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Perkune audiophile cables
Perkunas – Lithuanian (mythical) God of Sound.

Perkune audiophile cables can be used for domestic and professional applications. In fact, anywhere high-quality audio is required. Home stereo systems, Home cinema systems. Cinema and Theater applications. Boating and Automotive applications. Disco-tech, Studio or Live Recording. 

I am not here just to sell you a cable because I have more to offer. My years of experience show you how to correctly position your loudspeakers. How to fine-tune your audio system to achieve optimum performance. And more than happy to work with the system in the convenience of your home. 

The biggest step forward has been the development and introduction of ‘AirGap’ isolation, ‘AirTube’ suspension and Teflon insulation. These techniques help reduce vibration and reflections and make a big impact on the sound heard.

Aluminium foil sheathing is now used in my cables. Aluminium foil is 85% effective as a noise insulator and an ideal component for use with audio cables. Unwanted noise is picked up directly at the source preventing further propagation.

The power plugs and IEC connections are made from special materials which have anti-static and anti-vibration properties. The loudspeaker cables are fitted with next-generation 24K gold plated ‘Positive contact’ banana plugs. Interconnect connections are 24k gold plated male/female pins and technology of construction used minimizes static and external interference.

I will put my cables against any other cable. My cables work and represent the best value for money in the industry. You may have a large system or a small system. And if you want to improve the sound from your system, please get in touch and I will help in every way!

Perkune audiophile cables are unique and made to personal order because I have time and love what I do!

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I offer a full money-back guarantee – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain so what more can you ask?

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