven’t tested a Matrix S line yet, but it seems to guarantee further improvement thanks to better construction and materials. Thanks to industrial rhodium plugs, the Matrix provides a sturdy, safe, uninterrupted connection with the rear amp slot and the wall sockets. And, the power plug positive side is marked with a red tag to connect it with the correct phase after using a tester screwdriver. Response

Perkune Audiophile Two

Two audiophile reviews Matrix Power Cable

Another aspect to note is that all Perkune cables are hand made out to a strict pattern. And, there are no sonic differences between wires of the same length and type. In my case, the longer cable delivered better highs and mids and the shorter just a bit better basses.

And it might be strange, but it’s true, and probably that’s why the owner and engineer’s company chief says that the longer the power cable, the better the overall sound and performance.

The cables reduced choking in comparison with other power cables. And give a slightly louder volume, with more definition, adding to transparent presentation. Also, the mid frequencies; in other words, the vocals – and to a lesser extent, the guitars. They are in the sweet spot, which is a difference that even a non-trained listener can perceive effortlessly.


The matrix Power cable

The Matrix power cable immediately leaves its mark with a blacker background and an increased dynamic range. But, in the specific, where the line wins, it allows the reproduction of small details recorded at low volumes. And always sounded blurry with other cables. Also, not an easy task to accomplish! Moreover, I finally noticed clear-cut definitions in the attacks and cymbal sounds that were previously a bit buried in the guitar mixing. Also, a more distinct channel separation, making music passages easier to comprehend and more ear-pleasing. Add to these ingredients minor sibilance, which makes highs a bit less pronounced but more realistic and silkier.

Power station

Many people will tell you the last metre of cable doesn’t matter when you have hundreds of wires in the house of low quality and km of lines to the power station. I’ll tell you that it’s partially true, in that you can improve the quality of your in-wall cabling by convincing an electrician (he will look at you as a Martian, warning!). And while you’re at the mercy of the power company for the rest of the distance. But the point is that cables often generate interferences themselves. Therefore you have to obtain a suitable shielded cable to reduce this issue as much as possible. Such is the case of the Perkune Matrix cables.


Two audiophile reviews Perkune audiophile cables Matrix bass responce

The Matrix cable is superior to many other companies’ lines thanks to the isolation techniques and the quality of its components, and it’s fit for all kinds of amplifiers.

I have given a mark of 87/100 to the matrix 1.5-meter power cable, priced at $297 euros and thoroughly recommended.

  • Cable size: 16.0 – 17 mm
  • Length: 1 – 3 Meters
  • Multi-stranded, ultra-high purity 99.9999% OFC
  • Conductors size: 3 x 3.0 mm2 (10 AWG)
  • HDPE dialectics for each conductor x 3
  • Protective conductor – Pure copper (class 1)
  • 2-level shielding: pure braided copper 
  • Cable weight: 1.25 – 1,50 Kg
  • Voltage: 300-500 volts
  • Test voltage: 2000 volts
  • Temperature: -40 to +70 C
  • Resistance: 0.005 Ohms/meter
  • Secondary shield: PTFE/PVC/Tape
  • Outer sheath: Antistatic Isolation material
My thoughts

The ‘AirGap isolation’ and the ‘AirTube suspension’ represent the progress made concerning the previous versions of the same cable. And allow a reduction in vibrations, reflections and unwanted noises generated by electrical interference. Also, the aluminium foil sheathing and vinyl tape insulation proceed in the same direction. Two audiophile reviews

The Matrix’s diminished capacitance and inductivity result in almost complete neutrality. And it permits you to have a cable that doesn’t add or subtract anything from the original recording. This ultimate achievement is nothing but a shining trademark from this small company destined to become known in specialised circles. And what more would you want from a power cable?

Author – MARKUS GANZHERRLICH – Webzine ( (Italy)

Date – July 23rd, 2021

The Second review

Unparalleled Mr Paul Goodwin, a British hi-fi cable constructor stationed in Vilnius, Lithuania, has recently made himself known again. (And my first contact with him took place over five years ago). Moreover, Paul informed me, he had just released a budget line of power cables. 

