Red better right audio delight

Matrix intro power plug /Black power plug I Red better rightRed better right audio delight! And is because there is a right way and a wrong way to connect power cables to your system. In-phase And it is essential to have all your power cables facing in the same direction. Or you can say correct Phasing of you cables and hence your audio system.

Red better right audio delight

I have found when visiting people, the first thing to do is check their power system. And is because people do not understand there is a right way and a wrong way of connecting power cables.

The screwdriver

It is effortless to check because all you need is an electricians screwdriver bought at any hardware store. And, is a very low-cost item. Also you will be surprised just how effective this little tool is when applied to the audiophile’s domain. And, I have found that even experienced audiophiles have even missed this check when trying to set up their systems.

The Red on right

The first step is plug in your power cord to your mains power outlet on the wall. And Look at the IEC connection at the other end of your power cord.

IEC connection

Put the electrician’s screwdriver into the RIGHT-hand side of the plug as shown in the picture. And if the power cord is the correct way the light in the electrician’s screwdriver will light up. Providing of course that you have one finger on the end of the screwdriver.

I will say that not every person knows how to use an Electricians screwdriver. And when you buy it,  please ask, and you will understand. If the light does not come on, then all you have to do is rotate the plug in the wall 180 degrees and test again.

The components

When you have finished with the main power cord you must check every power cord that you have in your system. And usually, a person has the main power cord supplying a power distribution bar.

So now check from the power bar to the amplifier. And then to the CD player. Also, from the bar to the DAC. And from power bar to the turntable. Also, from power bar to the pre-amplifier. And from the power bar to the main amplifier. And, It is incredible how a small tool and make such a big difference, so remember Red better right.

Red on Right 

Your system is now in phase, and everything is working together. And, so the sound that you hear will be better in many ways. Because everything is now operating the correct way as designed.

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