Burn-in for audio cables

Burn-in for audio cablesBurn-in for cables. Well, I ask, is it fact or fiction? But, I will say, yes there is a burn-in period for all types of audio cables. I would also like to add, there is also a burn-in or break-in period for anything having electrical components. But as with everything you have to try for your self. And, you will hear the difference after only a few days. This is not fiction and Burn-in is essential.

 How do you hear?

Let me first tell you that not all people hear the same. Some people suffer from hearing deficiencies or have hearing loss at certain frequencies. This is caused by working in high noise areas or as a result of an injury during their life. There are also things like wax build-up and fluid build-up in the ears. And It might just be the case that a person does not hear the difference between a new cable and a cable which has been “burned” in.

I can only tell you what I know from my last fifteen years of experience with cables. Cables of all sizes and kinds, from the very expensive 10,000 USD cables down to the modest 50 USD cables and yes they all need to be “Burned” in to give you the sound they were intended to give.

Power cord

Power cord – This very easy to do because as all you have to do is plug the cable into the mains power outlet and leave it there. Switch on your CD player T/T and your amplifier and let it play for 24 hours. This is the initial period to actually hear a difference and then you will hear another change after about a week of constant use and then again after about a month of constant use. It is always interesting to go back to the untreated power cord and plug it in just to compare with the burned in a power cord. By doing this, you will really be surprised how the sound has changed over the past few days and weeks.


How to burn in a pair of Interconnect cables – Again this is very easy to do because all you have to do is connect the interconnects from your source (CD player/Turntable/DVD player/DAC/media player) and plug the other end into your Amplifier and follow the same procedure as for the power cord. One thing to remember is that once you have connected your cables they must stay in the same direction. It is best to mark the direction with tape if they are not marked by the manufacturer. It is also a good idea to remove the cables for a clean every three months to help remove the static build-up and also static build-up from the connections.

Speaker cable

How to burn in a pair of Loudspeaker cablesAgain very easy as you simply do the same thing as for the other cables. You just connect your amplifier out terminals to the loudspeaker in terminals and follow the same procedure as above. It is also very important to mark which way the cables go (direction of flow) because they must be replaced in the same direction. Again it is advisable to remove the cables for an antistatic spray and terminal clean every two to three months to remove microscopic build up which has occurred on the terminals.


It is very important for you to understand the reality of cable Burn in because it can make or break a system sound if not done correctly. Also, if cables are not looked after and kept clean and static-free bt using an Antistatic agent. Burn-in for audio cables 

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