Best Audiophile cables results

Best audiophile cable resultsI introduced a power cable in March 2023 named the Matrix PRO. And yes already have some good feed back and would like to share with you. So I have written this blog called  the Best Audiophile cables results.

Best audiophile cables

Hi Paul, just want to thank you for making such a great PC 😊 Yesterday evening I had one of my best hifi experiences ever. It was goosebump after goosebump.What did I do? I connected a very good PC from 3DAudio to my PS Audio Detect power distributor. Then I used your purple PC for the PSU for my Matrix AUDIO USB card. That I could hear.Crazy that a better PC on a LPSU for USB card in computer can make a difference.  Another factor for the awesome sound must be break-in for the PRO PC. And maybe the electricity gods were with me. I will write ✍️ a review for your site later Anyway, your PC has made my system god like 😍 And yet again, just how much a PC can alter the sound. Regards Martin, Denmark

Hello Paul, and just want to share with you my impression with the Matrix PRO power cable. The cable gives my system a really beautiful smooth sound, which is the best I have experienced. I tried the cable with all my components, and decided the best combination was the reference PRO in the amp, and the Matrix PRO in my DAC. So once again many thanks to you and your cables. Ardrius, Lithuania

Hey Paul, and this power cord replaced my previous Perkune reference on my Amplifier, which is kinda of a big power amp. But love the sound and wanting the most out of it, I did notice it was a bit constraint on the output of power. It has the 300 into 4 ohm to deliver to my Vienna acoustics BCG reference. And Here is where the Matrix pro power cord comes in, because it has the current to deliver the full amount of power and the results are a totally transformation of the presentation.

It took about a full week or approximately 170 hours for the cable to break in and settle. But suspect that the cable has more to give with even more time. And the first thing I will mention, is how just how large the sound grew! It literally expended the soundstage beyond my speakers to both in width and height! Some details where so far beyond to the side, I didn’t think it was physical possible! 

The clarity is also in a league of its own! – Never did I expected to hear such clarity from just replacing one power cord!! Also, gave me the immersion like nothing else I ever heard before!  Especially on instrumental music. Being “GoGo Penguin” or similar. Filling my whole room with ambiance with ease! Not only that, but bringing the current in that way, also drives the energy up! 
It really effects the rhythm and pace, making it the music  SO immediate on the transitions.! Like it breathes new life into my sound system! Loving it! 
The clarity on the vocals is the second thing I have to mention! – because is  beyond what I believed was possible. The level of details, delivers you the  performers right into your living room!! And I now hear details in the way they sing I couldn’t before, and all this is just absolutely mind-boggling what Perkune cables is capable of bring forth in  a audio cable. 
This is the best audio cable I ever experienced,  and I  still can’t get my head around how this is possible, Paul. And still The Matrix pro cable keep giving, the more I listen to it. Such a new dimensional space listening to my music now, some tracks are so different from what I’m used to. But What A beautiful experience to have. Best from Eirik, Norway

Hi Paul, and I Hope you are having a great Saturday! And have been listening to the new Matrix Pro PC, and boy does it change things! Just you think the sound can’t get any better, this new power cable proves otherwise. So much more energy! Like it’s breathing fresh clean air into my music. The sound as whole, seems to  just grown larger, and the  vocals appears more forward and cleaner. The details  just springs to life! As for the bass, now heavy and has that of a punchy energy! 

This effects also the rhythm and pace in the music, making it more alive and immediate. WOW! Instruments like strings, sounds so alive and inviting, im blown away by what now hearing. The fun level just got a real kick, and this goes to show what a Perkune Power Cable can achieve!! And this only after 3 some hours, Paul?!  I must admit that, I need more time to really get the full story of this. Been one amazing session today! Unfortunately I need to go to work now, but Im not finished reviewing this Power cord. Hi Paul and a week has gone by and have to say this new Matrix PRO cable is Amazing, and what a treat is to experience this kind of level of performance in any level of audio equipment and just blown away. But I thought I would try it on my plasma just for fun and the picture is better – yes. Better colours and cleaner image and higher sound quality! Stef, Latvia


Hello Paul ,and happy to share my results about your latest Matrix Pro PC. I Used the PC from the wall socket to my amplifier. As I do not use any conditioners and stuff like that. I was using the Audioquest PC but instantly heard and felt a new sound, which was different. And this new sound I LOVE.

The first thing to say is the sound stage is much bigger. Also everything is more transparent and seems to have more life and energy than before. The bass is better in so much I feel a great depth and a fuller sound. All this is so alive and active but at the same time it is oh so smooth and the music just flows from the speakers. I think this is definitely the best PC I have used and it is doing more than any of the others. So I will replace another PC and see the results very soon. Richardas, Kaunas, Lithuania

Hi Paul and I did finally get more time to get in some listening on the matrix pro power cable. Overall bass was very accurate to the source, it had detail, accuracy and texture. Midrange was exceptionally clean. This is really toe tapping stuff here not just from myself but my friend too. I still have more critical listening to do over the next week or so. Now it has been about a month and has to say amazed at how the timber of the cable has changed. 
The cable allows the sound to be revealed as a much smoother and more interesting performance. Soundstage has really opened up and similar to wearing a pair of headphones. The Bass goes through floor – that how it feels and it seems like the depth will never be reached. The transparency and clarity is just astonishing and never heard anything as good as this before. What an absolute please this cable is and now my feet hurt with all the tow tapping – Graham, Edmonton, Canada
Hello Paul, And I am still in shock at the difference this new Matrix PRO PC has made to my sound. I was running the Matrix black, and though was the best my system could be. But when I saw you had an upgrade I just had to try. And my god, I am so glad that I did. Now I am in another league and hearing things I never heard before.
Everything about the sound is better and the transparency is mind blowing, And such clarity I never thought possible. Also, there is much more body, and a richer fuller musical sound. Your cables are great but now, even better than a year ago. Thank you for this wonderful experience, Antanas, Vilnius, Lithuania.
Hi Paul, I have listened to your Matrix PRO cable now for some time in different settings. And my conclusion thus far –
Tonality on par with other cables. Clarity above par or on par with its equals from TQ and AN. And It depends on the position. Rhythm and pace is on par. 3D / depth is good, but AN ISIS wins. 
TQ and Audio Note are different cables with different presentations. 
The expensive TQ cables it can’t beat. When i put it against the TQ statement it cant deliver on thickness. But when put against TQ Silver Diamond, Silver or Ultra Black power cords it out performs.. On some spots i like your cable on on others the TQ or AN.
I have it now running on a Merason DAC1. There the TQ silver Diamond was not performing its best. And your cable brought it more to life. 
I think overall its a great sounding cable that is good price. Now I have to check the two cables from you on the source. For now enough testing. And I can say that i am overall very satisfied with your cable. Regards Richard, Den Haag, Holland.

Hi paul, and now having spent time with this matrix Pro power cord. Here are my impressions. Firstly, I am very impressed by the separation of instruments and singers, Because they all piped out of a dark background. I am also, very much a focused midrange guy. And there is so much beautiful detail and naturalness that I was very happy with. Also, next was the bass and no issues for me. As everything was nicely controlled and more profound than the Matrix Black cable. It seems like this cable brings me a another step higher up the ladder which, is what it is all about. Ans very please with everything. Regards, Conner, Warsaw, Poland.

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