603 S2 Anniversary Testing

Bowers & WilkinsI was invited, by a good friend to test Bowers & Wilkins 603 S2 Anniversary Edition loudspeakers. And, what a great experience it was. The powerful 603 S2 Anniversary Edition combines the accuracy and transparency of the acclaimed Continuum™ mid-range cone. And, two dedicated bass drivers. Also, featuring upgraded crossovers for even more clarity and a unique trim-ring. Celebrating its status, the 603 S2 Anniversary Edition is the most sophisticated affordable floor-standing loudspeaker ever made.

603 S2 Anniversary

The 603 S2 Anniversary Edition is the largest and most capable loudspeaker in the 600 Series Anniversary Edition range. A floor-standing loudspeaker designed to offer outstanding power accuracy and musicality. And, perfect for larger rooms and also ideal for home theatre. The Loudspeakers are available in a new wood effect finish as well as black and white. Also, the 603 S2 Anniversary Edition adopts a refined and upgraded version of the proven Decoupled Double Dome tweeter. And, offering 38kHz breakup performance. The result? An accurate and immersive reproduction of your favourite music.


Voices and instruments are delivered with purity and precision, thanks to the revolutionary Continuum cone. And, found in the flagship 800 Series Diamond. Once reserved for only the most revered models. Continuum brings you a cleaner and more accurate performance. And, as well as celebratory cosmetic changes, the 600 Series Anniversary Edition also benefits from a new optimised crossover design. Featuring carefully selected components, offering greater insight from your music.

The Bowers & Wilkins 603 S2 Anniversary Edition features two optimised low-frequency cones that combine terrific extension and superlative accuracy. And, gives high levels of controlled bass with your favourite music and movies.

  • Description: 3-way vented-box system
  • Features: Decoupled Double Dome aluminium tweeter. Continuum™ cone FST™ midrange, Paper bass cones, Flowport™
  • Drive units: 1x ø25mm (1 in) aluminium dome high-frequency, 1x ø150mm (6 in) Continuum™ cone FST™ midrange, 2x ø165mm (6.5 in) Paper bass
  • Frequency range: -6dB at 28Hz and 33kHz
  • Frequency response: 48Hz – 28kHz ±3dB
  • Sensitivity: 88.5dB spl (2.83V, 1m)
  • Harmonic distortion: 2nd and 3rd harmonics (90dB, 1m), <1% 90Hz – 22kHz <0.5% 120Hz – 20kH
  • Normal impedance: 8Ω (minimum 3.0Ω)
  • Recommended amplifier power: 30W – 200W into 8Ω on unclipped programme
  • Dimensions: Height: 985mm (38.8 in) cabinet only, 1055mm (41.5 in) with plinth. Width: 190mm (7.5 in) cabinet only 320mm (12.6 in) with plinth, Depth: 340mm (13.4 in) 370mm (14.6 in) with plinth
  • Net weight: 24.1 kg (53.1 lb)
  • Cabinet: Black, White, Oak.
  • Grille: Black, Grey

The Bowers & Wilkins 603 S2 Anniversary Edition Loudspeakers were only two days old. And, located in my colleagues’ establishment ‘Garso Namai‘ in Vilnius, Lithuania. I was very excited to test these speakers as I have heard excellent reports and so wanted to see if they were as good to my ears as expected.


603 S2 Anniversary TestingWe were using the Arcam SA30 amplifier for the testing because it is one of the best sounding amplifiers available. And, offers an efficient platform from which to operate, because you do not need anything else. This amplifier was tested 20/11/2020 and to see the results of the testing, 

Audio Cables

603 S2 Anniversary TestingThere is one thing overlooked when it comes to testing audio components. And, that is the speaker cables and power cables. These items can make or break the results heard at the loudspeakers. And, so we used the Perkune reference three-meter speaker cables and Perkune two-meter Reference Power cable.

We have tested various components with different types of speaker/interconnect and power cables over the past few months. And, have found Perkune audiophile cables to be neutral and transparent in every respect. Which, is what’s required to be able to hear the performance from the component under test.


The system was set up with Taga harmony and Van-den-Hul cables, and playing with when I arrived at the studio. And, as mentioned earlier, the Bowers & Wilkins 603 S2 Anniversary Edition Loudspeakers were only two days old. But, I will say that they certainly did sound good as they were in the background mode of playing!


We decided to use the music from the album ‘Point’ by Yello as this music is perfect for testing audio components. The volume was set, the track chosen, and the play button pushed. But, I was unprepared for what I heard. Because the sound at the loudspeakers was at a new level. And, after only a few seconds of listening, I was just amazed at the dynamics and speed of the performance. I said OK let us put in the Perkune cables because I want to hear what these speakers can do!


Perkune Reference cables

The cables were changed on the loudspeakers and also the power cable. Because I knew more information would be revealed, at the loudspeakers. And, I wanted to hear every drop of musical information squeezed out. And, so we resumed operations. I looked at Lucas as he looked back at me in total amazement because we were both in a state of shock!


Total shockThis picture is, of me driving a 1991 Porsche 930 RS taken last month. And, shows the look of excitement and pleasure on my face. I think it was the same expression when I heard the performance from the Bowers & Wilkins 603 S2 Anniversary Edition loudspeakers. And, yes they were that good. The music had energy, dynamics, feelings, emotions and in-fact everything you could imagine. We were in love with the sound and love with these beautiful loudspeakers as we listened to the fantastic music from Yello! 603 S2 Anniversary Testing

Author: Paul A. Goodwin (Perkune audiophile cables)

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