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Perkune Audiophile Cables  Best audiophile cables online  Audiophile cablesPerkune Audiophile Cables are Unique, exclusive, hand made exclusively for you. I offer Audiophile Speaker Cables, power cables, and interconnect cables. Digital, USB, OTG, HDMI, Network, and Optical cables. My years of experience will show you how to re-position your loudspeakers and fine-tune your audio system. 

And I am considered by many, to supply the Best Audiophile Cables Online!

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The range Audiophile Cables 

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The techniques used by Perkune Audiophile Power Cables, reduce vibration, reflections and external interference. Making, an impact on sound heard at the loudspeakers. Also, impressive how these components bring forth a cleaner, more defined and  dynamic musical presentation.

  • AirGap isolation (AGI) – when Air is used to insulate. Achieved by isolating the line from external interference.
  • Aluminium foil shielding (AFS) – is 85% effective as a noise insulator. And unwanted noise is picked up directly at source. Aluminium foil absorbs sound, preventing further propagation.
  •  Anti-static pads (ASP) The slow build-up of static charges undermines all audio and AV systems’ performance—flattening perspectives, dull colours, and inhibiting dynamics. And, we know it’s there. But ignore its impact. 
  • Teflon/PTFE Insulation (TVI) – PTFE has excellent dielectric properties, especially at high radio frequencies. And making it suitable for use as an excellent insulator in connector assemblies and cables. 
  • Thermaflex protection (TFP) designed to eliminate micro-vibrations from the floor and surrounding components. Fitting around power cables, loudspeaker cables, and Interconnect cable.

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Perkune Audiophile Cables – Best Audiophile Cables Online

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