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Vinyl sound better?

How to make your Vinyl better?How to make your Vinyl sound better. Old or new, crackles or scratches it does not matter because the sound from Vinyl is the best. But, How to make your Vinyl better? After the post that I wrote a couple of days ago, one of my terrific friends said to me: And why don’t you tell people how they can make their Vinyl sound much better. The way is just by using cables and cords, and I said yes. And that is an excellent idea and so I am writing.

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Vinyl sounds beautiful

Vinyl sounds beautifulTo hear the Vinyl sounds’ coming to you from the other room makes your heart race. The smell from a Vinyl, as you remove it from its sleeve makes you sigh because Vinyl sounds beautiful. The feel of the vinyl, as you place it on the turntable is something that not easily forgotten. One of my friends just returned from America and invited me to his house to listen to his system. Now, with the addition of a new tube amplifier. He wanted me to hear his Vinyl sounds beautiful – or so I thought! Continue reading Vinyl sounds beautiful