AirDream HDMI cable review

Supreme High-Speed HDMI cablePerkune HDMI cable vs standard HDMI cable, and sure enough, there is a difference. A BIG difference! Now, I knew this was going to be a real upgrade, but I will tell what I discovered. I used my references player: Oppo Udp 205 Signature for viewing Blu Ray and Comcast for Streaming Netflix. And. I am very pleased to share the AirDream HDMI cable review.

HDMI cable review

The Blu Ray film I used is Beauty and Beast because this has a lot of bright colours and contrast of different shades. On Netflix: District 9. AiAirDream HDMI cable review

In knowing what to look for, I started with the Airdream cable then switched to stock cable and back again to Airdream. The differences were not subtle. In contrast, you would notice that the sharp edges in the scenes of the Film where more smooth and soft with the Airdream. The colours seem more saturated and deeper. More even and not so flat looking as your Standard cable. As in the beginning scenes of Beauty and Beast, there is Bella who goes through the town. In this case, some details animated, and some are real. I noticed with the standard cable. You will have problems getting the scene to work correctly, because of the level of information is not the same. A


On the Airdream, the stage will have the proper level of detail, lighting and colour to make the different parts work as Intended. But Without this, you can more clearly see that the animated scenes seem fake and poorly detailed. They are making the Film look bad.

There is also clearly more seen artefacts with the standard cable. Which, makes the scenes look flatter and is more fatiguing to look. The same goes for details in the low light of the movie. With your standard cable, there are less light and information, that make scenes look more doll and harsh. As with Airdream, they look more bright, lively and soft. Listened to Airdream cable in the same scene as before, in the movie “Beauty and the Beast”.


Yes, there is a difference. In my setup, I noticed that the Airdream had a fuller/more vibrant sound. More extension in away. You got a smoother overall presentation. With the standard cable, you would hear the different sounds more cut off and have less depth. Also, the transition between different types of sounds is not so smooth, which means that the quality of sound may vary depending on the source. And brings everything to life and more! All the details and realism are there, and I shudder because never hard before. Truly amazing! In a sense, the sound flows much better with the Airdream cable!


The more information you get with the Airdream is worth investing. You not only get more out of the movie but it so much more pleasing on the eyes to watch and things to hear. The vividness, the more contrast with soften edges and the more smoothly transition in motion, makes this HDMI the best cable for screening any movie! Blu Ray or Otherwise. Thank you again once, Paul, For making such an excellent cable! Essential to have a high-quality cable that can make such a difference. 

Author: Eirik Rouppert – Norway 

Date: 01/12/2019

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