Audiophile cable review

Audiophile cable reviewToday is an exciting day because I can offer this Audiophile cable review. I am testing the latest Loudspeaker cable from Perkune audiophile cables. And more than impressed by the results obtained. I started working with Perkune audiophile cables in February 2021. Because I was interested to hear if a power cable could help improve the sound from my computer.

Audiophile cable 

If you read the article I wrote (from the link above), you will find the power cable certainly worked. However, the result surprised me because I was sceptical. And I did not believe a power cable could make any difference to the quality of the sound.

I had the top of the line computer fitted with a Sound Blaster AE-9 sound card. Audiophile-grade hi-res ESS SABRE-class 9038 DAC delivering an ultra-high DNR of 129 dB. And a cooling system by Noctua’s flagship model NH-D15. Audiophile cable review

Interconnect cable 

Scott amplifier testingAs time passed, my interest in sound improvement increased. And I once again decided to upgrade my system. It was June 2021, and four months passed since my power cable adventure. I added a pair of loudspeakers from the seventies.

The model is Dali series seven, needing a Recone. I also installed a Scott amplifier and a set of Matrix 1.5 meter interconnects from Perkune audiophile cables. My sound quality greatly improved yet again, making me realise how necessary good audio cables are. Audiophile cable review

Loudspeaker cable

Loudspeaker cablesIt was August 2021, and my audio system was undoubtedly at a different level than when I started. And I thank Paul for his invaluable help and support throughout my journey. However, it was now time for the final upgrade because the desire to improve my sound had overtaken me. And, as a result, decided to change my loudspeaker cables to the latest Perkune audiophile cables loudspeaker cable. The Matrix S ‘Singles’ Loudspeaker cables.

Cable review

Paul delivered the Matrix S ‘Singles’ in person, who arrived with a big smile on his face. And said, “Antanas, prepare to be amazed.” Paul removed the cable from the packing and handed them to me. I was already amazed by the look and feel of the cables because they were the best looking loudspeaker cables I have ever seen. Audiophile cable review

Scott amplifierI took the first cable and asked which way round it must be. To which Paul replied, “Perkune always goes to the source.” So the first cable fitted, and I was already excited. And could hardly wait to connect the second cable.

The second cable, in position and secured. And it was time to hear if the cables sounded as good as they looked. Was it possible to sound as good as they looked? I wondered. And, had Paul worked his magic yet again? Audiophile cable review

The sound

Dali loudspeakers under testI fired up my system and started with my test music – The Vanishing Of Peter Strong, by Yello. This music has everything you could want, and I am familiar with how it sounds. I looked at Paul and said, “This is the best I have ever heard music sound. The music is just so clear, and everything is separate from each other”. Paul said, “you mean ‘Transparency.” I agreed and told Paul the bass also had a fantastic sound. Again, having so much depth, and another thing was how big the soundstage was. Paul smiled and told me he was amazed at how good the Matrix S made my system sound—performing much better than he ever thought possible.


Focal headphonesAs I stated earlier – This was the best I have ever heard music sound. And I realised that Paul had created yet another unbelievable sounding cable. But, the amazing thing was, this cable filled the room at a low volume setting. And, it was, in fact, at an average speaking level. The cable was just so proficient, allowing music to flow from the loudspeakers in such a way as never before. The music was dynamic and vibrant but at the same time smooth. Life, energy and passion flowed from the speakers. It was making me realise how wonderful this new experience was. 

I am now listening to the latest headphones from Focal at 1500 Euros a pair. But I prefer the sound from my system, especially with the new Matrix S ‘Singles’ loudspeaker cables.

Author: Antanas Šėmis, sculptor/product designer
company name – VINIE, Vilnius, Lithuania. 

Dated: 07/08/2021

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