Every piece of music appreciated

Every piece of musicPersonally, I think Every piece of music appreciated by the listener is so important. A piece of music can take days, months or maybe just a few hours to write. And, the age of the composer can vary. Any person who has the ability can compose and perform the music at any age.


Today, we see example today of children who started to play an instrument at the age of three who has been composing and performing their music through their lives. Where the music is performed, is again another factor to be taken into account when you are listening to the piece of music. And the experience can be very good or very bad. If the acoustics in the building are good then you will have enormous listening gratification but if the acoustics in the building are not good, then you will not enjoy the music as much.


Each country has its own style of music but it is not always the same as you would expect. The rhythm is there the feel is there and the melody has it own certain meaning for the listener. The piece of music is written with the same attention and care to details so the person who is playing the music can give the audience the exact message from the composer. Every piece of music appreciated

History is shared and time turned back as we are able to enjoy the sounds as they are played. The beauty of music is even though we do not always understand the words and sometimes there are no words, we are always able to feel the rhythm and listen to how the piece of music has been put together. And, so Every piece of music appreciated!

Every piece of Music has its own joy and when people are playing music nothing else matters because they are in their own world. All the musicians want to do is share their music with you the audience. Age does not matter, race, religion and all the events that surround us because when we hear music everything changes...

Every piece

Sometimes we are able to listen to many musicians playing together and we are able to understand the complexity and the coordination need to bring the music to the audience.

In my life, I have seen and listened to music performed all over the world and some of the performances have been amazing been and some have been very poor. The artists have been great and performing to their best but the whole performance has been affected by the quality of the sound. And, Every piece of music appreciated


I think the best event that I attended was many years ago to a small concert in Denmark where a very new performer was playing. His name was Gary Moore and, just starting out on the road to fame and fortune. It was a small wooden hall and the equipment was very basic.

The amplifier was just a Vox AC30 and the PA was a home-built system but when they came on and plugged in the sound was breathtaking. There were so much power and energy it was like the roof was lifting off and the emotion just had the audience spellbound.

I will never forget that amazing sound as it was one of the best performances that I have ever seen. During the break, I was speaking to Gary and had a good chat about his music and the sound. I  have many of the big names in my life and have actually played with a few when they were just starting out but I will leave that for another blog.

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