I love Tannoy loudspeakers

I love tannoy speakerrs

I love Tannoy loudspeakers. And, the very first pair of Tannoy loudspeakers I owned, was from 1970. A Pair of Berkeley’s. And, was the beginning of a great relationship. Many years have passed and still believe in Tannoy loudspeakers because I have not found anything better!

I love Tannoy loudspeakers

Over the years, I have owned Berkeley, SRM x 15, Turnberry, Edinburgh, Glenair, Autograph. And, my own custom-made 300 litres enclosures, housing Tannoy 3818 15″ drivers. One of my systems, showing the tannoy Berkeley loudspeakers. The sound from these cabinets is impressive. The drivers are the 15″ HPDs and range was jaw-dropping.

I used an Esoteric DV60 CD player with Esoteric A-10 amplifier. But, changed to a Gamma Acoustics 211 tube amplifier (fitted with GE VT-4C Nos tubes). I can still remember the fantastic sound of this system. It was like the room was alive and yet scary, how real everything became.

SRM x 15

Whilst living in London, I found a pair of Tannoy SRM x 15 (fitted with standard crossovers and drivers). The owner said they had no bass. And, too big for his room. I was surprised to hear this. But, taking the two-hour journey to listen.

When I arrived at the person’s listening room, I saw the problem immediately. And, why there was a shortage of bass. I loaded up my new accusations and headed back to London to set up my speakers. Two hours later, I had them in position, and they sounded magnificent.


I was very fortunate to acquire a Pair of Tannoy Edinburgh from a dealer in the United Kingdom. Even though they housed 12″ drivers, I became to love them. The Loudspeakers arrived in the Tannoy shipping boxes and were in really fantastic condition.

They were made in 1997 and had a volume of 200 litres and fitted perfectly into my listening room (as you can see from the picture above). They were a very fast sounding loudspeaker and best suited to rock. But later, by changing the crossovers, I was able to make them sound nearly as good as my friend’s Autographs.

3818 drivers

These are my custom made cabinets. The drivers are the 3818 (as used in Glenair cabinets made for the US market). And, mounted in 300 Ltr. cabinets. The sound is just about the best that I have ever heard from any system. The bass is the deepest, with realism and musicality making me shudder. I have listened to many courses in my life and working with Perkune audiophile cables, I need the best!


About five years ago, I was in London to visit a person whom I had met via an eBay transaction. And, from this meeting, my great audiophile cables story begins—another reason why I love Tannoy loudspeakers.


It is strange how one act of kindness can lead to something you were never really expecting. Life can certainly turn things around sometimes. And, in a way, I thank the Tannoy sound for the inspiration to start Perkune audiophile cables.

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