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Best audiophile cables online - Interconnect cables - Reference XLR interconnect cableAudiophiles welcome, and I will tell you the Supreme XLR audiophile cable is a complex, cable. Combined with double shielding provides sensitive audio signals with the best possible protection. And, reduces external interferences to a minimum. The ‘PE’ insulation and ‘AirGap’ tube reduce unwanted capacitance, enabling the signal source to work efficiently. And, brings you more excitement in your music!


The Supreme loudspeaker cable, consists of two pairs of twisted wires, with a PE Network Jacket holding the wires tightly together. The design used is a helix configuration which means, increased internal cable length. The insulation is high quality, solid PE (Polyethylene). And, the elaborately finished cable offers a robust, dynamic and clear sound without distortion.

New range

The Supreme bi-wired speaker cable you could ever want and will bring you the music. The Supreme loudspeaker cable developed by professionals with years of experience. What makes this cable different from any other bi-wired speaker cable you may ask? 

The Supreme bi-wired speaker cable is two cables in one. Meaning there are four separate internal wires, running in a unique configuration within the main cable inner body. The conductors are spiral wound, which increases the cable length from three to nearly four meters – giving more air and space in the musical presentation and audiophiles welcome to check.

The ‘Supreme special’ speaker cable, is now available, and indeed is the very best audio line produced. And, I guarantee 100%, you have never heard a performance as the Supreme special speaker cable can provide. It had detail, depth and a beautiful sound stage. And, this is the result of the combination of materials utilised during the construction process.


Let me explain – The construction internally and externally has reached a new level. Firstly, the use of four internal conductors (2.5 mm) with full shielding from top to bottom. Also, the conductors are spiral wound, which increases the cable length from three to nearly four meters. And, giving more air and space in your music and Audiophiles welcome to test!

The Supreme High-Speed HDMI cable is specially designed for the high requirements of ultra-high-resolution formats (4K UHD) and transmits the required data rates of up to 18 Gbps. A three-fold shielding protects sensitive data content against external interference. The thick signal conductor, as well as the high-quality plug, reduce additional data errors to a minimum, for excellent picture and sound quality. And, Audiophiles welcome to check for yourselves!


The CAT7 Ethernet cable is a LAN cable for high-end network connections. And, because of high production quality, it well surpasses the specifications required. The thread reaches bandwidths of over 1200 MHz. And, supports high-speed networks with 10 Gbps (10 Gigabits per second). The Cat7 Ethernet cable for low-loss HD audio and HD video streaming,

The Supreme power cord ‘Special’ is three meters in length, as this gives the best overall performance. Also, the Supreme Power cord ‘Special’, fitted with the new generation Rhodium plated plugs, significantly improve the contact. Pins can be either EU, US or Uk and, designed, to minimise vibrations, reflections, and static charges. The Supreme power cord ‘Special’, is the best value for money, anywhere, in the audio industry, and a top class electrical connecton.

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