How to improve the system sound

How to improve the sound

How to improve the sound. It really does not take much, and, though I would share this how to improve sound story with you.

letter received

Hello Paul,

I’m Nicholas from Indonesia. I have a speaker Triangle Signature Alpha, Unison Pre Amp and DM power and Atlas hyper 2.0 cables. Currently, I’m running 2 pair cable and remove the jumper cables in the speaker (Bi-wire). I noticed that you suggest using 1 pair cable with a bi-wire jumper. Why is that? Can you give me suggestions to improve? Thank you very much and have a blessed day Kind regards, Nicholas.

My reply
Hello Nicholas,
Thank you for your letter and always happy to help –
You have excellent equipment and I am familiar with what you are using. You are doing things correctly because your amp is dual Mono’s so you are feeding each side with two sets of cables!
That is Providing the cables are from the same manufacturer, same series and same length!  And the first step is to position your system correctly and this is easy to do – just sit in your listening position and take a pic of your system and send it to me and I will help Best regards, Paul
How to improve sound - first picture
Hi Paul,
Thank you for such a fast reply. My triangle speaker only 2 pairs of the connector. And here is the picture The distance from the speaker to the listening chair is 5.2 meter and Thank you very much, Nick.
Hi Nicolas,
First, the thing is to move your speakers apart about half meter each side as you need to have them about three meters apart – centre driver to centre driver –
Next to need to move your listening position forward about 1.5 meters Please do this take another pic and send it to me – also tell me how the sound changed. Regards Paul
Second picture received


Here are the pictures of the speakers. The distance from the chair to the speaker is 3.3 meter. The distance between 2 speakers only 2.7 meters, I can’t make it to 3 meters since it will disturb the door.

Good morning Nicholas,
Thank you for the great pics which really tell a story. And, very happy to hear that we are making progress. The next thing to do is adjust your toe in because I see it is out! First removers of your speaker covers. Sit in your seat and by only turning your head and look directly at your left speaker centre driver.
The driver should be looking directly back at you and I mean not one of two centres but DIRECTLY into your eyes! Move the speaker by the small amount needed and then do the same with the right-hand speaker. Also, another thing you need to do is place a carpet in front of the speakers on the floor. This will remove reflections affecting your sound – Paul.
Hi, again Paul,
The imaging is very good now. I can visualize the position of the singer and instruments. The position really helps, and I hear a lot more details as well. Thank you very much, God, Bless you, Nick,
End result - sounding great!

And, you can see, how to improve sound easily and quickly in your audio system. It took just a few emails and was done in two days.

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