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Best value audiophile cables - My cables are here for youBest value audiophile cables. During my years working with audio equipment and Hi-End audio equipment, the question I am often asked is who makes the best value audiophile cables

The last fifteen years have shown us amazing progress in technology. The results have been the ability to produce goods and items that are more efficient and more accessible than ever before. Thanks to the latest research and developments we are now able to greatly improve our listening pleasure by changing the audio cables in our system


It was only a few years ago it was unheard of to pay more than a few dollars for a pair of loudspeaker cables or an interconnect cable or a power cord. These were unknown and unexplored items to the Hi-Fi enthusiasts. Many companies were, in fact, doing research and studies on all forms of cabling used in the audio field because they knew that this information had to be made known to the audiophile.


Do cables really matter? Well, this is another one of those questions that I am asked by a person who just wants to seem like he is totally in the know, and that I am just a person who does not really know a good cable from a hot shower. For me, it is easy to show the person who is questioning by a simple experiment which can be carried out in just s few minutes and in the safety of his own home


What do we do at the person house is something that I have done many times and in a few different countries. This clearly demonstrates how a cable really does matter. Let us first listen to the person’s Hi-Fi system and evaluate it. The first thing that we do is to remove the person’s power cord and replace it with a different power cord, which does not necessarily need to be at a high cost. We then we listen again to the system and a difference will be heard in every way that you can imagine and the difference can be in some cases can be quite dramatic.


This is very easy to demonstrate and the question is answered does a cable make a difference. The next step is to remove the persons interconnect cables and replace them with a pair of interconnects. Again these are not of a very high cost and then we listen again to the system. Once again there will be a difference in everything that is heard and again in some cases can be quite dramatic.

I always enjoy looking at the person’s face to see the expressions and again I wish that I had taken pictures of some of the expressions. I think it would have made a great stand-alone page. The last thing is to do the same with the speaker cables as this is the icing on the cake so to speak. Now the person has now witnessed in their own home the results of changing cables and can clearly answer the question and of course, can now say yes cables really do make a difference.


What are we talking about when we say difference and what sort of things do we hear. The first thing which becomes apparent is something we call “sound stage” and this simply means that the sound how appears to be much bigger and more around you. It is like you are in a theatre and are sitting at row number thirty and you have suddenly been moved up to row number four.

The next thing that becomes apparent is the vitality that is now in the music but at the same time the instruments seem to have more space around them and this is known, as “transparency” which I think is a beautiful term. After this, we are able to hear much more detail and very often we hear things that we never heard before,

And, this is like removing a blanket that was hung over the loudspeakers. This is a term known as “Detail”. The last thing that we can feel is that the music seems to have more life and energy to it and this is something known as “speed” because yes it now seems to be moving faster.

Best value 

The experiment has finished and it can be clearly seen, heard and felt that a cable really does make a difference to the sound but then the next question is well, who makes the best value cables and where can you get them. This is something that is just not that easy to answer because today a person has such a choice as the internet has many companies and many cables to pick from.

There are many companies who manufacture cables that will give the results I have described but it is only you and hearing the cables at your home with your system that can hear the difference the cables make to you.


The cost is a factor that only you are able to determine because you can listen to one power cord for example that has cost 100 USD. Then listen to another one that has cost 200 USD and the difference is very small. You can listen to a power cord that costs 300 USD you will say wow that is for me. The same for the interconnects and loudspeaker cables.

There is no point in spending hundreds of dollars on cables unless you really have a very expensive system. If you have an expensive system then your supplier should have introduced to the benefits of using a better quality cable in the first place.


You have to understand that cables are an integrated part of the system. What is expensive and what is not expensive again is something that only you can decide. I will tell you that if you are paying 5000 USD for an amplifier then you should be paying 500 USD for a power cord and not be using the 25 USD power cord that came with your amplifier.

If you think that 500 USD is too much to pay well then you are really missing so much from your music. I would suggest that you contact a company and ask to try out a power cord or a pair of interconnects or loudspeaker cables for yourself,  just hear what you have been missing! Best value audiophile cables

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