Matrix power cable

Power cable and caseA Courier sent the cable from Vilnius to my home in Poland. I received the power cable with an intriguing systematic-genre name: “Matrix Power Cable”. According to Paul, this power cable provides 95% of the “reference efficiency” but at a significant price reduction. The “Matrix Power Cable” is equipped with industrial rhodium-plated plugs. The diameter is 18 mm, the wire is multi-core, ultra-high purity 99.9999% OFC, and the wire size is 3 x 3.0 mm2 (10 A.W.G.). The cable made by hand by Paul Goodwin is a single product, not a factory product. The buyer receives an impact-resistant aluminium transport case and antistatic liquid for the connectors.


Matrix Power Cable

I connected the “Matrix” cable with several configurations, Headphone amplifier and D.A.C. Audio Analogue Adac (S.P.L. Phonitor One d), streamer Rose RS150 and integrated amplifiers Creek Voyage i20, P.M.C. cor and TEAC AI-503. And before I started any tests, I connected the title cable to the P.M.C. cor amplifier, which I started (i.e., connected to the power supply), but I did not use it; it worked “dry”. It was only after 5-6 days of “warming up” the Perkune power supply that I started listening to it intensively. I know that some may be surprised or even amused, but with practice, I know that many cables (and not a power cable at all) often change their sound characteristics after several or several dozen days of use. Why is it like that? – I have no idea, but I have experienced this phenomenon many times empirically. 


Matrix power cable review

I must honestly admit that I like cables constructed by Paul Goodwin. Paul has a keen ear for “tuning” cables and a sensitive nose for searching for various conductors for creating his conductors. And also does some “magic” He demagnetises them and wraps the plugs with antistatic bands. Using the proprietary AirGap air insulation minimises static interference and adverse external influences. After construction, the cables are subjected to an antistatic “firing” procedure and precisely cleaned of artefacts – using three unique frequency “sweeping” programs. You may wonder why Paul is doing all this? – these treatments are effective. And have a positive effect on the Sound of his cables.


Matrix Rhodium plugs

The influence of most power cables on the Sound is quite subtle and hard to feel – especially at the beginning of the listening process. Nevertheless, these changes can be noticed and observed after more extended listening and a bit of goodwill. Visible by the hearing organ and assimilated by the brain. However, you have to listen carefully to them, experiment, wait for them patiently. It’s not that after replacing one cable with another, you immediately “hear more bass here, and better extension of space”.

The Matrix power cable brings, above all, great integrity of the Sound, its harmonious arrangement and reduction of hyperactivity while at the same time enhancing the visibility of details and sharpening the clarity of the entire presentation. It benefits from the sonority, selectivity and richness of the Sound—physical structure and substance of apparent phenomena. The Sound is like “more”, and it is more easily perceived, tonally more differentiated – or in other words – deeper and clearer defined.


The Perkune power cable has an undeniable impact on stage size. And certainly widens it, facilitates the imaging and localisation of virtual sources. Sharpens them (in the sense of focusing, not sharpening). As a result, the music becomes transparent with a more straightforward presentation. And with a more precise carving of details and nuances of the recordings. The displayed tones are more visible, and the entire message contrasts. Easier to distinguish in fact and single tonal highlight. 

Therefore, the whole expression of the Sound gains tangibility and suggestibility. And the “Matrix Power Cable” is very versatile. As I wrote before, I applied it to various hi-fi devices for over a month of listening. It enabled systematic transparency and detail. And revealed the efficiency and productivity of Sound. You can even write about what he does and how beneficial it is for the message. He is undoubtedly referential. However, it is not a high-end reference but “universal”. Audiophile Review


Power cable with media player

The Perkune, “Matrix Power Cable”, is an original product located in the heart of Lithuania. And a project thought out from the beginning to the end. Constructed and hand-made by the “hi-fi audio mage” – Mr Paul Goodwin. The result is a “craft” cable with excellent sonic qualities that positively affect the audio stereo system. Moreover, the new “Matrix Power Cable” is universal, synergistic, and be successfully applied in many different ways. And, I recommend  the “Matrix Power Cable.”

Europe’s price is 497 for a 1.5-meter cable (i.e. about 1,850 PLN).

Polish review

Author: Ludwig Hegel (Stereo I Kolorowo Underground) Poland

Date: April 2nd 2021

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