New three-meter studio cable

New three-meter studio cable - Recording studio cables -Ultimate studio cableNew three-meter studio cable. Christmas 2015, I introduced a two-meter recording studio cable. This cable gave excellent results and was well received. I am always making improvements, and because of success in testing, I have now introduced a three-meter version but now is a better cable!

Studio cable

The construction improved. And, also, overall performance has been improved, but the price tag has kept to a minimum. The connections are XLR (male or female) to stereo 1/4″ jack.


I have done my share of sound mixing for groups and also spent many hours doing studio work for groups. I am familiar with what it takes to get the mix correct and how to help the artist sound the best. Many years ago, I built my studio in my house and converted the loft space into my studio and did many recordings aver two years.

When a person is recording, it is essential to be able to hear what is happening at all times. If you are using an inferior cable, then the result will not be accepted, and the artist will never be happy. New three-meter studio cable

studioAfter doing many tests, I have been able to improve the studio interconnect cable. I now use a different material for the outer coating and also, use double shielding.

The connections are all Neutrix and fitted in such a way that makes the cables more resilient and so gives better performance.

The cables

The cables are completely neutral and have no resistance or capacitance to affect the sound, which is essential for a recording. The cables have a new outer protective shielding, and this again adds to the overall performance of the cable.

The cable supplied in three-meter lengths. I have found that a three-meter range does give a better sound and also the music has better speed and response to the sound. The cables have a full lifetime guarantee, as with all the Perkune range of cables and the price kept as low as possible. New three-meter studio cable


Many people just do not realise, just how good a system can sound. If a home cinema, a home stereo system or a home studio, you need a suitable cable to make your system sound and perform as intended. Unfortunately, due to lack of education, people just do not know that cables are as necessary as any of the components.

The importance is something I hope I can help you to understand as I bring you testimonies and reader results over the next few months. And, If you require any more information on the new studio cable or any of our cables, then please feel free to contact me.

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