Jasper Monitor 18 speakers

The Jasper Monitor 18 speakersA person must hear the Jasper monitor 18 speakers. One of the properties of sound is that its essence remains the same. Only its bonds and unusual, almost theatrical symbiosis keeps us constantly amazed. So we construct loudspeakers that help us capture the sounds, tuning the ears, and satisfy ourselves with the tones’ purest and most perfect colours.

Jasper Monitor 18 speakers

Pylon audio offer loudspeakers of the highest quality, And accurately and precisely tested to ensure you purchase are the state of the art audio equipment. Also, the high quality offered by Pylon is proved by awards and excellent reviews as well as by the high ratings their products get. Jasper monitor 18 speakers.

Jasper monitor 18

Jasper Monitor 18 – Product Of The Year 2022! Yet another award goes to Pylon. The Norwegian Stereo+ honored Jasper monitor 18 with the Product Of The Year Award. And Pylon certainly appreciated the timing, “The rhythmic precision as well as the control and quality of the lowest frequencies.”

“The impressively deep and powerful bass makes me wonder if I should turn the volume knob slightly to the left.” Also, “If you like there ‘casual’ nature and you own a good amp, the Jasper Monitor 18 seems to be unbeatable at this price point”. Jasper monitor 18 speakers.

Jasper Quality

Awards - Monitor 18 speaker

The Jasper Monitor 18 – A distinction in the form of 5 stars and “HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” from Stereopluss (Norway).

“Pylon Jasper Monitor 18 is a great monitor with a very refined and precise sound-stage that is impossible not to like.” Also, “It doesn’t take a long time to discover that the Monitor 18 has impressive bass. The bass is more like a medium sized floor-standing speaker, and the tonal balance of the Monitor 18 makes voices and acoustic instruments shine with an almost magical presence in the room.” And, “The Jasper monitor 18 makes you want to listen more.” Jasper monitor 18 speakers.


The Jasper Monitor 18 is a stand-mount representative of the Jasper line. Like its larger brothers, it retains an advanced and mature sound, presenting it pleasantly and effectively.

The transducers were specially selected regarding technical parameters and good consistency from Danish Scan-Speak. The 18cm Revelator is responsible for reproducing low and mid tones – recognizable thanks to its unique, cut diaphragm. This procedure reduced distortion and so-called “cone modes, ” resulting in unprecedented control and elasticity of bass, expression and well-defined vocals. We entrusted the band’s top to the tweeter, which uses one of the lightest vibrating systems – a dome weighing only 0.18 g quickly reproduces all the minor nuances and details of recordings. Jasper monitor 18 speakers.

Performance testingThe effect of these solutions is a sound with an authentic, colourful and faithful character. And the components are enclosed in solid structure showcasing an original form with curved planes to prevent standing waves from forming in housing and the appropriate front inclination. An additional task of such a body is to align the acoustic centres of the loudspeakers, and translating the consistency of the presentations and scenes.

Jasper Monitor 18 – Inconspicuous but mature columns with a surprising musicality, stereo and scale, featuring an innovative and sophisticated shape.
The columns are dedicated to rooms of 15 – 32 m2.
The sets are provided with branded stands that create an attractive proposition for people who would like to use the full potential of columns in their spatial capabilities. Jasper monitor 18 speakers.

  • Impedance 4 Ohm
  • Bandwidth 35 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Nominal power 80 W
  • Maximum power 160 W
  • Efficiency 88 dB
  • Dimensions 200x430x413 mm
  • Weight 13,5 kg / piece
  • Tweeter D2608/913000 (Scan-Speak)
  • Woofer 18W/4531G01 (Scan-Speak)
  • Speaker grille Yes, magnetic
  • Warranty 4 years
  • Colours- Lacquer Mat – white, black. 
    – High Gloss: white HG, black HG.

The Jasper Monitor 18 performanceToday I met with my colleague Lukas Svedas owner of Garso Namai to test a pair of Monitor speakers. And I was very excited to attend because I know the performance of the Jasper Monitor 18 speakers is incredible. I have tested loudspeakers and cables with Lukas for the past two years, and we have a good understanding of the best way in which to evaluate.

The first thing was to let the system warm up, and we listened to our first piece of music. We heard the music using a pair of Melodica reference speaker cables, and the sound was far better than I had imagined! The Bass was just perfect, and the soundstage was impressive. And it was almost like wearing headphones. Also, we played a wide selection of music, and the results were the same.

Performance Testing matrix speaker cables

We were so impressed with the sound produced by these speakers we decided to expand our testing. And we did this by replacing the Melodica speaker cables with a set of Perkune Singles speaker cables.

So again, the music played, and we listened. Similarly, the sound was as good, but now it seemed smoother and easier to hear tiny details. After a quick coffee break, we added a Perkune matrix pro power cable to see if there was any difference in the sound from these fantastic speakers. Because it was hard to believe anything could sound better than the sound we now heard.

Power cable

Testing monitors with perkune Matrix pro power cableThe same track played, and now there was a difference. The music had more energy and was compelling. And so exciting to listen to many of the songs over again to feel that energy and life.

I asked the same question to Lukas during the last session: how can a power cable make a difference to the sound? So many audiophiles ask the same question, as many do not believe in performance improvement from a power cable.

When I first started in the music industry, I enjoyed what I did, which was to tell the story and not get caught up in technicalities. But the music scene has changed over the past few years, And people are more concerned about proving they are correct than listening and enjoying what they are hearing! and, if you have enjoyed reading ‘Jasper monitor 18 speakers’,please, share with friends.

  • Author: Tomas Blinder, Music producer, Lithuania
  • Date: 17/03/2023

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