Interconnect to your computer

Interconnect for your computerInterconnect to your computer. Computers are now the central part of any music system playback. And so it is essential to get the very best sound possible. Which, is achieved by using an audiophile quality cable for connection.

Interconnect to your computer

Sound quality is the main focus. And it was decided to use the same type of cable we use in our audiophile cables. The cable used is made in Italy. Also, the connecting plugs are made in Germany. And the Computer interconnect cable assembled in Lithuania. And, covered with “AirGap” shielding protection material.

After construction, the Computer interconnect is “burned in” using Perkune technique. And takes three days. After which, Anti-Static treatment applied, and the cable made ready for shipping.  As always, first-class registered airmail with a tracking number.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is driving any business.  And, this is because it takes customer input to show the credibility of a product. Also, I would like to share with you two latest feedback from customers.

From the UK

Hello Paul – I would like to congratulate you on the way that you are making your cables as they do improve the sound in many ways. I bought the 1/4″ stereo jack to XLR, and it made my system come to life, and so I am now letting this new cable settle in.

Right from the box, it gave so much more information to the music, and this is something that I demand when I am audio mixing. The list could go on, but in essence, while most Hi-End music listening systems made to sound friendly, studio monitors are made to show the opposite.

And, has to be taken into consideration, to understand, why I am so happy to hear the “bad stuff” with the help of Perkune. I will recommend the cables to my fellow home studio owners without hesitation. Because convinced it should get a stable spot in the market. Thanks yet again for your great cables. Tom Blinda, London, England

From Thailand

Hi Paul – You were saying give it 24 hours bedding in time to get the full benefit. And what a massive difference I am getting. Because I sit at my desk for hours and work. Also, I have to have a decent sound set up; it makes me work better. And I Play favourite music while I work. This cable is a 2-meter length with metal jack plugs shielded, the sound coming out my small 15w ‘Minirig’ speaker is astonishing,

I mean it was excellent before, now it`s like how the hell do you get a sound so good coming out such a small cylindrical space. Well, this cable put it into the stratosphere. Thank you so much for this beautiful cable – Lou

Interconnect configuration
  • RCA to RCA.
  • Or RCA to XLR.
  • Stereo Jack to RCA
  • And Mini-jack to RCA

I can supply the Audiophile computer cables in different lengths and with various terminations. Also, I recommend the cable be a minimum of two meters in length. But, longer always sounds better regarding ‘Soundstage’. And, as a result, a new meaning to Computer listening has been brought into the market

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Customer testimonials

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