Custom made cables

Custom made cables with Mission audio DACCustom made cables. And, is one of the USB Custom made cables which were ordered by a customer in Norway. And, will use it in his audio system. One of the components used in his system is the Ayre QB9 DAC. The Ayre Q9 is regarded by many audiophiles to be the very best DAC that has ever been produced by Ayre. I have personally heard this beautiful DAC in operation, and I am very impressed!

Custom made cables

When a person is looking for components to give the best sound it is essential a good quality connecting cable used. In audio signal transmission, there is something called jitter, and many audiophiles are not even aware of this. But, when the jitter removed, they become familiar and say wow what a difference.

If you can imagine a pond of water and drop a stone into the middle and you will see the ripples produced. These ripples are the same as jitter and are not supposed to be there. And the pond likes to be calm. Jitter is timing errors, and one of the causes of these errors can be the connecting cable. If the cable is not a good quality cable and free of impurities, then jitter will become more pronounced. And the resulting sound not as good as it should.


There have been so many discussions about Cables. And do they make any sort of difference to the sound heard from the loudspeakers. But, is a topic that will never end because some people can listen to a difference. And some people are unable to hear a difference. Which, is because hearing is different. But to those people who really hear a difference in the sound coming from the speakers, they really will appreciate what a good quality USB cable can do.

Performance Custom made cables

There is a saying “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”. And I am not saying we are going to eat any cables far from it. But the saying is so relevant to what we are doing. When a person buys a cable and tries it and likes to is great. But, then the person will ask to try another cable for another part of the system.

The cables we supply do have a very high performance and do sound as good as some cables costing up to five times. And, is why I like to supply custom made cables because there is nothing quite like them anywhere!

What customers say

Hello, Paul and Hope, all’s okay with you. Been listening to USB cable a while now. And I must say your USB cable is superior to the stock cable. Even my friend said it was better straight away when I changed.
The sound became more transparent and better definition in/around instruments and voices. Sound is fuller, with Less glare as you say. Listening to a Norwegian artist with her incredible voice 
“Maria Mena homeless”  And was like I had turned the volume up just by switching cables.  Another tremendous sounding cable from Perkune – Love it.  Willie Mac

Hello Paul, My friend and I were watching a movie (same setup as me), and he was using some cheap RCA cable between his Blu-ray player and Ayre AX7. And told him, you got to try Perkune RCA. They will be much better!
So If could send me your best RCA cable, I know he will be astonished at what he has been missing. Best regards, Eirik

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Customer comments

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