Balanced interconnect

Best value balanced interconnect - Ultimate balanced interconnectThe latest cable from Perkune audiophile cables and it is a two-meter Balanced interconnect fitted with the latest Neutrik XLR Hologram connections. AndaAlways hard to select an interconnect that gives you everything you need without breaking the bank!

Many audiophiles are quite content to use RCA cables for audio, but when it comes to High-end audio, then there is a need to have everything fitted with Balanced connections. So what is the difference between the unbalanced RCA connection and the Balanced XLR connection? What difference does it make to the quality of the sound heard from the loudspeakers?

Balanced interconnect

The RCA or unbalanced cable consists of two wires inside the cable. One wire is a signal wire or positive wire, and the other is the ground wire. Simple and easy to construct and used for many of the audio applications. The quality of the RCA cable can be just excellent, and it all depends on the quality of the cables and the type of RCA connections used to terminate the cable.

The XLR or Balance,d cable consists of three wires inside the cable. One wire is the signal wire or positive wire. The second wire is a signal wire or the negative wire, and the third wire is the ground wire. The ground wire is also the shield that surrounds the other two wires, thereby shielding them from interference.

The length

The length of this new cable supplied in a two-meter length, and this is because a two-meter interconnect sounds much better than a one-meter interconnect. There have been many tests carried out over the years by cable companies with regards to the best length for an Interconnect cable. I am fortunate to have been exposed to training with Nordost, which lasted three days, and I know what the differences are.

The equipment

When you enter into the world of Balanced, then everything changes. Each component made differently to accept the different way of controlling the source signal. If you have decided to run Balanced, then you must have everything prepared to connect in the Balanced configuration because there is just no point in having only one component unbalanced. After all, it just does not sound the same.


The new two-meter interconnect cable is produced by Tasker cables in Italy. The cable is brought to Lithuania and then covered with the shielding protection, which gives the air gap insulation and terminates with Neutrik Hologram XLR connections. The cables run through the burn-in procedure for three days, and then they receive the antistatic treatment. Listening tests performed, and the audio cables packed ready for shipping.


I am going to add a testimonial from one of my customers in Norway who has just received a pair of Best value balanced interconnect. Because he is so impressed, he has ordered the new four-meter loudspeaker cable.

Hi Paul,

This new stuff is fantastic. And the XLR is brilliant! Also, the original power cord did work nicely in my amp! And it has to be the best interconnect I have ever heard! Everything just seems more significant and better. Even little details shine through! More musical as well! Has Upped the performance of everything in my system and it takes time for me to adjust as well, with the well of new details found.

Every track is now even more open and alive. And I will leave the cables bedding in for a few hours, and I will write again to you soon. Also, I would like you to send me the new four-meter speaker cables please with a spade connection at the amp end.

Best regards Eirik Sent fra min Sony Xperia™-smarttelefon

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