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Porsche 911 turbo - How you get the bestThe Porsche 911 turbo and Porsche Carrera RS are two of the most respected and sought after cars in the world today. I owned the Porsche 911 turbo a few years ago. And, recently was able to drive the Porsche 911 Carrera RS and happy to share my impressions of the cars with you.

Early days

Austin 7 | Classic Cars Wiki | Fandom

I have been a car lover all my life and used to sit on my father’s knees and steer his car from the age of ten. The car was an Austin 7 made in 1938 and excellent condition. 

I started driving the Austin 7 when I was 14 years old, but my father never knew. And, was because my friend and I would open the garage at midnight and take the car for a spin. My father would say to say to my mother how the car seemed to be using a lot of petrol sometimes! And, I realised I had to be more careful and found a way (with the help of my friend) to add a small amount of petrol whenever we used the car. Porsche 911 turbo Carrera RMorris Cowley - WikipediaThe next three years quickly passed, and I got my driving licence. And, with help from my mother bought my very first car. It was a Morris Cowley made in 1958 and fantastic condition for the year. I paid four pounds for the car because it did not have an MOT certificate. My father knew where to take it, and after a quick inspection and another five pounds spent, I was driving the car home.

Moving up

Ford Anglia 105E Guide, History and Timeline from ClassicCars.co.ukThe Cowley was a great car at first, but I soon got the urge to move up to something better. And, with the help of my mother was able to buy a Ford Anglia 105E. I loved the car but decided to change the roof and side stripes to a golden colour as it made it look more ‘sporty’. Also, I wanted a bit more power and fitted a Weber carburettor, an electronic ignition system with an upgraded coil. I also cut the gear lever in half, allowing a quicker gear change. I think I improved the 0-60 time by a few seconds and was very pleased with my new performance. Porsche 911 turbo Carrera RS


Porsche 911 turbo and Jaguar 3.8

A year passed quickly, and I was now looking at better cars with better performance. And, one day, one of my work colleagues offered me his car because his wife was pregnant and they needed a smaller car. 

The car was 1963 (flat floor) 3.8 Jaguar E-type and is the car in the picture. The price was 600 pounds, and I jumped at the chance because it was like a dream come true. I arranged to meet Barry at his home the following weekend. And, asked my friend Barry) who had a car, to help pick up the car. We arrived and had a look. And I could not believe how good it looked both on the inside and the outside. I paid the money, and we drove off, and I remember the feeling of pleasure as I gently moved the car away. The E-type was fantastic and had the performance to match. 0=60 in 7 seconds and 150 MPH. What a machine it was!


Ferrari GTCI loved the E-type Jaguar and had so much fun; it led me to start a small car business working with sports and exciting cars. And, after owning 13 jaguars, I decided to move to Ferrari. There is one thing that I love about a Ferrari, the sound of the v12 engine. When it is ticking over or whether it is on the full song, there is nothing like the Ferrari sound. The car in the picture is a beautiful Ferrari 365 GTC. And, it was one of the best sounding Ferraris I owned. I have owned seven Ferraris over the years. From the Dino 246 GT right up to the Testarossa and they all have their appeal and are all very different.

I want to say Ferrari is a fantastic machine. And, one day took a trip to the UK and went to visit one of my friends in London who owned a Garage. My friend Michael loved the Ferrari 365GTC and asked me if I would sell it to him. An interesting question and I said, but it all depends on the price. And I will need something to get back home. Porsche best but Ferrari club?

Michael asked me if I had ever driven a Porsche Turbo. I replied 928 and Carrera. But, preferred the power and sound of Ferrari. I see he said, so you have never driven a Turbo? He asked. Michael invited to look at something he knew I would love because it had the noise, power, and fun that I had been missing.

911 Turbo

I went with Michael into the garage and saw a gleaming red 911 Porsche Turbo looking back at me. What a shock to see such a beautiful machine and felt a twitch of excitement as I walked towards it. Porsche 911 turbo Carrera RS

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“Get in and see how it feels,” Michael said. I slid into the Porsche and smelt the leather. It was so beautiful and a smell I will never forget. Everything was just absolutely magnificent. My hands just fell onto the steering wheel, and everything was perfect. I felt as if the Porsche had created for me. You can take it for a spin if you would like to see how it feels. Michael put the plates on and said OK Paul, go and have fun.

So here I was, sitting in a 1990 nearly new Porsche 911 Turbo in mint condition and waiting to be driven. It only took a few seconds, and I realised it was meant to be. The Porsche was so different from any of the Porsches I had owned before. 


The performance of this car was just incredible. I found out that it was not a standard Porsche. The owner was a bit of a fanatic and had work done to the engine. Power increased to nearly 450 BHP.  And, when you put your foot down, it felt like being pushed into the rear seat. The sound system was the best car sound system I have ever heard. There were extra speakers in the front and rear and also twin 500 Watt amplifiers. As sound was my passion, this was definitely for me!   Porsche 911 turbo Carrera RS

My Porsche

After driving around for only a short time, I knew this was for me. Now it was time to go and see what sort of deal Michael would do with me against the Ferrari. It is funny just how things work out sometimes because there was already a person who had seen my Ferrari and wanted to buy it. Michael offered me such a great deal I would have been stupid to say no. We completed the paperwork, shook hands, and I headed to the Ferry and back to Denmark with my new buddy.

