Reviews by leading professionals

Reviews by leading professionals – This is the definition of a review as given by Wikipedia. An honest evaluation of the performance of the component under test.

There are so many contributing factors to be taken into account when performing a review. It takes a long time to carry out a complete analysis of the performance of the component. The overall performance is exactly what is required. Because this is to what a customer will relate to if thinking of purchasing the item.

The reviews – 

 Over the past 4 years 
  • Audiophile Bi-wired conversion cable by Ludwig Hegel (Poland)
  • Intro ‘Surprise‘ Loudspeaker review by Mitja Borko (Slovenia)
  • Loudspeaker cable review by Ludwig Hegel (Poland)
  • Audiophile XLR “Gold” cable review by Ludwig Hegel (Poland)
  • Standard series interconnect review by Ludwig Hegel (Poland)
  • Studio interconnects review by Tom Blinder (UK)
  • Power cord review by Ludwig Hegel (Poland)
  • Interconnect review by Hans Hilberink (Holland)
  • Dealer review cables – Mark Cargill (Audio Emotion) (UK)
  • Elite interconnect review by Ludwig Hegel (Poland)
  • Elite Loudspeaker review by Ludwig Hegel (Poland)
  • Ultimate power cord review by Ludwig Hegel (Poland)
  • A True story on cables by Eirik Rouppert
A word of Caution

I have read many reviews over the past years. I never understood how a review can say one thing when in reality the component is not up to the specification claimed. Certain cables certainly fell short of a spine-tingling review given by a leading magazine. Every person has to test the item in the comfort of their own home. This is the only way to evaluate the item correctly.

The customer

It is always better to let the customer tell their story. Because that’s what this business is about. The customer, who is the cornerstone of the business. When I receive a review, it will be added to the database. Any member of the public is more than welcome to contact the author of the review for more information.


I would like to state I am not connected in any way, shape, or form to any of the persons who are performing the review.

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