Versus Audio Digital Transport

Versus Audio Digital TransportVersus Audio Digital Transport, is a Music Player created with a single purpose. To provide an accurate and high-quality playback of digital audio files. And achieved through special Linux-based software, finely tuned to work in perfect harmony.

Versus Audio Digital Transport

The player housed in massive aluminium chassis. And, modified to accommodate our specific components. The enormous heat sinks guarantee ample and, passive cooling for the motherboard and power supply. There is not a single cooling fan inside. And the use of SoundCare SuperSpikes provides additional vibration control. 


The motherboard by DFI uses an Atom 3800 processor. And fully supports all 64-bit operating systems. Some of the options on the board were custom-built for us by the manufacturer. We are using a well-proven industrial board because it guarantees quality parts in the power supply and other areas. Versus Audio Digital Transport


The digital signal is fed to an external DAC or USB converter through USB. And utilising a particular audiophile SOtM tX-USBexp output board. Which has a separate Linear power supply. Versus Audio MP digital transport uses a custom Linux-based software and MPD software audio player. And fully supports the majority of today’s audio formats. All components, fine-tuned to achieve maximum quality. And software running from a USB key. The key is plugged directly into the motherboard. Versus Audio MP supports most existing audio file formats up to 24 bit/ 352 kHz as well as DSD stream. And providing your external DAC supports DSD stream natively. Otherwise, converted to 24 bit/ 192 kHz PCM. 


The transport can playback files from external USB drives. These can be either flash or HDD/SSD. An Optional internal 2.5-inch storage installed. And can be either HDD up to 2 Tb or SSD up to 1 Tb. Also If internal storage, it is recommended to minimise any noise generated by a SATA filter by SOtM. (Storage and filter are optional).

A socket for one hard drive is already pre-fitted and a second one installed upon request. Any hard drives installed in Versus Audio MP will work as internal storage accessible from your network for uploading and editing audio files.


Audio content streamed from another PC or NAS server with a shared folder. And provided and connected to the same local network as the transport. This method of streaming should be preferred from the audio quality point of view. And, is because the storage will be better decoupled when used through Ethernet.

Versus Audio MP can only be controlled and set up via a network. And, can be wireless from an Android or iOS tablet. Also from a smartphone, Windows PC or Mac. The settings changed through an interface. And audio content managed through standard MPD clients. These clients are MPaD for iPad, MPD for iPhone. Also, MPDroid for Android devices, GMPC or Cantata for PC and Cantata for Mac. There are, of course, other applications, but these are the most popular. Versus Audio Digital Transport

Besides the MPD player, the transport’s software features Squeezelite for playing audio files. And switched on in system settings menu. However, to be able to use, you will have to install the Logitech Media Server (LMS) on a different computer or NAS server. And, connected to the same network as Versus Audio MP.

You will be able to control playback through the LMS interface or iPeng application for iPad. And have easier access to different audio streams on the internet, including Internet radio. Also, with LMS, you can access the popular TIDAL HI-FI service.


Another essential feature is the UPnP renderer, which is an MPD front end. And, allows streaming audio files from UPnP servers in a network. We suggest using Twonky UPnP server (preferably not higher than 4.1.18) and UPnP Asset by the power amp.

The best-suited control apps are Lumin and PlugPlayer for iPad and Bubble UPnP for Android. For Apple and iTunes specialists, we offer Airplay compatibility. Using Airplay on iPad / iPhone / iPod and Macs. Also you will be able to use such services as Apple Music, Tidal Hi-Fi and Spotify through our transport.

The past two years spent refining and making improvements to the player. I think that if a person wishes to playback audiophiles with the best quality available. And this is a perfect choice.

  • Digital transport for playback of audio files
  • Hardware: Custom designed industrial DFI motherboard
  • Operating system: Linux
  • Software players: MPD and Squeezelite
  • Playback: Direct playback via MPD, playback via Logitech Media Server by Squeezelite. Playback via UPnP server through UPnP renderer, Airplay.
  • Supported formats: FLAC, ALAC, WAV, MP3, AAC, APE, Ogg Vorbis, Musepack, DSDiff, DSF. And many other FFMpeg supported formats
  • Playback from external USB Flash and hard disk drives. Internal 2.5″ storage and external server. Also NAS via Ethernet.
  • Online services: Internet radio through Cantata and LMS, other services through Airplay, Tidal Hi-Fi through clickstream in LMS
  • Control apps: MPD for iPad, MPD for iPhone/iPod, MPDroid for Android, GMPC, Cantata for PC, Cantata for Mac.
  • System setup via Versus Audio Center with a web browser and an IP
  • Connection to the router through Ethernet, DHCP or a permanent IP
  • Audio digital out: USB only, SOtM tX-USBexp output board (if your DAC has no USB, you will need a USB-S/PDIF converter)
  • Supported sampling rates: PCM up to 24 bit/ 352 kHz, DSD up to DSD 128
  • Power supply: two discrete linear power supplies separate from USB output board and motherboard
  • Dimensions: 459 х 319 х 100 mm
  • Weight: 10.0 kg (without internal optional storage)
  • Transport supplied with a power cord and a SATA socket for an internal HDD or SSD storage.
PRICE: 2,690 Euro plus VAT

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