Audiophile Matrix S

Audiophile Matrix S Best audiophile cablesToday I am giving information about the Audiophile Matrix S range of cables. And I will include input from customers who have already experienced the results of the new lines. The Audiophile Matrix range began in the summer of 2021. However, I decided to update after it proved to be a successful audiophile cable. And, as a result, I introduced the Audiophile Matrix S range of audiophile cables in Autumn 2021.

Matrix S

The audiophile Matrix S cables are far superior in musicality and overall performance than the Matrix range of audio cables. And the difference in performance is easily heard. So what makes the Matrix S range so unique, and what did I do to increase performance?

Audiophile cable

The answer to the question is one of simplicity because I discovered a new cable. The new line, made in Poland, was undoubtedly a cut above the other cable used. The cable was solid core, high purity OFC. And offering a thickness of 17 AWG. The price of this cable was almost the same as I had been paying, but as it came from Poland, I could save on shipping costs. Thus, making it possible to provide a better cable for only a slight price increase.

The technique

After taking the new cable, I added my shielding techniques. And depending on the audio cable’s application fitted, the plugs as required for termination. The Audiophile Matrix S audio cables certainly have their look. And this look serves a purpose but is one never seen before in the audio world.

Cable Testing

The Audiophile Matrix S cables, tested using amplifiers and loudspeakers ranging from one thousand to over Forty thousand euros. Two different studios in Vilnius, Lithuania used for testing. And, In addition, customers with a wide range of audio systems in Canada. The results are at the bottom of this page.

The Matrix S ‘Singles’

Matrix S singles loudspeaker cableThe Matrix S ‘singles’ loudspeaker cables are a different way of making a loudspeaker cable, offering far better performance than you could ever think possible. And the Matrix ‘S’ Singles takes music to the next level.

The cables are allowing more hearing at the loudspeakers. And the music flows without restriction. The sound has become crystal clear and transparent. You are revealing new details and dynamics as never experienced. The Matrix ‘S’ singles loudspeaker cable comprises two independent cables within one external shielded construction. One line feeds the speaker’s positive side, and the second the speakers negative side. And, as a result, brings you a more outstanding listening experience, you do not have to listen to the music, because it just flows!

Matrix S Interconnect 

Matrix S RCA interconnectThe Matrix S RCA Interconnect is a step from the Matrix interconnect cable, offering superior dynamic performance. The line, designed to match perfectly with the Matrix S loudspeaker cable and Matrix S power cable.

The Matrix S Interconnect Cable performance reaches new levels. And offers a larger Sound-stage, greater depth and solidarity become apparent. The image positioning is razor-sharp with total transparency. And, as a result, you are aware of more detail and micro details. Bringing an even higher level of excitement to your listening experience! The Matrix S Interconnect cable sound is unique. Deep rich bass, warm and full middle range with outstanding high frequencies. The Matrix S RCA interconnect in a class of its own and must be auditioned.

Matrix S Power Cable

Reference S and Matrix Power CableThe Matrix power cable, fitted with the latest Industrial grade Rhodium plugs. Offer the solution for perfect contact. And provide a secure, uninterrupted connection. The pins are made for EU standards and meet all industrial tamper-proof specifications.

The power plug’s positive power side is coloured red marked with a red tag (for easier installation) and safety. And, before connecting the Matrix Power cable, use an electricians screwdriver to check cable polarity. The Matrix power cable provides a blacker background with an increased dynamic range. Also, improved bass response. The sound stage is vast, with imaging and focus razor-sharp. Also, the music becomes transparent, presenting greater detail and depth to the presentation. And, there is no bloom or boom. The bass is tight and lively, and the detail and micro details are incredible. The Matrix Stakes the performance a step further, giving just a bit more solidarity and dynamics to the music.

Matrix S Digital Cable

Matrix S digital cable

The Matrix S digital audio cable, dedicated to digital coaxial connection. And offers, High-quality shielding with over 97% coverage. Meaning, sensitive audio data is optimally protected from external interference. The digital music signal, precisely transmitted and perfectly adapted 75 ohms impedance (Low Jitter) construction. 

