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Audio cable direction - AirDream S HDMI cable onlineAudio cable direction – There is a right way and a wrong way to install an audio cable. It can be an HDMI cable, a Loudspeaker cable, an Interconnect cable or any audio cable you are using in your sound system. And, the Audio cable direction, is chosen when the audio cables used the first time. Many people who say it makes no difference at all in cable direction. But, we are all entitled to our own opinion.

Cable direction

When I make my audio cables, I follow a ‘burn-in’ procedure which takes three days. And, my cables are always with the Perkune logo to the source. And, if you put your audio cable in this way, then you will feel the benefit of the burn-in process.

Cable production companies, as a rule, do not ‘burn-in’ the cables they produce and so when you buy an audio cable and install it, then you naturally choose the direction of the cable. And it is essential that if ever you remove any of your audio cables, they must be replaced in the same direction as removed.

Many people believe that an audio cable does have a direction and the same amount of people who say it is all a load of rubbish. But, as with everything, you have the choice to listen and try for your self to find the direction.

Cable ‘burn-in.’

Also, another door opens about cables as to the question about audio cable ‘burn-in’. Does a ‘burn-in’ procedure make a difference to cable performance? Again, some so many people believe and will follow the instructions faithfully to ensure their cables correctly burned-in. But, there are the same amount of people who say it is all rubbish. Audio cable direction


I will speak from my life experience of working with sound and audio cables. And, will say that it is essential to follow the burn-in procedure for an audio cable to achieve optimum performance. I would also like to say that after 15 years of working with my wife Watching and listening, she now finally agrees with me 100% that audio cable direction and audio cable burn-in are not figments of the imagination!

The letter

I received this letter for one of my customers in Norway this morning, and it is this letter that prompted me to write this blog. And, so I say thank you to Eirik Rouppert for his insight and a lesson to us all on ‘Audio cable direction.’

Hi Paul.

Seem like you are making of some new excellent cables as I was finally able to get that comparison last night with the HDMI cable.
The movie was “Jurassic Park”, and the cables were from Panasonic DP-ub9000 to his Epson projector. (blue-ray)

First, we did a test with Audioquest cinnamon, and the results were excellent. The Image was sharp, and the colours were looking good. Nothing wrong, or unusual. It did a decent job.

Now we were testing the Perkune Airdream S HDMI. As we were eager to connect this cable, we first joined it the wrong way. My friend was paused for a minute because something was not as expected. The picture was not as sharp, and, the colours seemed uneven. But, then I realised that the cable was incorrect.

So after connecting it the right way, the real performance of the Airdream S was there. And the picture looked so much better. The first thing we noticed was a shaper and cleaner Image—also, more depth and warmth in the skin colour. The colours came alive, and the details were much better. With this kind of movies where Real and CGI are combined, you will appreciate an HDMI cable that is capable of making the CGI come alive as much as possible. And, the most significant difference between the audio cables was just that.

One cable separated the CGI from the real, making the effects look somewhat fake, but the Airdream S, made it blend in with the practical as real gets. Making you enjoy the whole movie with much better-integrated CGI effects!
The picture had more life to it, and exquisite details highlighted.
My friend and I were in total agreement without hesitation that this HDMI cable brought out the absolute beauty within picture-quality of the movie!

We are now very excited to see our next movie and what more we will see with this new Airdream S HDMI. The film was so kind and amazing to watch!
Also, to mention, the sound was better. We heard every detail of the music which added to the experience of the movie. Thank you so much Paul – Best from Eirik

What can I say? Only one thing really – you must try everything for your self!

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