Audiophile Bi-wired adapters

Audiophile Bi-wired adaptor cables
Audiophile Bi-wired adapter


Audiophile Bi-wired adapters. What to do when the speaker is a single cable, terminated by two plugs (banana, forks, pins). And the speaker has up to two pairs of speaker terminals? The most common, simplest and cheapest solution is to install plaques bridge connecting each of the two pairs of terminals. 

So many companies are progressing speaker factory equipping speakers in the invention. Another remedy, already more sophisticated, is the use of so-called. jumpers speaker wires or fragments. And fitted with plugs/fork – and through the respective pairs of connection terminals “plus” and “minus”. They do some of what’s better – but rather their more expensive constructions speaker.

(Surely any, the solution has a beneficial effect on the ultimate sound system – he is convinced about this a long time ago. Using in place of the usual plaques jumpers Sevenrods company with silver plugs). The advantages and disadvantages of such a process.

Loudspeakers Audiophile Bi-wired adapters

My column Living Voice Auditorium R3 are constructed in such a way that they have two pairs of mounted speaker terminals in each rear cavity boxes. However noble the English manufacturer did not provide him with any plaques or the more cables normally open (ie. Jumpers). The buyer must cope on their own.

The easiest, but not a cheap option, there are obviously so. Speaker cables bi-wire or twin hoses with the four pins on each side of the cable. But what to do when these wires can not be connected to the amplifier, because this has only a single speaker tap? Here comes the big problem.

You can make use the following solution – dual wire (bi-wire) from the composite amplifier (twisted) to two plugs, and the speaker – already a classic – four plugs for four terminals. There are some combinations and frills.

Therefore I use my column Living Voice Auditorium R3 classic single wires (usually these are XLO Ultra plus U6-10) and jumpers speaker Sevenrods. However, this is not the perfect antidote. Because the cavity of the terminals in the columns of Living Voice is narrow and small. And nuts terminals are quite shabby – few “audiophile”, gently writing.

And it’s not in the columns for 500 PLN, but for about 20 000 PLN! So when my colleague from Lithuania, Mr Paul Goodwin, informed me that he was adding the Audiophile Bi-wired adaptor cables, my joy knew no bounds!

These adapters are a kind of fork in a two-wire cable single conductor. The one part is a socket into which is plugged the banana plug speaker cable. On the other, this cable splits (with splitter) for two – each completed banana plugs. In this way, two single wires can be connected seamlessly to the speaker terminals double columns. Simple and brilliant!

Audiophile collars used to prevent soldering
Collars to prevent soldering
Aluminium foil used as shielding
Aluminium sheathing

According to Paul Goodwin, the cable adapters are constructed in the same way as the Extreme series of cables from Perkune. 24-carat gold-plated collars (for distributing the cables). For these double-screwed connections with completed 24-carat gold banana plugs.

The reason for the use of screw connections is to eliminate the need for soldering, which ensures the integrity of the audio signal and allows you to “hear more music.”

The use of aluminium foil brings better sound insulation and helps to eliminate unwanted noise sources. And also improve protection against heat and moisture. Paul justifies the presence of aluminium foil in the following way:

The ability of sound absorption by aluminium foil allows you to receive unwanted noise directly at the source and prevent its further spread. The aluminium foil provides the effect of 85% as a noise insulator. This means that only 15% of the corresponding sound passes through it and is an ideal component for use in audio cables. ”

The cables are wrapped in aluminium foil (which is a dielectric first line). Subsequent duplex Corporate solution AirGap provides isolation from external interference and vibration. Left sides of a normal speaker cable connected to the converter bi-wire. the right side of a normal speaker cable is connected to the converter bi-wire. Two-wire cable conversion provides a quick and easy way to convert a two-wire speaker cable to the four-wire bi-wire.

Results Audiophile Bi-wired adapters

Finally, a few words about the sound. Each additional interference with components in the audio path frequently brings destructive effects. Therefore, it is important those interference do as little as possible. And, they are the least burdensome.

as I wrote, plaques (jumpers) speaker than I use that for many years – they always brought a deterioration of sound. Until now I’ve always used jumpers speaker, knowing that they are harmful to keep sound than conventional plaque.

However, the use of adapters bi-wire speaker Perkune Audiophile Cables Company (in place of jumpers) made the sound became clearer and more extensive than in the case of jumpers.

Of course, this is not a big change, but significant and noticeable. It sounds like gained more substance and credibility. He became a tad more dociążony and importantly – more resolved.

The fact that Perkune adapters are not cheap, because the cost about 1 600 PLN per set, but on balance (ie the balance of gains and losses in the system hi-fi) are reasonable and complementary choice. With me are permanent!

Audiophile Bi-wired adaptors connected to stereo speaker cable;e
Adapters with speaker cables
Adaptors connect to speaker
Living Voice Auditorium R3

Author – Ludwig Hegel (February 12th, 2019) – Underground 

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