The Matrix S digital cable, optimised for digital signal transfer and use a silver-plated OFC high purity solid core conductor. An exact 75 Ohm signal path answers the demand for the precise tolerance needed for clocking and dealing with digital output. The result is an ultra-high-speed, low-loss cable specifically designed to deliver the best possible performance from today’s high-resolution digital audio sources. They may only be “ones” and “zeros”, but low impedance matching and an ‘impure’ cable dramatically impact the accuracy with signal speed and transfer from one device to another.

Matrix S network cable

CAT8 Ethernet Cable 'Matrix'The Matrix S CAT8 Network Cable, is a High-Speed cable, operating up to 4 times faster than a Cat6e Ethernet cable. And transmits 40 Gbps data, voice or audio/video through high-speed 40G equipment. Including network switches, modems, routers, adapters, hubs and patch panels. But, not only is the 40 Gbps data transfer speed four times that of Cat6a cable, it supports bandwidth up to 2 GHz (2000 MHz) for carrying information and streaming video with no lag.

The certificate of authenticity having the cable identification number is also included with the cable. And should be kept together in the folder provided in a safe place. Also, If you decide to sell your cable, the Documentation proves the cable is genuine and adds to resale value.

Matris S Subwoofer

Matrix S subwoofer cableThe Matrix S subwoofer cable is a reference cable. And, as Audiophiles, are interested in the best bass sound for their audio system this cable is perfect. A subwoofer is a loudspeaker designed to reproduce low-pitched audio frequencies known as bass/sub-bass. And lower in frequency than those which can be (optimally) generated by a woofer. The typical frequency range for a subwoofer is about 20–200 Hz for consumer products. And below 100 Hz for professional live sound. Also, below 80 Hz in THX-certified systems. Subwoofers are never used alone but intended to augment the low-frequency range of loudspeakers covering higher frequency bands.

Customer results

Hi Paul, I used the original matrix RCA interconnects in my system between my PS audio GCPH phono stage and Parasound 200 integrated amp. The sound was organic with great detail and extended beyond the boundary of my Harbeth P3 speakers. I put the latest Matrix S RCA interconnects in my system. But, was unprepared for the detail, tonal accuracy. Pinpoint placement of instruments and vocals. It was like the performers were right in my room. My wife inquired from another room what I had done. And she could swear that Ian Tyson was present. I have been experimenting with cables for over 30 years. In my opinion the Matrix S RCA interconnects are best sound FOR THE MONEY in today’s marketplace. My  system has power cables, digital cables, interconnects, and speaker cables. And sounds like a $20000 system rather than the $2500 I invested. Wayne, BC Canada

Hi Paul, and let me start by saying that my stereo system has never sounded better. My initial investment in the Matrix-S power cords was my first step. And a significant leap forward in sound fidelity. It would help if you gave your head a shake for those who thought power cords don’t make any difference because they don’t carry a musical signal. Trust your ears. The Matrix-S power cords made a massive difference in the music’s sound stage, detail, and depth. If you are using stock power cords that came with your equipment. also added the latest Matrix S interconnects and these take my system to another level. And are Highly recommended. Larry, BC, Canada

Two more results

I have just returned from a four-hour listening session at a friends apartment in Vilnius, Lithuania. And want to share information and lessons learned because it proved the power of a suitable audio cable once again. My story started when I met Antanas Šėmis in the summer of 2020. Antanas works with 3D modelling, and so needs a top of the line computer system. And it was in February 2021 when I discovered Antanas had a passion for audio. The thing is that once you get bitten by the audio bug, there is no stopping what will happen next. And as this story will show, it has taken a year to develop from the first bite to full-blown development – Antanas, Vilnius, Lithuania

I recently upgraded my hi-fi equipment to a Hegel H90 Integrated Amplifier and a pair of Dali Rubicon 6 floor standing speakers. Also, I bought an Arcam CDS50 CD/SACD player. We had purchased speaker cables from Paul previously and have been very happy with them. However, we saw the latest Matrix speaker cables and Matrix S interconnects cables. We had Pauls previous speaker cables, and a Nordost Blue Heaven set of interconnects. However, compared to what we heard from the new Matrix S cables, it was UNBELIEVABLE in quality and Clarity. Also, the Nordost cables sounded ‘thin’ by comparison to the Matrix cables. We can’t recommend Pauls cables and connectors more highly; Paul, keep up the great work – Joe Timmins Sydney Australia.

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