Two better than one?

Two better than one?Two better than one?. A Two-meter Interconnect cable is longer than a one-meter Interconnect cable. And, would it be fair to say, a two-meter Interconnect cable would sound better? So is it one or two. The Two-meter interconnect cable that we have just finished testing. And will be introduced to the Perkune range of cables very soon.

An interconnect so nearly because it is the first cable in line from the source to the amplifier. The Interconnect has to be 100% in every way. I have been working on this two-meter Interconnect cable for the past two months. And now it has been tested, and the result is far better than I thought it would be.

Two better than one?

The source is the very first item in the chain. If you are playing Vinyl, CD, SACD, Media player, or computer, then you need the best quality Interconnect. And it is essential because everything comes from this cable.

The manufacture of the source machine does everything possible to make the player as of right as they possibly can. Great care and attention have gone into the design and many new technical improvements—all to get the best possible information from the music.

We are very fortunate today to have learned about things like spikes, vibration-dampers, absorption pads, etc. And, helped immensely to reduce errors from the music when transmitting the signal from the music to the amplifier.

How good is the signal when it leaves the source and reaches the amplifier? How many errors magnified, and how many mistakes have been added from the interconnect cable?

Why two-meter

As you know, I am involved for many years in audio, and I have always agreed that a Two-meter Interconnect cable does sound better. And, in some cases, very much better than a one-meter Interconnect cable.

I have been very fortunate to have witnessed some exciting listening tests. And one was a few years ago, when one an engineer from Nordost cables, came to demonstrate. It was during this two-day event. And, I was able to compare all lengths of cables, at all price points. It was resulting in a fantastic introduction to ‘Hi-end’ cables.

There is a massive change to the listening when you replace a one-meter interconnect with a two-meter, and it is really like a veil has removed from the loudspeakers. I will first start with the build and come back to this in the results.

The construction

The Interconnect, made from Pure RED copper cable. And, manufactured in Germany. This cable is completely neutral and transparent. There is no resistance and no capacitance over a two-meter length. And, what the source is giving, the amplifier is receiving—nothing more and nothing less.

The cable is made up of two inner cables and one outer cable. The two inner conductors have eight strands of OFC Red copper in each conductor. The conductor size is 0.25 M (23 AWG) Each conductor size is 0.2 mm. The outer shield is again by OFC Red copper, and a second shield is by compact PE.

The termination

The Two-meter Interconnect terminated with RCA plugs that are manufactured by Neutrik. The RCA plugs are gold plated and make for a perfect connection because the plugs have the “Snap” fit connections.

This assembly is carried out at our facilities in Vilnius, Lithuania, and performed to strict standards. When the connections finished, they are checked and measured to ensure they meet specifications. After this, the cables moved to the next stage of the operation.

The cables, covered with a final PVC sheathing of either Black or green and the final colour is the customer’s choice. A heat gun used to cover the RCA connections, and this ensures there is no movement between the cable and the connection. The connections are solid, and that is why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee

The heat gun is fully adjustable for temperature and this is necessary so it can be for optimum heat transfer. It really is essential to have a well-made cable because if made correctly and the sound is correct, then the cable simply  “sells itself” I take great pride in my work, and every cable is like a part of me going out to you, the customer.

The result

The Two-meter Interconnect is a very big step up from the one-meter Interconnect cable. I know my test CD’s and Vinyl very well. For me to hear new things and new sounds was a bit of a shock!

I am hearing more detail, larger soundstage, and better imaging. And, I always knew, a Two-meter Interconnect sounded better than a one-meter Interconnect and this has proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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