Tone-arm Pods upgrade

Swivel Acoustand Tone-arm pods upgrade are one of the finest currently available (Now with alloy arm panel) The unobtrusive way of adding a second arm. Any turntable can be used with the arm pods, especially direct drive models where the user who wants to use a second arm but does not want to buy a new twin arm plinth or cut into an existing plinth.

Tone-arm Pods 

They are built with no compromise using the best materials available including stainless steel main housings, solid brass adjustable nickel plated heavy brass spikes with protective shoes. All models now come with solid billet alloy arm panels with brushed finish at no extra cost. Some Arms require an acrylic panel for sound quality as alloy is unsuitable.

Tone arm podsPicking up the arm pod it is immediately apparent of its’s massive build quality and ability to drown out any micro vibrations that interfere with playback.
Adjustable premium quality heavy brass nickel plated spiked feet included and also included are spike extensions adding 15mm instantly if needed, the knurled thumb adjusters no longer included.


No Standard heights are listed, we offer a custom service where the customer can choose their own height to a maximum of a mounting surface level of 160mm for the prices shown for ATP-01/02/03. And for the Low level and slimline a maximum of 75mm mounting surface heights.
The above measures exclude the spike extensions which add 15mm.

Tone-arm PodsThe last few photos show different variations in size, showing a slimline version, a low level version with tonearm (arm not inc) and there is a picture of a specially commissioned pod with copper arm panel which is extra tall and features the wider base accessory for added stability which is needed when you have a 20kg pod. As you can see, these pods can be made for most situations.


heads hellWe can also machine these arm pods for use as a motor drive pod, please contact us.

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