Audiophile Cables 2022

Audiophile Cables 2022 – A LIMITED EDITION and of course handmade. If you are looking for neutral cables providing the best performance and value, then look no further. Perkune, entering eight years of operation offer: Audiophile Power cables, Loudspeaker cables, and Interconnects. Also, Digital, USB, OTG, HDMI, Network, and Guitar cables with FREE worldwide shipping! 


Raw materials used by Perkune, are supplied from Denmark and Germany. And final assembly is carried out in Lithuania. Each and every cable is guaranteed to meet your requirements and you will feel the difference in performance, within the first few minutes of playing. And please feel free to contact Perkune if you have any questions about a specific product.


Music is always dynamic, and when played, it produces a highly variable power consumption at integrated amplifiers, power amplifiers or powered loudspeakers. And rapidly changing increase and decrease of power will cause extreme current peaks. Also generating strong magnetic fields and radiated interference. In addition, leading to power losses at cable and contact resistances. However, even these recent peaks must be fed to components quickly and without loss. Therefore, any inhibited current flow, no matter where it occurs in the hi-fi/High-End chain, negatively influences the sound.

Technique Audiophile Cables 2022

The technique used by Perkune reduce vibration, reflections and external interference. And make an impact on sound heard at loudspeakers. Also, Impressive how these components bring forth a cleaner, more defined musical presentation. 

  • AirGap Isolation: Air used to insulate by isolating the conductors from interference.
  • Foil shielding: 85% effective as noise insulator. And unwanted noise picked up directly at source. Also, foil absorbs sound, preventing further propagation.
  • Anti-static pads: Slow build-up of static charges undermines audio and AV system performance, flattening perspectives and inhibiting dynamics.
  • PTFE Insulation: Having excellent dielectric properties. And also suitable for connector and cable assemblies. 
  • Thermaflex: Eliminates micro-vibrations from floor and  components.
  • Ferrite Ring: Removes unwanted electromagnetic interference (EMI) Also, adding with system smoothness

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