Best value speaker cables

Best value speaker cablesBest value speaker cables. How many times have you read a review, ordered speaker cables, hooked them and been disappointed?  How many? Maybe it is too many times to remember. And the question is, where are the Best value speaker cables in the market place today?

The Best value speaker cables

In the wonderful world of audio, we have a different level of quality. The levels pertain to price, which can start at $100 for a pair of “basic” speaker cables, all the way up to $38,000 for a couple of “high end” speaker cables.

Would you pay $38,000 for a pair of speaker cables? Indeed, a good question and it all depends just precisely where you are in the level of the audiophile world, so how to find the best value speaker cables!

Where to start

We start playing and listening to music very early in our lives. Some of us have a natural talent for music and start by playing an instrument. Others join a group or become a member of an orchestra or a choir. And some of us take the electronic and engineering side of the music industry.

As time passes and we develop our talents and so move upwards to a semi-professional level. And later attend university, obtain a bachelor or master degrees and so take our passions to a thoroughly professional level.

We have grown over the years and have developed our skills and talents. And, many of us have become experts in the area we have selected. Our demands have become much higher, and we are always searching. We are searching for the best information, the best techniques, the best environment, the best equipment and the best sound.


Let us imagine that you are just an average person and have just left college. You have a job, a passion for music and love to play LP’s. Meaning, in all reality that you have just started your journey into the wonderful world of audio. You have bought a stereo system, and you want the best value speaker cables to go with your amplifier, turntable and loudspeakers so you look online to see what you can find.

You are at the primary level and would maybe spend $75 on an amplifier, $45 on a turntable, $65 on a pair of speakers and $20 on cables as this would give you a good enough sound to make you happy – for a while!

One day, you are having coffee and bump into an old friend, and the conversation works its way round to music. Your friend has told you that he paid over $1500 for his stereo system and was very happy with it.

But now you ask your friend how on earth he could justify spending that amount of money. The sound tells the story was the reply. When you get home, you are thinking about this meeting and decide to have a look at a new system because you feel you deserve a better sound. You want to feel important, and you want to get to the next level and also to tell your friend.


A person who starts with one system will always move on and upgrade because that is human nature. It can get to a point when the same person one day ends up spending $10,000 or even $100,000 on a system.

Would you spend $10,000 on a system? Would you spend $100,000 on a system? Again it all depends on what level you are on! The more you spend on a system, the better the performance and more realism appear in the music. But just how far are you prepared to go and what is the reason for wanting to keep upgrading?

When I first started my journey into the world of audio, I had no idea how the industry worked and no idea about the costs. I was just an average person with a job who loved music. I started playing my music through my parents Grundig system (which was 7 watts and the shadows sounded great).

I moved to Leak amplifier with Wharfdale speakers and a Garrard turntable and used a reading lamp cord for the speakers. My system worked very well and had a great sound, or so I thought in those very early days. What did I know about best value speaker cables when I was using a reading lamp cord to drive my speakers!


The reason that I am sharing my story is for you to understand that I am a real person. I have seen so many changes over the years. And as technology has advanced has brought many changes into the audio world.

I have upgraded my system over the years many times but still never understood why cables make a difference! Shame on me, and why was that you might ask? The fact of the matter was that nobody had ever taken the time to show me. Yes, easy as that!

It was twenty years ago when I first came to Lithuania. I wanted to get a system to fit in my apartment that I had rented. About two weeks visiting every showroom I could find. And I finally found the perfect gallery. Out of the blue, the salesman said to me, what are your thoughts on cables?

I asked what he meant and to cut a long story short ended up with a great sounding system, which included upgraded power cords, Interconnects and loudspeaker cables. I had learned that because of technological advancements, it was possible to allow a signal to pass through a line. And this signal came out as good as it went in. All I heard was the music and not the noise surrounding the music.

Best value speaker cables

The system shown above is, in fact, my friend’s system. It was he who first introduced me to cables twenty years ago. The picture was taken last year and showed his latest system. As you can see we are talking around $350,000 and the cables in use are over $100,000. How does the system sound? In one word “Amazing”.

How to find

I am writing this blog about speaker cables, and speaker cables are what I want to focus on. Everything has a value and is essential you get to grips with what value means. Also, I want to say; a three-meter does sound better than a two-meter speaker cable. And whoever you wish to buy from always spend that extra money and buy a three-meter speaker cable.

The first thing is to ask yourself is, why does a dealer have so many variations in the pricing? Why does one cable start for $350 and ten cables later cost $32.000? What can be so different to make the cable cost so much? FYI have a look at the pricing (this is from one of the leaders in Speaker cables) please click here 

I believe in Value, and this is one of the reasons I decided to make my Loudspeaker cables. The result was a cable used for a recording studio. And everything about this cable is correct. It has minimal resistance and capacitance over a three-meter length, and all values are virtually zero. So it is the perfect cable for signal transmission.

Best value

One question you may ask is ‘have your cables been subject to the system above?’ The answer is yes and the result better than expected! I am proud to offer you my speaker cables because they work well and sound great!

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