Ferrari is the best

ferrariFerrari is the best. It was 1970, and I lived in the United Kingdom in a small village called Acle. And was always messing around with cars. I just loved them (as most of us did in those days). Also a friend of mine owned the village garage, and so was always helping him. And doing things to the cars he had.

Ferrari is the best

One day my friend John called me on the telephone and asked if I was coming over because he wanted to show me something interesting. And so we met at the garage and then drove out to visit his friend, who was a farmer. John would not tell me what we were going to see and just kept saying be patient. And so I met his friend who took us to the barn. The barn was full of tractors but at the end was a car under a tarp. And so the farmer took the cover off the car, and it was a Ferrari 330GT in Red with blue leather interior.

I just stood there speechless, and completely in shock. And the farmer went to get a set of jump leads and connected his truck to the Ferrari. Meanwhile John has turned the engine over using a spanner on the pulley. Also, primed the carbs with petrol and the fuel pump. The farmer revved his truck, and John turned the keys, and to my surprise, the Ferrari spluttered into life and what a fantastic sound coming from the exhaust!.

The change

color changeThe Ferrari was just amazing, and we took it out for a quick spin around the country lanes. And then back to the farmer to find out what he would accept for the Ferrari. The next day we went to pick up the Ferrari and brought it back to Johns garage for inspection. And we made a list up of things needed to make it ready to pass the MOT test. Also I decided that I wanted to give the car a colour change. 

John told me not to change the colour because a Ferrari must be red and not blue. And said it was my car and he would help. While we waited for the spares to arrive from London, I got out the wet and dry paper and started to rub-down the Ferrari in preparation for the respray. And took much longer than I expected because it had to be perfect. But as you can see from the picture it turned out beautiful.

I ran the 330GT for about six months and had so much fun with it. I felt like the lord of Acle every time I drove and the sound was music to my ears. The Ferrari would reach 155 miles an hour without any problems, and was stable and smooth. Also I will always remember this as long as I live. 


308GTBA few years passed, and it was now the eighties. And I had taken a position with a new company just starting in the oil and gas industry, and excited to move over to the other side of the world to Canada. I was living in Alberta, Canada but I still had the passion for Ferrari and so decided I would look for something, because I was tired of driving the company truck around. And I found this beautiful Ferrari 308 GTB in perfect condition with only 12,000 Klms on the speedo. The Ferrari had full history, and was an excellent find. And I decided to do some work to it and changed all the electronics and cables, gaining myself another 35 BHP, which made quite a difference. I also had some work done to the engine and in the evening the exhausts would glow red with the power the engine produced.

Road trip

road blockI was a member of the corvette club in Canada, and was a great group of guys all about their corvettes. And some were so fast it was just amazing to see them in action. Also, I was welcomed to the corvette club even though I did not have a corvette. Because they all thought it was great to have a blue Ferrari in the club. We had decided to go on a road trip, and this would be a ten-day event. And as we all had CB’s in the cars could talk to each other, which was fun. And the plan was to drive from Canada to Mexico down the coast route and then travel back through Houston. The trip was amazing with so many stories, but I will tell you one.

I decided to test my Ferrari  to see how fast it would go. And I did this on a tranquil stretch of road, and some of the guys were in front a few miles ahead watching for traffic. The coast was clear, so it was pedal to the metal and off I went. But, I did not know there was a helicopter on patrol! I was showing 168 MPH, and I got a call on the CB to tell me that a police car was heading my way, so I slowed down to average speed. And after thirty minutes I hear a siren behind me and pulled over. A police car came from the back and also another from the front.

I got out, the first RCMP guys said to me, do you know how fast you were going? I looked at them both and said I was not sure. Because I had done some work on the engine and wanted to see how it performed. And at that point, they both became interested in what I had done to the car and could they have a look. The RCMP guys were great, and so they both had a drive. And also posed for pictures, and said it was all in a days work. 


dinoIt was a few years later, and I was living in Odense, Denmark and what a beautiful place it is. And I had become friendly with many people and was a member of the Danish Ferrari group. I was loving my Dino 246GT which was like new having only 5,286 miles on the clock. And I attended events and meetings. Also, made a trip to Nurburgring and attended a three-day event. Which included learning how to go around the track without coming off.

Everything sounds easy but at speeds of up to 200 MPH takes a bit of getting used too. And there is one thing that I love about a Ferrari, and that is the sound of the V12 engine. Also, when it is ticking over or whether it is on full song because it is a fantastic sound.

Ferrari 365 GTC

365 GTC

I was able to upgrade to a beautiful 365 GTC. And, it was one of the best sounding Ferraris I ever owned. And I owned  seven Ferraris over the years. From the Dino 246 GT right up to the Testarossa. And they all have their appeal and are all very different, having personality. I want to say Ferrari is a fantastic machine. And I have had so much fun in Ferraris over the years!

What does this have to do with my audio cables? Well, it is all to do with sound. And the noise as my life has been filled with different sounds and different noises. Also I have learned to adjust the carbs by just listen to the amount of suction, and so my listen senses are very acute. And, this is why I can make by cables make your audio system sound as it should!

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