Audiophile cable love

Audiophile cable love - AirDream Copper cable with spadesAudiophile cable love. The picture is an audiophile four-meter loudspeaker cables. The latest cable (as I write) produced and has emerged because of a customer request. It is the customer’s feedback, interaction communication and requests that keep things alive at Perkune!

Audiophile cable love

The cable has been packed and is ready to be sealed and shipped, but if you could realise the love and attention to detail, shown when packing, then you could understand how much love put into making this cable. Love is lovely and has so much power in what we do.

The Audiophile

An audiophile is a person, who in my opinion, loves what they do in every sense of the word. Many of my friends are audiophiles, and this is their passion, but sometimes power can get in the way of life.

It has happened that audio put in front of the family. And, has caused severe problems within the family.  It is always a problem when a person loves what they do and become involved to be able to take time out and listen to what others are saying but this is all part of life’s learning curve.


The majority of people have a passion for doing something, which is called a hobby. And, can involve other people such as in Kung Fu, wrestling, or running. And, can include animals in the way of Hunting, training, competition. It can consist of dressmaking, archery, and bowling. There are just so many ways in which we can become involved with something that we like, and later we grow to love.

As we become more involved in our hobby, our passion grows, and so we become more proficient at what we are doing. Our pursuit can lead us into something that turns out to be much more than a hobby. We can find many stories of people who started with turning their hobby into a business and became a huge success, and this is because the person simply loved what he or she did.

The beginning

An Audiophile cable, how can a person love a cable? Good question and let me explain because I can fully understand being an audiophile myself. An audiophile cable is there is enable you to hear the music. That is it plain and simple, but how you hear and to what level of sonic quality is another story. If your audiophile cable is just a standard quality cable, then you will be happy with the result I know because you have never really experienced anything better.

If one day a person comes along and gives you a set of right quality cables and you hear the difference you will then say wow I love the sound now from my system and yes I love these cables. Then you take it a step further, and you decide to upgrade to a perfect set of cables, and then you hear the difference in the sound you will say that you now are completely in love with these cables.


The Audiophile cable is there to help you get the most out of your music. Your system will only sound as good as the weakest link, and I know from my experience that the weakest link is always the cables. The way a cable made depends on the manufacturing process. And, this is again dependent on the quality of the construction of the cable.

What is the cable made of and how pure are the components. How is the cable terminated and who supplies the terminations. How much attention to detail the person who is making the cable gives? Is the cable machine-made or is the cable hand made and does the person love what they are doing?


I love being an audiophile, and I do love what I do, and I hope that any person reading this will be able one day to hear what their system can sound like by the use of adding right quality cables. The person will then love their cables in just the way that I love my Audiophile cable.

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