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Naim audio with Reference cablesNaim audio with Reference cables – What does Naim audio with Reference cables mean? Read on, and I will explain ~ Naim Audio is a great company who make great-sounding components. And, today I was able to test the Naim Nait XS-2 integrated amplifier (connected as a pre-amp), Naim Hi-cap power filter and Naim NAP-250 power amplifier. And, hence the Naim audio with Reference cables article.

Naim audio / Reference

A few days ago, I visited my friends’ studio and was able to test the new Naim Audio Supernait 3 amplifier. And, I was very impressed with the performance and sound. Today I was told that my friend now had Naim Nait XS-2 integrated amplifier (connected as a pre-amp), Naim Hi-cap power filter and Naim NAP-250 power amplifier. And, asked if I would like to test this new set up.
Naim audio with Reference cablesI replied yes I certainly would, and this time I would bring along a Perkune power cable, and a set of Perkuine Reference loudspeaker cables. When I got to the studio, the music was playing softly just as background, and I looked with interest at the setup. We decided to use the Habeth loudspeakers in the same manner as we did on the previous testing session as they gave an accurate musical presentation. Also, we would use the same music as we did last time which was taken from Yello the album ‘Point’.
The album is the latest addition to the collection from Yello and thinks it is one of their best albums. In terms of quality of the recording and a great album to test cables.


Habeth speakers testingThe Harbeth Loudspeakers give a natural and complete sound in all directions and allow the music heard without adding or subtracting any information from the original recording, And, really the perfect loudspeakers for testing the audio cables we would be using.
The first thing we did was to play the system precisely as played. And, I must say the sound was better than from our listening session a couple of days earlier. Which, was only to be expected, as we were using a pre-amplifier and a power supply. Beautiful soundstage, great detail, deep full bass and clean vocal. It made Yello sound wonderful.
Reference cables
\Perkune Reference power cableI decided the first thing to do, replace the power supply cable with my 1.2-meter Perkune ‘Reference’ Power cable. Which, was done in only a minute and the system switched back on. I said to Lucas, I am not expecting to hear much difference as it is only a 1.2-meter power cable and made this morning so has not even burned! But OMG, was I wrong. The music played, and we looked at each other in amazement. The sound had improved by at least 10%, and as the cables warmed up, it seemed to get even better.
The soundstage had become so big it was hard to imagine how it was possible, and the clarity was now in another league altogether. I know my Power cables are great, but this was just completely unexpected. I said to Lukas OK let us try my Reference loudspeaker cables and see what happens. And, took a few minutes to change but we were back in our seats, and the play button pressed.
All the rough edges around the instruments had disappeared. And the upper frequencies were now so smooth it felt like we were on a magic carpet! The bass and depth of the music were outstanding. And even more, details had appeared. Also the best sound I have heard from ‘Yello’. And we both were more than impressed!
Naim audio with Reference cablesThe Naim power supply is a fantastic addition to any Naim system; I am sure as with the Pre and power amp. And, when the standard Power cable is removed, and a suitable Power cable fitted the power supply excels in every shape and form you could imagine. A true masterpiece of engineering!
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