Great cables from

Great cables from PerkuneGreat cables from Perkune. Every manufacturer has a favourite component in the field they specialise. And, so in my case, this is it. My favourite cable because it looks good, feels good and sounds great. And, every audiophile’s requirement.

Great cables from Perkune

An Audiophile wants every audiophile cable to reveal the music in the most natural way possible. There must not be any addition or subtraction from the original piece because of the interaction of the cable, and everything has to sound natural.

The Audiophile cable has to have transparency and at the same time, be capable of displaying the full range of the music to the listener. And, is from the ultra high’s to the lowest bass possible and with the ability to allow the listener to feel the low frequencies!

The audiophile cables have to have value because there is no reason why a person should have to pay more than is necessary for quality. Unfortunately, many people seem to have the wrong impression with audiophile cables, and they think that if a cable is shiny and very believable, then it must be great. You would be surprised to learn that this is certainly not the case, and all you need to get the audio signal from A to B is a cable that is low in resistance and low in capacitance.


There is one thing that we offer at Perkune audiophile cable, and that is we use the same high-quality audiophile cable in all of our cables. And, means that Every audiophile quality cable has no resistance over a two-meter length and also no capacitance and told that our cables are entirely transparent.

We are using the same cable for the interconnects as the Loudspeaker cables, and this is what is giving the beautiful Perkune audiophile cable sound. Everything matches and so there is no contradiction or interaction in any part of the chain from source to Loudspeakers. And, is something that sets us apart from many of the other audiophile cable manufacturers.


The performance from our cable is excellent, and the best way to judge is by what the customers are saying. When a customer buys a cable and tries the cable and find it is that good, the customer will order another cable to try.

A person will try either a power cord or an interconnect, and because of the excellent results will move on to a Loudspeaker cable. After this, a person may order a USB cable, a studio cable or a subwoofer cable. The cables simply sell themselves because they are all hand made and have excellent specifications. The cables produced in Germany and Poland. After which, shipped to Lithuania, and assembled in our facilities in Vilnius.

The customer

The customer is the person who is the most important because it is the customer who can make or breaks a business. If a customer is happy and has good results with the cables, then the customer will recommend the cables to his friends and will return to try another cable for himself.

We have been in business since October 2015 and now have almost 350 comments from satisfied customers, and you are welcome to read here. We also have reviews on the cables by people well known in the audiophile industry, and again you are welcome to read here.


Everything has a price point, and we are delighted to be able to offer you a cable that is the best value in the industry today. Our cables give the performance that is equal to many of the well-know audiophile cables costing in some case two or even three time the price of our cables. All of our cables have a full money-back guarantee.


The longer the Loudspeaker cable length is, the larger the soundstage appears to be, and more realism appears in the music. We now recommend a minimum length of three meters for a Loudspeaker cable. Every audiophile cable heard in the system it will be used in to be fully appreciated.

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