Cable burn really makes it

Cable burn-inCable burn really makes it. And It does not matter if the new cable is a Loudspeaker cable, an interconnect cable or a power cord. Audiophile cable loveEach cable one needs a certain amount of playing time before it warms up, so the listener can hear the correct sound. But there is a question asked by many audio enthusiasts – Does cable burn-in work, and does it make a difference?

Cable burn really makes it

A person spends a certain amount of money on an audio system and is very proud of the system. But often decides that he wants to make it sound better. This is normal and the system can sound better with good quality cables. And this is where the problem starts. When a customer goes to listen, the cables have been running for many hours. Also the audio system may have only been running for three months or even a year, so every part of the system is complex. The CD player, the amplifier, the Loudspeaker and the Interconnects and Loudspeaker cables and this is normal.

The time

We improve with age, as the saying goes. And I will tell you, time is also the requirement for a cable to improve. Also when a cable is first plugged in, it needs to be used twelve hours. And this will allow the cable to become accustomed to having signals passed through it. Also it will begin to sound better.

I have found from many years of listening to cables, there is another change after about twenty-four hours, and you can the changes much better. Also seven to ten days later is the next period when you will expect to hear even more changes in the audio system sound. 

After about two weeks the cables will be nearly as good as you can expect, but they do improve with age just like we do. And If you listen to an audio cable a year old and an audio cable a month old then yes, you can hear the difference. Depending on the type of cable and the manufacture of the cable, then a considerable difference heard.


With cables it is import to understand when a cable is used directionality not established. And the small impurities in the cable’s metal begin to act like a diode, favouring current flow in a particular direction. Also as the current continues, the signals passing through the metals improve.


When I supply cables we have already given the cables a three-day burn-in treatment and an antistatic treatment. And so the cables are ready for you to enjoy. Also It is import to remember that if ever you remove your cables they must be returned the same way. Cables have a direction arrow on the outer covering, but if not, you need to mark the cables yourself.

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