Audiophile weakest link

Audiophile weakest linkWhat is the audiophile weakest link? The audiophile weakest link is quite simply the weakest link in the chain of audiophile components. And these components joined together with audio cables. The audio cables can be analogue, digital, optical, USB, to name but a few. And cables constructed to specific standards, such as consumer, Hi-Fi or High-End.

Weakest link

The weakest link as defined by Wikipedia ” Weakest Link (also referred to as The Weakest Link) is a British television quiz show, mainly broadcast on BBC Two and BBC One, as well as Challenge. It was devised by Fintan Coyle and Cathy Dunning and developed for television by the BBC Entertainment Department. The game begins with a team of nine contestants, who take turns answering general knowledge questions within a time limit to create chains of nine correct answers in a row. At the end of each round, the players then vote one contestant, “the weakest link”, out of the game. After two players are left, they play in a head-to-head penalty shootout format, with five questions asked to each contestant in turn, to determine the winner. audiophile weakest link


The point at which a system, sequence, or organization is most vulnerable; the least dependable element or member. audiophile weakest link

  • ‘The replacement goalkeeper proved to be the team’s weakest link’,
  • ‘This vulnerability may be the weakest link in the system as a whole given the rapid rate of automation in the industry over the last decade.
  • “The user might often be the weakest link in the system.
  • “Many contractors we work with believe that their marketing and sales efforts are the weakest links in their organizations.
  • “A facility’s electrical system is only as reliable as the weakest link in the system.
  • “The suspicion that you are the weakest link can add a lot of pressure to a team member.
  • “Before him, goalkeeping was usually considered the weakest link in the team.
  • “Davis sees the country as the weakest link in the struggle against organized crime in the region.’
  • “But it may prove to be the most important and yet the weakest link in the coalition against terrorism. audiophile weakest link
  • “The security of any single organization is only as strong as that of the weakest link in the chain, no matter how large or small.
  • “The villains are probably the weakest link in the film.’
School days

Audiophile weakest linkWhen I attended school (many years ago), the weakest link was straightforward to understand. The teacher said, “Imagine a bicycle chain, and the links connecting the chain”. And continued with, “If just one link became damaged or corroded, the chain would not function correctly and could even snap”. audiophile weakest link

Audio  components

TRIANGLE BOREA BR03I want to substitute bicycle links for audio components. And introduce an Audiophile into the scheme of things. I want to tell you, an audiophile is a person who is involved with audio for many years. The person gained tremendous knowledge and experience and knew the excellent sound, good sound, and terrible sound. And his word has more weight than most.

The Audiophile knows that an audio system will only sound as good as the worst component (or link in the chain) in the system. And, this is fact. Many people (just starting their audio journey) spent hours trying to understand what is wrong. Because the system just does not sound as expected. Wasting time, and missing the whole point of what the real problem is. 

The only problem is the weakest link. And I wish to explain just what the Audiophile weakest link is. Imagine the person has a straightforward design—Computer, amplifier, and loudspeakers. Each component is costing around 500 Euros. But, here comes what everyone either forgot or unknowing. The Computer needs a power cable, the amplifier needs a power cable, and the speakers need speaker cables. audiophile weakest link

New Links

Sound Blaster AE-9And, now we look at these new links. First, the Computer supplied with a power cable costing five euros. And, the amplifier with a power cable costing about ten euros. Finally, the speaker cables cost about 20 euros and generally two meters in length. And how will the system sound, and what is the weakest link? Last week I wrote an article called ‘Dali loudspeakers and Scott amplifier’, which shows the Audiophile weakest link and its correction. And, in every case, the Audiophile weakest link proved to be an audio cable. The 500 Euro system declined in performance and did not sound as good as it could.


The Best power cableThe audio cables are always forgotten or not even considered as fundamental components in the audio chain. And, I want you to understand just how necessary the audio cables are. So, why does an audio company spend hundreds of thousands of euros in researching audio cables? Just for something to do and keep their staff busy. Or, do they have a valid point and know what they are doing? And the answer is they do know what they are doing and why they are doing it – to improve the quality of the sound heard in your audio system!

Dependable element

Audiophile weakest link

Audiophile weakest link as stated earlier – The point at which a system, sequence, or organization is most vulnerable; the least dependable element or member. And I think the least reliable component of the audio system is the power cable. And I decided to make a power cable that is dependable and helps to improve the overall system performance. So why did I consider a power cable is the weakest link in an audio system? A good question and quickly answered. My audiophile journey began about nineteen years ago when I wanted to buy a DVD player – read more.

So if you have read the article, you will understand my reason behind the weakest link! And, I am saying it is a combination of many things that reduce the sound your system can produce.


How to improve your soundAs with everything, a person always wants the best from what they have. And it has become my passion for meeting and working with audiophiles, helping them improve their sound. And more straightforward than you think. Because right from the start, the position of speakers can make a difference. I have a section on my website entitled system set up, which gives you a basic idea of what to do. Read more.


When the loudspeakers are correct, you can begin to find the weakest link in your system. And, not always as easy as you think because it all comes down to the quality of components and cables utilized. Question-is a fifty Euro cable as good as a five hundred Euro cable? And a five hundred Euro cables as good as a one thousand Euro cable. Yes, no, maybe? Well, there is only one way to find out. You and you alone must try everything for yourself. And step by step, you will find the Audiophile weakest link. After which, you will find the next one and end up with a beautiful sounding audio system. And, if you need help, I am only an email away!

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