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Now I was back in Denmark with my Porsche and was in heaven. And I mean I have never enjoyed a car so much in my life. I decided to go and show it to the guys who were all enthusiasts and members of the Danish Ferrari club. I wonder how they would react to me now having a Porsche. Would they laugh, would they cry, would they tell me to go away? All these thoughts raced through my head, but as it turned out, they all thought it was great to have such a beautiful Porsche in the club. 

The Event

I think the most memorable thing that happened to me was when I attended Nurburgring in Germany. The event, the Ferrari club had arranged, and we spent three beautiful days learning how to drive our cars correctly. Porsche 911 turbo Carrera RS

getting ready

We needed to learn how even to prepare our cars for the event, and specific adjustments made. Tyre pressure played an essential part in the vehicles handling and also to overall performance. The car needed the right amount of fuel, and checks to the fluid levels were critical — even adjustments to the suspension. There were so many things to do, but all learning and proper training.

Track time

As I stated earlier, the Porsche could reach 0-60 MPH in about 4 seconds. It could also do 0-100 MPH in less than 8 seconds and return to zero in just a few seconds. The brakes upgraded. Also, the suspension improved. And the car lowered and widened. I did have a fantastic machine, so I wondered how I would go around the track.

speed tests

Ready steady, and all systems go. The start of the speed tests was to see how you could improve the cars handling. And, was learned from one point to another but doing it the right way. My times nearly halved after being shown the correct way. But that is the same with everything in life. There is a right way and a wrong way. But learning to do what you can, is the best experience you can ever have. Porsche 911 turbo Carrera RS

The three days went like lightning. We were very fortunate as we were able to meet a few of the well-known drivers. The one thing I will never forget is when one of the racing team wanted to look at my turbo. He had been watching how well it was doing in the trials. And, asked to ride with him around the track.

Ruf turbo

Porsche RUF turboMy new friend had a race-prepared turbo modified by Ruf engineering. And, was taking a 911 turbo to the limit. Everything was the best it could be, and it was a completely different car to what I was expecting. We climbed in and strapped our selves down. The radios, built into our helmets because this was the only way to have a conversation. First, he said “Everything OK Paul” and turned the key. What a noise and the whole car shook with the power as he blipped the throttle. We had not moved, but already the blood had started to pump through my veins!!!

Were off!

Porsche 911 turbo RUFWe started and moved onto the track, but it was the way the car drove that shook me. I felt like there was nothing between the road and myself. And the way the car moved just glued to the road. The performance was mind-blowing, and we went through corners that I still do not know how we did it.

My heart was pounding with the noise, the excitement, and the fear that we would not make it. The best part was driving down that last home straight at just over 200 Mph and making it back in one piece. I got out of the car, but my legs were like jelly. And I was trembling with the shock. But, it was the best experience ever because of the person who could drive!


Porsche 911 Turbo - Videos Make moneyWhen we had finished, I went to pick up my Porsche, got in, and drove away, but something seemed wrong, where was all the power? My car felt like it was not moving, and the brakes were still on. Then the corner appeared, and I spun three times with black smoke coming off the wheels (wished that someone had taken that picture)

After this experience, I sold my Porsche because I found it impossible to drive the same way as I had been driving it in Germany. Safety first, and from that point on, my driving changed. Now, I am many years older, wiser and get my fun helping in other ways.

One Boy Story

Porsche 911 turboBecause of my Love with Porsche, I am now friends with Dmitrij Juvko, who is a passionate Porsche enthusiast. From humble beginnings, Dima worked hard and smart, built up his character and turned his dreams into reality after buying his first Porsche at the age of 22. Being focused and quick on his feet, Dima ‘graduated’ from his first Porsche model, a 944, to a 987 Boxter, then a 997 4S, next, 911 SC, a Macan GTS, then a 911 Targa’77m and GT3 991 in the span of a few years.

Porsche 911 Carrera RS

Porsche 911 turbo

I have had a few trips with Dima, visited his workshops and have become friends over the past few months. And, just a couple of weeks ago got a call from Dima. The question asked was, would I like to see something special.

To which replied, I certainly would. And, five minutes later Dima arrived in a beautiful Porsche 911 Carrera RS made in 1991. I was in Love and got into the passenger seat and admired the beauty and condition of the interior. It was perfect in every way, and as we pulled away, I felt that I was at home. We drove for a few kilometres, and I felt how the car performed and how well it held the road—an imposing vehicle in every respect. 


Porsche 911 carrera

It was now my turn to take the wheel and feel for myself how the car handled. I selected the gear and just applied pressure to the throttle. Two seconds later, as the tach reached 6K, changed up and repeated the process. We ran out of the road and turned on to the main road. It was just pure power and a complete surge which passed in a few seconds. I would say breathtaking, but at the same time, a substantial and safe feel as I felt the car on the road through my body. It was a magnificent experience and can understand why a collector would want this car!

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