A cable company in Lithuania

A Cable company in LithuaniaA Cable Company in Lithuania named “Perkune audiophile cables” has a history. Also, the owner Paul Goodwin known in the industry and loves what he does. Since 1960 Paul has loved music and audio equipment. And would spend hours listening to music via a record player made by a german company ‘Grundig”. 

A Cable Company in Lithuania

Whilst attending secondary school, Paul made an electric guitar and decided to form a group. The Deputy Headmaster played the drums, fitness instructor on rhythm. And on the bass, the drama master and Paul played lead. The music played was taken from ‘The Shadows’ but not quite as good as the real thing. Nevertheless, Paul practised intently and became very proficient. He also performed at the school concert. And even today, people still remember Paul and the “Educators.”

Well known guitar players

Cream with eirik claptonPaul was fortunate to meet with some great artists still with us today: Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, Jimi Hendrix, and Gary Moore. The picture above is the group ‘Cream’ playing in Norwich in 1968. And Paul could meet with the guys backstage and still remember like it was yesterday. A cable company in Lithuania

Orange music 

My story cable company in LithuaniaPaul also became friends with Cliff Cooper, CEO of ‘Orange’ music. And the Silver shadow parked outside the shop belonged to Cliff. And Paul was a good customer of Orange and bought one of the first Orange ‘MattAmps’ and 4×12 cabinets made in the seventies.

The Doctor

Doctor AudiophileIn 2012 Paul began experimenting with audio cables and eventually found something which worked well. One of Paul’s friends was a doctor (and a true audiophile) who advised Paul to get a name for his cables and take them to the marketplace. And said, “Paul, every Audiophile needs to know about your cables.” And to cut a long story short, Paul created a website and began his journey in October 2015. A cable company in Lithuania

Reference audiophile cable

Cable Company in Lithuania This is my storyFebruary 2023, and Perkune audiophile cables have seven years of history. Also, customer testimonials and results are kept on the website for a person to read. Paul works on upgrading existing lines and developing new cables. And always willing to work with a customer to establish a ‘special’ thread such as the Matrix Reference audiophile cable!

Paul is pleased with the progress since starting Perkune audiophile cables in 2015. And how he can help audiophiles and audio enthusiasts improve their system sound. And I know that 2023 will be a great year for Paul and perkune!  A cable company in Lithuania

Author: Tomas Blinder – Music producer, Vilnius, Lithuania

Dated: 04/02/2023

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