Audiophile system improvement

Audiophile system improvement

Your system could be upgraded quickly by using ‘Add-ons’. These are aftermarket items and used individually or together. Because these item work, you will hear changes and certainly will be an Audiophile system improvement!

System improvements

The source  –  Media player / computer / CD / Turntable

  • Media player – For better sound fit three spikes or Vibapads’ underneath.
  • Your computer or Laptop – fit three spikes or ‘Vibapads’ pads underneath.
Your CD –
  • Have your CD cut with a lathe. This really works, and differences easily heard.
  • Spray your CD (label side only) with Anti-static fluid and let it dry naturally.
  • When you buy a CD always look for the ‘Gold pressed’ CD version.
Your LP –
  • Always buy the heaviest version you can.
  • Make sure you find the cutting angle that suits your stylus.
  • The EU and US have different angles. And, the same as with your stylus.
Your Turntable –
  • Always use a spirit level to ensure it is level before you set up.  And, best to place the spirit level on the LP.
  • Remove the stock power cord that comes with the turntable and replaces with a good quality Power cord.
  • Place Four spikes or  ‘Vibapads’ under your turntable, for a great improvement.
The Amplifier – 
  • Remove the stock power cord from the amplifier and change with a good quality Power cord.  (A simple step but will give an Audiophile system improvement).
  • Place your amplifier on Three spikes or Vibapads. There are different grades but basic is good enough to hear the Audiophile sound improvement. And, you can always upgrade!
The CD player –
  • Remove the stock power cord from the CD player and replace with a good quality Power cord.
  • Put your CD player on Three spikes or ‘Vibapads’. There are different grade but the basic is good enough to hear the sound improvement.
  • Lightly Spray your CD player and all your cables with Anti-static fluid every month.
Loudspeakers/speaker cables
  • Every Interconnect and every loudspeaker cable has a right and wrong way. Each cable should have a direction of flow which is from source to amplifier and from amplifier to loudspeaker. If you remove any cables, mark them up so they go back in the same way.
  • Place your Loudspeakers on spikes. Very important the spikes have to be reversed (small end up and the large end to the floor)
  • Use a spirit level to make sure your loudspeakers are level in every direction and there is a minimum of 6” from any wall service.
  • The Loudspeaker cables should be a minimum of three meters in length and kept off the floor with small wooden blocks or Vibapads.
  • Every month remove the loudspeaker cables and wipe the end connections with a soft cloth. After refitting, spray lightly with Anti-static fluid (cables only and not the contact points).
  • Obtain a copy of the ‘Ayre’ test CD. Called ‘Irrational but Efficacious’ and play it through your system on a monthly basis.
New additions

Nordost introduced an item called ‘Sort Lift’. This enhances the sonic performance of loudspeaker cables, power cords, and interconnects. By minimizing the points of contact cables make with the ground and reducing boundary effects.

There is also another interesting item from Nordost, called a ‘Sort Kone’ which can be placed under any item. The Amplifier, CD player or DAC and gives more clarity, detail and also blacker background. This is meant for sound improvement and I have tried but heard no differences.

Anti-Static /Cryogenic treatment
  • Obtain an Anti-static gun. Point it at every piece of equipment and squeeze the trigger. Do this every month (including speakers).
  • To improve your system sound, send all your cables for Cryogenic cable treatment. This is a good upgrade because the results speak for themselves.
  • If you hate the crackle from your turntable you can run it wet. I used to do this the good old days. Set up a drip (just the same as in the hospital) and fit a very small bore tube. The drip leaves a film or water on the LP. And, then play it.
Cable Warm-up

You must allow at least one hour for any cable to warm up in your system. It does not matter if power cord, speaker cable or interconnect cable. Please be patient and allow time for the cables to warm up.

Listening to your system

Some people have ears that lie flat against their heads. And do not even realize just what they are missing from the music, especially in the upper frequencies. Put your hands behind your ears and then pull them outwards and you will hear more.

This alone will be a big sound improvement. Never listen to your friend’s opinion as his ears are not the same as yours. And, maybe he will not hear the sound improvement that you do. Very basic but true!

If you have enjoyed Audiophile system improvement’,  please share with friends – thank you

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