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Home cinema setupHome cinema setup. And, our latest project at Hollywood Amps was a media room set up for a good friend. The room could achieve greatness, but a previous setup using components from a “big box” store left much uncertainty. And, after much deliberation, my friend stated, that carefully selected components could produce the results of an actual movie theatre in the home. Home cinema setup

Cinema setup

Home cinema setupAfter reading glowing reviews, we asked Earthquake Sound to provide two of its Cinenova Grande 7 power amplifiers for the Atmos 7.1.4 theatre setup. The Cinénova 7 is built in the USA, not overseas. Secondly, it does not draw much power at idle, so it is a “Green” product.

Third, rated into 2 ohms so that it will drive electrostatic speakers with ease. (The vast power supply that allows it to work into 2 ohms is the main reason this amplifier is more expensive than most other seven-channel amplifiers that have similar power output.) Each of the seven channels is an independent module with its power supply capacitors. There are two large toroidal transformers with separate secondary windings for each channel. Each amplifier module has eight output devices. Home cinema setup

Home cinema connectionsThe rear panel has all seven modules laid out, with the connections and switches for each module in a vertical array. Each module has an RCA unbalanced input. XLR balanced input, a control to select the RCA or XLR input. An input sensitivity dial (to adjust the input signal level to have enough room on your processor volume control to make fine adjustments) and five-way speaker binding posts. The right side has a trigger and grounded AC socket. My friend wanted a statement piece for the pre-amp, and the new Macintosh MX123 pre-pro had the looks, performance, and ease of use he wanted. Home cinema setup


Home cinema subwooferMoving on to speakers, we suggested a fantastic pair of Talon Falcon C speakers for the left and right. Due to space limitations, B&W chosen for the centre channel. It was then time for the sub and enlisted the help of Paul Goodwin of Perkune Audiophile Cables.

Paul agreed the Velodyne DD-18 was an excellent sub. My friend asked if Perkune could come onboard to supply the left, right, centre and sub speaker cables. Before long, a care package from Perkune Audiophile Cables made its way across the Atlantic to the United States. And, inside the flight case were Paul’s suggestions. A pair of Perkune reference speaker cables, a reference LFE subwoofer cable and a reference cable for the centre channel.

DD-18 EQ

Home cinema setupThe DD-18+’s Digital Drive Plus equalisation and room-optimization software is compatible with the Windows XP and seven operating systems. For example—Self EQ, Auto EQ, or Manual EQ—all selected via Windows Interface Setup Software on the owner’s PC (see Sidebar “Velodyne’s Windows Setup Program for the DD-18+”). One of the room-optimization routines run during installation. Alternatively, the user can calibrate and fine-tune the DD-18+’s response by connecting it to a TV screen and using the Velodyne’s remote pointed at the subwoofer. And are working in a highly efficient manner to control the system. Home cinema setup


Whether one meter interconnects or an eight-meter run of speaker cables (as was the case with this install), I knew I could count on Perkune Audiophile Cables for an expert product that met my demanding expectations. What I like about Perkune reference cables is their ability to bring out all that a soundtrack has to offer. That was especially important for this install, which my friend would be running Atmos and the latest surround sound codecs. The front three speakers in a theatre room delivery 80% of the content.

Reference speaker cableTo get that content from the hefty Cinenova Grande power amplifiers to the speakers, we trusted only Perkune Audiophile Cables. We have dealt with Paul on several occasions and are more than satisfied. And, Perkune reference cables were simply a joy to work with, and the spades/bananas looked great and guaranteed no headaches, as can sometimes happen when dealing with non-standard binding posts. And, now with 20 or so feature films played through the Perkune reference cables, my friend and I are delighted with the decision to go with Paul Goodwin’s lines for the media room. Perhaps my friend, the media room owner, said it best. “This sounds like I am in a movie theatre, but it’s a room in my house. It’s incredible how good it sounds.” Home cinema setup


Some people spend all their budget on pre-amps, amps, and speakers. I’m here to tell you the signal-path chain can make an average system sound tremendous and a great system glorious. And, I will say, “You can count on Perkune Cables to bring your home theatre system (and your two-channel system) to a level that always brings a smile to your face and your ears”. Hollywood Amps trusts Paul Goodwin’s cables, and you will, too.

Author: Christopher R. Phillip Founder, Thrust Magazine and Hollywood Amps Clearwater, Florida, USA.

Date: February 17th, 2021.

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