The Best bi-wire loudspeaker cables

Best bi-wire loudspeaker cablesAnother exciting day because I received a telephone call from a colleague. Who asked me if I would test a new Bi-wire speaker cable. And I said yes, and as a result, written ‘The Best bi-wire loudspeaker cables’ article.

I telephoned my colleague Lukas and asked if he wanted to test a new Bi-wire speaker cable. He replied that it would allow him to test his Pylon Jasper 25 MKII loudspeakers. Best bi-wire loudspeaker cables

Best bi-wire loudspeaker cables

Best bi-wire connectionsThe first item on the agenda was a cup of coffee to warm me up. It was still cold outside, with a temperature of -2 deg. C, and I needed to get my juices flowing. Also, to relax as the system warmed up.

Next, we positioned the Pylon Jasper 25 MKII loudspeakers for maximum performance. And Lukas chose the amplifier that best suited the speakers and then selected a range of test tracks.

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The music played through the system as things warmed up and sounded excellent. And I commented this sound would be tough to beat. As always, Lukas said yes, but I want to see if these cables outperform my Melodica Reference cables. So Lukas selected a track from Diana Krall, and we listened as the music flowed from the speakers filling the room and really sounding great.

Testing with Pylon jasper speakersLukas removed the melodika reference cables and installed the Perkune bi-wire singles. And they certainly looked great in the system, but how would they sound, he wondered. Again, the music played, but the sound was different this time. I turned to Lukas and said what do you think? Lukas thought the sound improved in many ways. The first was the vocal appeared to be much larger. The second was a bigger soundstage, and the third was a much better bass response. Best bi-wire loudspeaker cables

Perkune Matrix black power cableI was in total agreement and said yes, I concur, but what about the keyboard’s appearance, as I did not hear it before? That shocked me and made all the difference in the listening experience. Lukas said he did not believe how good the Bi-wire cables sounded but wanted to try something else. Lukas went to the system and removed the power cable from the amplifier, replacing it with a two-meter Matrix Black cable (again from Perkune). The music played, and he thought the sound was even better.

Bi-wire speaker cable from perkuneI had to agree, and the music now had a sense of realism. The power cable was like the icing on the cake, and the picture was complete. We played many tracks, and with each one came a surprise. And once again, the time flew by. Finally, we decided it was time for lunch and ended our session.

We were both really impressed with what we heard. And it is not the first time we have tested things together. Also, I have an even greater respect for the Jasper MKII loudspeakers and realise they have so much more to give than ever before. And I want to thank Lukas for his interest and Paul for making such amazing cables! Best bi-wire loudspeaker cables


I was more than impressed with the Bi-wire singles and how they gave the music more realism and life. Also, how they worked with the Pylon speakers gave a fantastic listening experience. But the addition of the Matrix black power cable gave the ultimate experience. And I feel very proud to write this article, and If you have enjoyed reading ‘The Best bi-wire loudspeaker cables’, please share with friends.

Author: Tomas Blinder – Music producer, Vilnius, Lithuania

Dated: 14/03/2023

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