A story of Cheetahs

A story of CheetahsA story of Cheetahs because I love animals and a cheetah fascinates me. I imagined this story because I believe in the friendship between people and animals. A man tames two cheetahs, which will save the life of a village. Find out how and why.

Story of Cheetahs

Julien has been attending the School of Cerebral Palsy since kindergarten, in St. Gallen (we live in Switzerland), where he can stay until he is 18. We are entering the process of choosing a “professional” direction, and I see the path getting darker. Julien wants to become a drawer, swimmer, or diver as water is his favourite element. And, a most enjoyable read to people of all ages!

Julien has always been drawing. And, I have thousands of drawings at home; it’s his way of understanding the world. In the springtime, was selected from 950 candidates at the Fumetto International Comic Festival in Lucerne. So we thought about it and decided to write a book and draw a story. A story of Cheetahs

Website A story of Cheetahs

We have also created a website to meet new friends and show his works. And do everything ourselves. But, we are only at the beginning and will have all life to continue construction. What do I hope? That Julien can be in the world as he can develop into what he likes to do and feel appreciated for his qualities. I want to promote his book, his site, so I started inserting widgets in my places too, on Pinterest and talking about him on my Facebook wall. 


I can tell you, I just received the feedback from an old English lady who bought the book and she was moved to tears by the emotions in the drawings. A children’s story, written and illustrated by a particular child with fantastic ability. This is  a must read.

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Contact ~ Email  julien@julienartiste.com

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