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I am often asked who or what is Perkune and why the name Perkune audiophile cables? Perkunas was the Lithuania mythical god of thunder and in Russia was known as the mythical god of sound. Perkunas – the mythical God of thunder and sound has opened a gateway to improving your sound – read more here  

Perkune audiophile cables

My cables are unique and made to personal order. I use the best components available in the industry and loudspeaker cables are terminated directly. This is a sonic advancement and aimed at keeping the ultimate sound quality. The results are positive which means you are able to hear everything from the source as it was meant to be heard.

When a person hears the music from their audio system whilst using Perkune audiophile cables they always love the sound so in a way the cables sell themselves. You may have a large system or a small system and my question to you is this – Do you want to improve the sound from your present system? And if your answer is yes, then I am here to help ~

My cables are good, in fact, they are more than good, they are exceptional and can be compared with any of the high-end cables costing many times more. My customers love the sound of my cables and I get orders from customers who have been with me for the past three years.  I will put my cables up against ANY other cable manufacturer as my cables represent the best value for money anywhere.

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I offer a full money back guarantee – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain so what more can you ask?

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