Audiophile Interconnect AIR review

Audiophile Interconnect AIR reviewToday, I am testing the new Interconnect ‘AIR’ cable, from Perkune Audiophile cables. And I will say it has been a great experience in many respects. Over the past two years, I’ve had the pleasure of testing a wide selection of audio cables from Perkune. And performance of their cables is always positive, as they continually are able to improve the sound produced at the loudspeakers. And I am happy to write this Audiophile Interconnect AIR review.

Matrix ‘AIR’ Interconnect cable

The Matrix Air is a great looking cable, having excellent flexibility and also an interesting feel. I say this by the way in which the cables outer covering intrigues me. And here I will say I really like it. Perkune always seems to have something new or different to offer with their cables making it always interesting to test. The interconnect tested is 1.5 meters in length, and fitted with Gold-plated 24k Gold connections. And covered by a black Anti-static felt tape.

Amplifier used


For testing the Audiophile interconnect AIR, again had the pleasure of using the Rotel Michi X3 Series 2 audiophile Integrated Amplifier. I had previously tested this amplifier in June 2023 and was once again impressed by the amplifiers ability to provide accurate and detailed audio information. And at the same time offering a wide soundstage with amazing details and thereby providing a great listening experience. Audiophile Interconnect AIR review.

Loudspeakers Jade 20


The loudspeakers used in the testing are provided by Pylon audio based in Poland, and I just love these loud-speakers. Pylon audio, offer loudspeakers of the highest quality, which accurately and precisely ensure that products you purchase are perfect. And the high quality offered is proven by awards, audio information, and the highest ratings the products receive in reviews.
Cable testing

For audio cable testing I used a selection covering all types of music, and lasting g about three hours. The first piece of music used was Diana Krall’s ‘Temptation’, and I must say the music had a unique depth and transparency. The tones were beautiful, and I heard details and micro-details I had never noticed. The sound was vibrant and colourful and felt like the music was coming to life. The interconnect cable were certainly able to bring every details from Dianas lips to the loudspeakers, and I think that nothing was left behind.

The ‘Vanishing of Peter Strong’, performed by my favourite band was just another step up the ladder. And I was we completely immersed in the experience, and again hearing things I never heard before. The music was so powerful and at the same time so smooth, and again a step up the ladder. The sound was all around, and was as if the music had come to life and was trying to pull me into Peter strong’s world. Audiophile Interconnect AIR review


The cable testing held at Garso Namai, Kauno g. 31, 03215 Vilnius, Lithuania. Tel (8-690) 22322, and always a pleasure to test in their facilities.


I will never forget this latest experience as I always have fun and drinking great coffee. Also, I am amazed at how the music improved. From the lows to the highs and I always wonder, how can a cable impact the sound heard at the loudspeakers in such a way. A truly immersive listening experience and I highly recommend the Matrix Interconnect AIR cable to any and every audio enthusiast.

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  • Author: Tommy Blinder, music producer, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Dated: 02/10/2023

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