Loudspeaker cable now updated

Loudspeaker cable now updatedLoudspeaker cable now updated. This is the new four-meter Loudspeaker cable. And, is making a really big difference to the sound quality. Which, can be easily heard at the Loudspeakers. Why four-meter? 

I have found by testing that a four-meter cable appears to give more realism to the music. The music also has more energy and the soundstage increases very much. The Micro detail becomes more apparent and the whole listening experience is more engaging.

The Build

The new Four-meter Loudspeaker cable is made in the same way as all of the Perkune audiophile cables and that is with the utmost attention to detail. The Loudspeaker Banana plugs are supplied by a company in Japan. And, are 24K gold plated. This type of connection has been found to give the perfect signal transmission. And, the Banana connections are push-fit, ensuring a perfect connection.


The length of the Loudspeaker cable is actually just over four meters and this length was chosen after weeks of testing and listening. One of the major differences in the speed and the sound stage because the sound appears all around you.

The Cable is made and every component is checked before assembly. Great care is taken to ensure the specifications are met. All procedures are strictly followed as we take pride in the work that we do when making up any of our cables.

After assembly, the cable undergoes the cable break-in, which is a three-day process. After which the cable is given an antistatic treatment and then the ends are packed up in anti-static bags and sealed. The cables are then bubble wrapped and boxed ready for shipping.


I received this email from a gentleman in Norway.  And, I would like to let you read exactly what he thinks about this Loudspeaker cable.

Hi, Paul!  Yes, these speaker cables are in their own league! The sound is so inviting,  so full,  so rich with details, is mesmerizing listening to it!

The beats and rhythm are exceptional to convey the music in the right way.  I’m absolutely in love with these speaker cables!!  You really have outdone yourself, Paul!

It brings all the Perkune cables together.  Love the effects.  My hi-fi system sounds great!!  The best it’s ever done!  In all my 6 years building my system, this is the best sound I have heard from my system!  Now I’m feeling ready to invite friends and family to show them what a good hi-fi system can bring in terms of sound and music.

The echoes,  the micro details,  the huge sound stage,  the authenticity of instruments! the beats, rhythms and the timing of it!  The voice sounds natural and organic!  This is only after 15 hours of bedding in and I will keep you updated as further details are revealed. Thank you so much. Best regards Eirik. – Sent fra min Sony Xperia™-smarttelefon

Conclusion Loudspeaker cable now updated

I think this email tells the story and I always love to receive emails like this because this is not my words. It is a customer word and that is what this business is all about. Making a great product at a great price and having a happy satisfied customer.

Customer testimonials

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